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Jul 21, 2019
It's Very Entertaining.
This is one of those anime that you watch to lighten up your mood and forget all the bad stuff about your life.
I suggest you give it a try. Despite its harem tag, it's a very enjoyable anime.

This not one of the anime that you watch for the story. Rather it's for the enjoyment. But the story is good. In a good way, it's very much different from other harem anime. It does get annoying with the classing harem tropes but the comedy balanced it really well. All the characters get together and do enjoyable and funny stuff together.
But I felt the pacing read more
Jul 16, 2019
It isn't that great.
The theme and idea is interesting but the way its presented is bad. I felt the storytelling is incoherent. It's very rushed so you will have to watch it again to understand it properly. The relationships of a few characters is explained later on so until then you will be confused. I got the impression that they were trying to reveal their relationships as a plot twist but it does't work well. There are also many disgusting and perverted dialog. This makes this anime very hard to watch. Such dialog isn't bad but it's too much.
This anime was adapted from an read more