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Mar 6, 2020
I don't play Duel Masters. But I really enjoy the typical manga series from Corocoro-Comic and their anime adaptations. I can not compare this to the first season, as I didn't watch it.
"Duel Masters!" is the second season of the anime following Kirifuda Joe.
The drawing is mostly simple, the creatures are highly detailed 3D-animations.
This anime is enjoyable for its childish humor and the charakters allways being quite over the top. There seems to be a main story, but it does only show up on special occasions... The duels are fast paced, but not well explained. I actually skipped them sometimes, as I didn't really know read more
Mar 6, 2020
This is an anime about children defending their home town from evil by using a giant robot. The twist this time is, that they have to keep their identity secret, as they would be transformed into dogs. So they get very cool tokusatsu uniforms. Even for this type of series, the main charakter is very selfish and childish.

The series is enjoyable for being considerbly funny. The opening is ggod. The episodes follow the well known Schema: Strange things happen; Everyone is puzzled why that thing happens; Main cast finds out, that the Monster of the Week is responsible for strange things; they fight it with read more
Oct 9, 2017
Please note: This review is written by a person, who does not speak japanese but has watched the series in the original version without any subtitles.

When I first discovered the existence of this anime by finding its openings, I thought of it as being digimon, but without digimon references. Although the similarities are quite obvious, Plusterworld creates its very own world with many lovable, interesting and unique characters.

The story is more loosely than usual for that genre, many episodes tell a story for themselves, without being very related to the main arc. Also, there can be episodes, wich are not only boring, but seem totally read more
Jun 20, 2017
For the general impression, I suggest first reading the review by DerOkashi.

And now I will try to explain, why there are people like me, who like anime like Webdiver.
As you read, Webdiver has a simple, generic and repetetiv story. I had no problem with that, because I love the setting. It reminds me of an old childrens book I own, "citties of tomorrow", where different assumption on future events are described, especially on how living will be, but also eg. the moon base to be build around the year 2000...
Another reason for me to like the story are the charakters. Most of them having importance read more
May 5, 2017
Please be aware that I allready watched this as a child. The review might not be objective.

Once upon a time... there were men. They explored the world, science, their own body. A very long time later, they were exploring space. The heros of our story witnessed other beings on different levels of technical and ideological progress to finally meet the witnesses of themselves.

This is a review about 「銀河パトロールPJ」, also known as "Once upon a time... space", "Il était une fois... l'Espace", "Ai confini dell'universo" or "Es war einmal... der Weltraum". I have watched the German version and I highly recommend NOT to watch the english read more
Feb 7, 2017
This is an manga/anime by a railway fan for railway fans! If you like japanese railways: Just start! This is amazing!
If you think, that railways are these things, just existing to move you from A to B, you MIGHT like this series...
The whole story happened just like this in reality! Thus it is sometimes not really exciting and seems totally unrealistic - just like real life. On the other side, it is totally funny and fascinating to see how things go...
A railway fan, a manga artist and a story writer traveling around japan and visiting railway stations.
... in the end more interesting than it sounds read more
Feb 7, 2017
I write this review having watched 2 episodes!
All aspects of the series D.I.C.E. (also known as ダイノブレイカー/دايس) - the characters - the sound - the design - are at the lower standard. They are made to appeal but lack originality. There are some good designs and ideas, but the rest seems to be added from the "generic-american-series-bag". The main character actually has some personality, other characters don't.
There is no continuation of stories. Antagonists are generic.
As with most american localisation, the synchronisation is very poor.
The arabic version has at least the advantage, that the opening song is quite good.

I don't recommend this anime - if you read more