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Days: 150.8
Mean Score: 8.20
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Naruto: Shippuuden
Naruto: Shippuuden
Yesterday, 7:18 PM
Dropped 492/500 · Scored 9
Golden Time (TV)
Golden Time (TV)
Nov 21, 4:04 PM
Completed 24/24 · Scored 7
Hitorijime My Hero
Hitorijime My Hero
Nov 11, 8:56 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 8
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Days: 10.2
Mean Score: 8.52
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  • Chapters1,352
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Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu
Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu
Aug 12, 9:00 AM
Completed 71/71 · Scored 10
Aug 8, 5:50 PM
Reading 95/? · Scored -
Hana to Akuma
Hana to Akuma
Aug 8, 5:50 PM
Reading 46/58 · Scored 10


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xXKandyXx Nov 18, 2:04 AM
Thanks for accepting (OuO)~ But I like most, I tend to go through phrases where I'll binge watch anime's of a specific genre. But my all time favorites to fall back on are comedy,romance, yaoi (shounen ai), action, fantasy. What about u?
Hayama-Mizuki Oct 14, 12:36 PM
Yes it is Japanese drama, but I stopped at episode 4, because I didn't have much time to watch anything and I also was distracted by Game of thrones 7 season. I am big fan of this show.

I’ve recently returned from USA. I was on conference for a week and I had to prepare poster. It took me long time.

I haven't yet learned to recognize the meaning by radicals without knowing the whole character. I think life gets more interesting when you learn to do that. Learning characters is similar to understanding of Periodic table. There’s also some kind of system. On the conference I met Taiwanese guys and once I tried to pronounce the title of Chinese series I watched and they didn’t understand me haha. So I had to type it on my phone.

Somehow for now I feel like EXO is the best of boys bands. Although their new album is weaker than the last one. From Koda Kumi my favorite songs are Hot stuff and Candy. She looks cool in her videoclips
hannah703 Oct 7, 5:47 AM
I like mystery supernatural action comedy adventure
Crowisme Sep 17, 2:55 AM
ehh you learn it eventually ^^

yeah i like i like to paint would be ja jeg liker og male and i can sing would be jeg kan synge

so you will teach me to dance XD
yeah i'll tell you how it goes XD
yeah i do have a car ^^ i call it caddy
i understand why you stayed then XD
Yasu-kun Aug 29, 2:36 AM
大丈夫と思います、最近のアニメはちょっと…でも、ヴィオレット エヴァーガーデンがいいみたい。
あっ、すみません、それが『Or did you go to bed late and wake up late like me? 』という意味はずでした。(I may have made mistakes, sorry).

いいえいいえ、僕は文法がよく忘れて、話すのがすごく遅いで、下手ですよ。Your Japanese is fine (≧∇≦)b

Ooh, that's a lot of traveling, good for you! For the wifi device you should be able to rent one at a postal booth at an airport. I'm unsure if getting one in the US will work outside, you would have to ask.


Yeah, I don't think we talked about much actually, hehe (>ω<) but that's okay, no hurry.
Rrgrg Aug 26, 10:53 PM
That's nice :) I hope my lab is like that too!

LOL I don't, I can actually feel the lost potential at times xD but I still usually don't do anything about it because I like being lazy too much hahaha
Damn :/ well at least each of our messages are very dense LOL

Yes please do :D if you wanna see mine you can look at my deviantart page, conveniently linked on my profile :'D (I have no shame)

I certainly hope you do LOL otherwise that would be very concerning ;) LOL

Well hopefully it'll be fine! I mean this summer was abnormally the perfect temperature all the time LOL so who knows maybe April won't be so bad :D

LOL I see hahaha. Yeah that was the same here actually xD I liked orgo because it was interesting and made sense to me :D also my parents both are organic chemists so I can't bring shame to them :'D LOL I've always liked bio as a subject, but I've definitely have had shit professors so I guess it just depends :P I think for orgo it's the same, I like the subject but maybe not the class depending on who is teaching xD

Well we'll see ;) I'm back in the US now, I tried to sleep at normal East coast night time when I was in China on the flight back and stay awake when it was day so I'm about to go to sleep now LOL so yeah hopefully this works hahaha

Ohh I see, yeah definitely haha. I think pharmacology is actually more interesting than pharmacy LOL but I'm already here so oh well xD if you ever have any questions though feel free to ask me :)

Yeah true. I don't know anyone in Korea so that makes sense hahaha. I know a lot of Koreans in my pharmacy program though (also dated a Korean American in the past) so who knows maybe one day I'll use it LOL
Ahhh okay, I use FB all the time because my friends do and idk I've just always used it alot LOL but I know what you mean about using it just to check events and stuff, I know people like that too :)
AoiNomura Aug 26, 1:28 AM
I'll be studying abroad in Taiwan soon, my semester there starts in 2 weeks too :D

Ohhh i love hitorijime my hero <3 the two pairings are really cute c: and I can't wait to see more!
Crowisme Aug 25, 4:03 PM
okei so hey my names is blablab would be hey mitt navn er blabla XD hobbies like learn how to make a boat or ??

gamers! is good and Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e ^^

hahah no i can't dance XD am i suppose to catch them with a pokeball or ?? the closest like big city is like a hour drive so. they will drag you ??
Hayama-Mizuki Aug 17, 1:46 PM
Yup, in China they tend to make large dramas and most of them go downhill after around 15 episodes, but these two I mentioned didn't lose their quality. That's why they're on top of mydramalist. No, I still haven't watched any Korean dramas. I liked how You who came from the stars begins, but wasn't in the mood for it at the time. So I'll watch it later.

