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Futuristic animes that have characters who are Kick Ass! The main characters in both animes, the Major for GITS and Spike for Bebop, both have strong convictions and an unknown past that fuels their character\'s values.
report Recommended by xaynie
Sci-fi anime set in the near future that focus on criminal investigation (bounty hunters/cyber crime police). Both are filled with back to back episodes of intense action driven by a wonderfully jazzy soundtrack composed by Yoko Kanno.
report Recommended by LtBiggs
Amazingly crafted sci-fi future settings, conveyed through episodic crime drama. Both shows develop their characters through a series of self-contained sequences, while also having elements of an overarching plot, and ending the series with a focus that plot. If you are looking for a series that can be both episodic and sharply reflective on its characters, these two are the way to go. Should also be mentioned that lauded composer Yoko Kanno made the OST for both.
report Recommended by IzzyHime
First, both anime have a lot of sci-fi stuff in them, but one thing that really makes them similar is how in both anime, the main characters are always trying to catch some criminal. Of course, in Ghost in the Shell the main characters are cops while in Cowboy Bebop the main characters are bounty hunters which does make the anime a little different. Ghost in the Shell's story is much more complex, while Cowboy Bebop is more free and wild. However, both are petty serious anime, except there are a lot of times that I laughed while watching Cowboy Bebop. They also both have   read more
report Recommended by middleground4471
Both are heavy on the characters, specifically a group of people banded together seemingly for work only, but who become friends in the process. An overwhelming majority of the episodes is action-packed, with some being a part of a greater storyline and some - individual stories. Although the setting is completely different, they give off similar vibes and rely on akin formulas.
report Recommended by WhiteRussian
Both shows are mostly episodic sci-fi shows with heavily character driven stories that play on the complexities of their own sci-fi world while retaining a certain level of relatability to the viewer. Ghost in the Shell SAC does a slightly better job at world building and features more engaging and and philosophical stories than Bebop but this is obviously subjective. Both shows also feature well choreographed fight scenes and kick-ass sound tracks by Yoko Kanno.
report Recommended by NewDisciple
These anime share a similar plot structure: we have a different case/adventure in most of the episodes while still retaining a background main plot. Throughout the story we learn more about each MC personality and past. If you like futuristic action and some mature themes, you got here two anime perfect for you. The crew in Cowboy Bebop is more of a 'bandit crew' while the crew in GitS is an investigation team and everything would point that they are opposite poles but they actually share many similarities. Just take in mind the settings and world are quite different.
report Recommended by INU4SH4
Both are episodic cyber-noir series with soundtracks composed by Yoko Kanno running 26 episodes. Both series feature the protagonists confronting memorable and unique criminals each episode, and both have excellent dubs. Both series also heavily feature gun-play.
report Recommended by InkSpider
Both have lots of action,stylish visuals art and also a badass mc in it as well too and a much bigger plot at hand as well too. And a sci fi noir focus as well too.
report Recommended by Disapeared_Ghost
Both shows are believable visions of crime in the future; Cowboy Bebop is about bounty hunters, while Ghost in the Shell is a cop show. They are both mostly episodic but some episodes are tied together by an ongoing plot that reveals some characters' backstories. They both also have excellent art, animation, and music.
report Recommended by kerberos242
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