Jul 21, 2019
xxHydronxx (All reviews)
It's Very Entertaining.
This is one of those anime that you watch to lighten up your mood and forget all the bad stuff about your life.
I suggest you give it a try. Despite its harem tag, it's a very enjoyable anime.

This not one of the anime that you watch for the story. Rather it's for the enjoyment. But the story is good. In a good way, it's very much different from other harem anime. It does get annoying with the classing harem tropes but the comedy balanced it really well. All the characters get together and do enjoyable and funny stuff together.
But I felt the pacing was a bit off. The story gets interesting whenever a new character is introduced. After a few events regarding that character it starts to become very slow. I personally felt there was some confusion as to what new things to do with the new characters.

This anime is very pretty. The character look very neat and the environment is pretty good too. The face animations during comedic scenes are very cute and suits the tone of the story.

The VA is really nice. All the various emotions are conveyed really well. The opening and ending are alright.

This is where this anime shines. The personalities of the characters are somehow refreshing relative to other harems although you can guess each character's personalities from their looks. None of the characters are annoying. They are vary likable and you will mostly end up caring for them.

This was a delight to watch. Very enjoyable. Highly Recommend it.