I'm currently watching Hana yori dango drama. I recently finished watching the anime and liked it a lot. I'm watching everything slower than usually, because I'm doing a lot of PC work and my eyes are tired.

Learning Chinese is helpful to improve memorization techniques which can be used for Japanese , but I see that half of Chinese characters don't match with Japanese in meanings, even with basic words. However Chinese characters can be easier to learn , because they don't have such amount of different meanings like On-yomi and Kun-yomi in Japanese. I wish I had time to take Chinese lessons. This year I took German lessons, because I often need it for work, but we have Chinese classes and they seem interesting.

Do you mean Roleplay? Yes, that's my favorite song from Luhan. Although his English sounds weird haha. I read this song is about some stalker who annoyed him.

I'll listen to these songs. Girls bands have interesting style. BTW Do you know Koda Kumi? She's the same cool singer as Namie. She even has a song with Fergie.
Rrgrg Aug 15, 6:54 PM
Yeah its more fun that way :D I hope I end up liking the lab work I do in the fall~

Ah its because I get emails on my phone every time someone comments ;) So its really easy to respond when I need to take a break from studying or when I'm just procrastinating xD
But you really are! Its only been like 3 days since the previous reply LOL xD
Oh what kind of art do you do?
LOL yeah... I studied until like midnight then I decided to catch up on a show I think xD so thats why I was awake that late, its not a normal thing for me hahaha

Yeah it does sometimes, but honestly I feel like the past few years haven't been terribly bad. Its just really cold for a long time LOL I don't think it got warmer really until like late April or May. This summer also hasn't been very warm surprisingly haha

Oh sounds like it, are you looking forward to any of the classes though? :) I took orgo, bio, and psych like 2 years ago or something, I actually enjoyed orgo and bio quite a bit but I forget a lot now LOL

Not usually actually, but this summer I have been staying up late more often than usual lol I think its having a negative effect on me so I hope to fix my sleep schedule for the fall :D

Really? Well there are quite a few different types of positions in pharmacy in the US, but everything I've heard and read online talks about how its pretty hard for pharmacists to work abroad :/ But maybe I should take a look again sometime hahaha
Ah I guess it depends on where you are, here in Boston there are two pharmacy schools and medicine is really big here in Boston, there are so many massive hospitals and such here. So for me I feel like pharmacy is everywhere, but I know thats probably an anomaly LOL Are you interested at all in pharmacy though? :)

Ah thats the same with me basically, except I don't use kakao :P I mostly use fb messenger (if that counts LOL), but I also look at snaps often and use wechat for my parents LOL I'm actually going to China very soon, like literally friday morning hahahaha xD If you wanna add me I'll pm you my wechat id in case you wanna add me? :)
AoiNomura Aug 14, 11:34 PM
Yeah please tell me which one you'Re going to to watch and how you like them :D

Oh nothing much tbh, I'll be studying abroad soon so recently I bought things needed and already start packing my suitcase
and you?
Crowisme Aug 14, 5:30 AM
okei what do you wanna learn first ??

yeah a few aho girl, gamers!, keppeki danshi, tsuerezure children.
what are you watching from this season ??

no the witcher is so much better ^^

i mean i go out with friends to go bowling and stuff like that, i don't have a girlfriend and parties isn't really my thing XD there aren't that many restaurants here. the only sport that is here is football or soccer and i'm not really a fan XD
tylergn Aug 12, 11:08 AM
yeah you do have a lot of opportunity as well as ability to travel and explore the world with them :)

ok cool, I look forward to seeing some of your artwork once you return ;). um, some of them are, but ones from the new Harry Potter movie and I have a couple that are from anime as well.

It was and still is fun. I see, well at least you would be able to swim if you wanted to, right? lol but yeah cool, where did you end up going? which summer courses did you take and what's the type of lab research? no, some work is never fun, I've found out -_- lol. Cool, find any fun concerts or parties this year to do?

Ok that's good, I'm glad we both understand :). yeah i am successfully moved now, but some stuff is still to be worked on at new place. I've been good, just really busy with all the work I'm doing and stuff, but i'm sure it'll balance out soon :)
AoiNomura Aug 11, 2:25 AM
This season huh? :D Depends on which genre you like
My favorites are Kakegurui, Hitorijime my hero and Ballroom e youkoso! Ohh and Koi to uso is nice too (but I haven't caught up to the latest eps yet haha)
Rrgrg Aug 10, 11:52 PM
Ah I see, that sounds like a pain.. I hate when I'm in situations like that as well because I just want to do it my way

Good :D

Thanks! Yeah I start beginning of September, which is nice because after my last final next Wednesday I'm free :D what do you have to take for the fall?

You should come visit Boston! Although honestly I think the city is just okay, and I don't really know why people even visit here in the first place tbh LOL and I'm not really sure what to do around here actually hahahaha, I guess visit Quincy market area, New England aquarium, etc. It's late so that's all I can think of at the moment LOL but there is definitely some more stuff to do

Ohh nice :D so we're in the same time zone at least hahaha, then you'll know that I'm replying to you at nearly 3 AM LOL
Well sure in the US there are a lot of different types of roles, but it's really hard to work in another country because every country has their own accreditation standards and laws, so it's a bit complicated. But even in the US pharmacy is getting a bit saturated in terms of the job market so it's much more competitive than people think now :/

Okay same here! What else do you use then that would be good for you? :)