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Mar 22, 2020
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (49/51 eps)
partial disclaimer: this was the season that got me interested in duel masters. i am by no means an expert on the franchise, nor a fluent japanese speaker. this is based on basic verbal comprehension alongside occasional auto-translated subtitles.

with that out of the way, here's an abbreviated review of duel masters!!

i personally find this show to be underrated; of course, a lack of english following gets in the way. but even among those who enjoy kids/toy anime, i find the discussion of duel masters to be lacking. i'll be upfront: this is by no means a masterpiece, nor is it as serious/deep as ...
Apr 3, 2019
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (43/47 eps)
with all due respect, buddyfight ace is decent, it really is.

...but, if im being honest, i can't really recommend it unless said person enjoys the following:

1. kids anime
2. card / game anime
3. buddyfight as a series

this is because, while ace/shin branches off in terms of prior continuity, its characters and storyline are rather basic and rushed. unlike prior seasons where the main cast got plenty of time to develop, ace focuses SOLELY on 4 main characters: masato, yuga, ranma, and subaru. two of these characters can be summed up with basic applicable tropes; masato is the generic sports kid while subaru is the genius. ...
Jun 9, 2016
Mixed Feelings
megaman starforce is an a very underappreciated, and often criticized, series among megaman fans. many call it a battle network clone, or state that it has a poor plot/development as a whole.

however, i respectfully disagree - moreover, i'm going to review the anime adaptation of the first game. although i have a different approach to this series, being an avid fan of its characters, i really do suggest playing the game before watching the anime. the game is far more enjoyable.

but with that out of the way, here's my initial take on the starforce anime:

character: as far as character development goes, the anime ...
Mar 28, 2015
Darren Shan (Manga) add
for those who do not know, the darren shan manga adaption is derived from a series of english novels known as cirque du freak. the original author shares the name of the main character, while the manga art is done by takahiro arai.

[spoiler free]
the story starts off with two young boys, darren shan and his friend steve leonard. darren has an infatuation for spiders, while steve is obsessed with vampires. the two of them wind up going to a traveling circus known as the cirque du freak. within this circus is a vampire by the name of larten crepsley, whom steve recognizes. steve wants to ...
Nov 12, 2014
to be completely fair, if you aren't willing to watch through the first season of zexal to get to zexal II, then this yugioh series isn't really for you. zexal tends to have a slow 'childish' start/feel to it, but trust me, this improves a whole lot.

as for zexal by itself, i would say its a decent series (trying to be unbiased here). however, there are evident problems such as yuma's companions aside from kotori, shark, astral, ect not having much development - making them unlikable or forgettable. as for yuma himself, i believe he undergoes a lot of development, starting off as ...