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Jun 20, 6:34 PM
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One Piece
One Piece
Jun 18, 6:45 PM
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Mouretsu Pirates: Abyss of Hyperspace
Mouretsu Pirates: Abyss of Hyperspace
Jun 18, 5:39 PM
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Dance in the Vampire Bund
Dance in the Vampire Bund
May 19, 11:45 AM
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Koi ja Nai kedo
Koi ja Nai kedo
Mar 8, 11:08 AM
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Kon no Ki Konoha
Kon no Ki Konoha
Feb 24, 6:37 PM
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Hayama-Mizuki Jun 19, 12:16 PM
Oh! Thank you! I added you! I see your favorite is Itazura na kiss 2013. I prefer 2016 th version. I think it's closer to anime, because Irie is super-cold there, but at the same time you see how his eyes are only on Kotoko.
I just picked three titles from the top list: Eternal love (EL) 9.1, Nirvana on fire (NIF) 9.2 and Battle of Changsha 8.8. NIF has heavy plot with the main character being deadly sick, so I put it on hold. The other two dramas have handsome Taiwanese actors as main heroes and their stories never let you go. I totally fell in love with Huo Wallace from Battle of Changsha! I'm going to see everything where he was playing.
I rarely see negative comments about EL. Most people loved it. I even bought the novel from Amazon and read it. This drama is a great hit from this year.

I haven't searched through other Korean music yet. I'm currently listening to the OST of Eternal love which is magically beautiful. Not long ago I listened to Namie Amuro.
Ok I'll try these songs out. I see that Korean music is very unusual. I even like instrumental version of Monster. Awesome beats! I see that Luhan is very popular as an actor. Have you watched any shows with EXO members? I think Tao might look good as an actor too. Too bad they both were overshadowed by Baekhyun and D.O. When I watch their old performances I see that the camera is mostly on Baekhyun, D.O., Suho , Kai and Chanyeol.
Rrgrg Jun 18, 8:31 PM
Ah I understand, yeah its intimidating to approach professors about their research at first... And yeah most of the papers are hard to understand until you actually start doing the work LOL
Oh I see, thats good! I just met with a professor about research a few days ago. Haven't done any actual research because he wants me to learn the material first, but I'm slowly getting there haha

I suppose LOL but idk I feel like that wouldn't apply for me necessarily :P idk I guess I just can't see myself being interested in dramas at the moment.

Yeah! its better than wasting away doing nothing like I usually do LOL
Oh really? That must be an intense physics class :P I want to take a break now, I literally can feel my motivation to do any form of school work shatter LOL Its actually kinda a problem now because I have more exams this week (one tomorrow actually) and I don't think I really properly studied at all today xD
No its not really that. The jobs I work at are more long term than I semester I suppose, I've been working at a hospital per diem for about 2 years now and at another pharmacy part time for 9 months. So its more just like I already have those jobs and they are pharmacy related :P

LOL I definitely did not do as well as I would've liked, but thanks! Honestly I have no choice, if I don't study even a little every single day I will get so far behind ._. I mean I already slack off a ridiculous amount with my studies because I've been stressed LOL
I get what you mean, I have a lot of great professors but honestly I could care less about some of these classes
XOTAisme Jun 17, 1:48 PM
hahaha i wouldn't say i'm good XD

yeah i used to listen to them a lot when i was 14-16 old XD my favorite song from them was monster

i have summer break now ^^ you should watch it
AznKokoro Jun 15, 6:28 PM
Nicee :) Are you studying bioengineering (according to your profile)?

I'm currently watching Nana! I just finished the movie Koe no Katachi which was really good :)

I have 4 months of summer vacation technically. I'm taking summer school for two months. After June, I will be a bit less stressed and can finally relax, haha :D

AoiNomura Jun 15, 11:58 AM
Yeah I hope so for TOP too!!!

Ohhh I am at university, I obtained my bachelor degree in May. I will study abroad in SEptember and then maybe continue with the master :)
You're at highschool?
irenevanessa133 Jun 15, 10:21 AM
I will have extra classes until next week .. Everyday, even in day of other exams ..

" Eu já (fiz alguma coisa, sei alguma coisa .. etc), Eu penso, Eu sinto, Eu planejo possivelmente (para ir a alguma lugar..=, ter capacidades (cozinhar, cantar...) " ^^
Sacchie Jun 15, 5:04 AM
Omggg!!! Yeah I love it too I do really hope a another season of cheese in the trap .. And I like the Male Lead Park Hae Jin for he's so great a acting haha...

Goblin hehee... I just heard it from my friends and I started watching it ...
Actually at first I thought it's not a good drama because of the first ep .. I mean the war ..and later on I really like it and I like Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun And as well as Lee Dong Wook . .. Because they were really great :D

I haven't watch Legend of the Blue Sea But I'm watching Scarlet Heart and its really inteteresting haha... But why weren't you finishing it ?? I mean Its a good drama ...

Ohh yeah I find it interesting so I'm watching Drama and I'm still watching Anime haha... And Last Monday was my last Day of break and last Tuesday was my first day school and I might not watch Drama for a while :D
Wby ? Are you on a break ??
Petalview Jun 13, 8:54 AM
Hi there, it has been a while since we messaged each other.
Though, I thought that I wanted to stay in contact. :)

That's why I sent you the friend request!
Rrgrg Jun 10, 6:55 PM
Oh wow thats a long time. Nice, are you interested in pharmacology? :o

Yeah, we'll see how long it runs for though haha

Yeah that is very true!

Ehhh not really to be honest, like why did it have to be such a long wait -_- I mean I think the amount of stuff they are going to cover in this season is still going to not even hit the stuff they were covering in the manga a year ago...
Okay :) yeah its not that bad in general. I was never a fan of Chinese dramas for some reason even though my parents and everyone I knew watched them LOL

Yeah at this point the seasons don't really feel all that different to be honest LOL like no matter what its like outside I'm still bound to be doing school work -_- I probably will go to China when I finish classes for the summer (which is in early August probably). Not really for a leisure trip though but its still going somewhere I suppose LOL
Yeah it honestly would be better if I could work on campus, but unfortunately thats not really an option for me :/

Ah gotcha, yeah a lot of people I know in the Pharmacy program here hate physics too LOL I never really minded physics, but I definitely think I'm more geared towards biology/chemistry. Taking it alone is a good idea though, less things to worry about later especially since you're doing well :)

I have a quiz on Monday and another exam on Thursday! I've studied a bit over the past few days but hopefully I'll be alright LOL
Hayama-Mizuki Jun 10, 1:39 PM
Yup, I'm currently working on my research. I plant to visit the city near Washington: National Harbor. I thought I would start preparing documents for this trip a month ago, but I'm still waiting for an invitation. If everything is alright I will travel there in the end of September.

Last time I watched Eternal love C-drama and it blew me away completely. I couldn't properly sleep while I was watching it: it was so interesting! Every day I waited to return home from my work to continue watching this show, because most of the episodes ended on cliffhangers.
I also liked the last adaptation movie of Itazura na kiss. The characters are similar to anime. Irie is really cold, but caring guy as he should be. As for other dramas, I made a list here: http://mydramalist.com/dramalist/Hayama-Mizuki
I watched not so much. I haven't even found good K-drama, but I will search for them too.

Haha, no, actually my favorite is Xiumin.XD He has the best voice and nice personality, but they don't give him much lines. I was happy to see more of him in Ka-Ching. I also love Lay's performance in Lotto. Who's your favorite ?
Ah, I haven't got to listen to BTS yet.^^
irenevanessa133 Jun 10, 10:07 AM
I finished school, now it's extra classes :c

What do you want to learn? ^^
AoiNomura Jun 7, 9:21 AM
Sorry for the late reply >-< I haven't been online here for a week....cause things were getting busy lately T_T

Have you heard about the news with Big bang's top? It's really sad :'((((((

I am currently on a small anime break right now, I only watch weekly's boku no hero academia and shingeki no kyojin season 2 oh and ofc yowamushi pedal (with a friend)

I'm moreover into watching gameplays lately hahahaah
Sacchie Jun 7, 6:48 AM
Hahaha... I just Finished watching Cheese in the Trap and I really really like it :)
And yeah I've watched Goblin Already and I really love it ...
Have you watched the Scarlet Hearts Ryeo ?? Or Legend of The Blue Sea ??

Ohhh ... Alright :)
You should start watching it now because it's gonna soon :)
XOTAisme Jun 6, 11:00 AM
no not really XD

mhhh black sabbath XD

no i don't have break yet -.-' i've been watching a lot of hajime no ippo lately
Rrgrg Jun 5, 8:51 PM
Ah I see :) not currently, but I am going to have to relatively soon (within the next few months I have to start) as I have to do a capstone project before I graduate. Its a lot of work and the school basically makes us do them with very little guidance from the actual school, we have to work with a professor on like one of their research projects or come up with our own -_- honestly I just wish they told us more about it sooner...

Yeah who knows, but I feel like its not filler material? I haven't looked into whether it is or not though, but I just have that feeling you know? :P

I see people reading manga sometimes, but idk for me I always feel like if I bring it up that means that I'm revealing that I'm looking over their shoulder at what they are doing LOL

Well I read the manga for shingeki, so I already know what happens haha. But I like watching the animation anyways, I think its pretty good overall :)
Yeah, its in chinese instead of japanese so it kinda throws you off at first LOL but I'm chinese so I understand parts of it decently well. I'm actually pretty surprised how good it is haha

Yeah its basically a full semester -_- I don't get real long breaks except for winter break...
At the moment, I don't really find any of them more interesting than the others LOL probably because I've been too stressed to really appreciate what I'm learning haha
Nice, that kinda sounds like what I do for one of my jobs. Except I have to commute like 40 minutes there and 40 minutes back every time which is a pain -_-

Ah I see, yeah that makes sense for physics. Do you enjoy the class?

Okay haha, I actually have exams every week starting this week until like the 22nd of June so I'm probably going to get busy too. But I'll still come online here to procrastinate or something LOL