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Days: 68.4
Mean Score: 7.83
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  • Episodes4,084
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Megalo Box
Megalo Box
Mar 11, 2019 8:36 PM
Watching 2/13 · Scored -
Ookiku Furikabutte: Natsu no Taikai-hen
Ookiku Furikabutte: Natsu no Taikai-hen
Mar 11, 2019 8:35 PM
Watching 1/13 · Scored -
Ookiku Furikabutte
Ookiku Furikabutte
Mar 11, 2019 6:26 AM
Completed 25/25 · Scored 8
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Days: 12.7
Mean Score: 8.53
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  • Chapters2,286
  • Volumes138
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Rosario to Vampire: Season II
Rosario to Vampire: Season II
Dec 15, 2017 7:15 PM
Reading 57/67 · Scored 10
Joshi Luck!: 2 Years Later
Joshi Luck!: 2 Years Later
Jan 9, 2017 10:21 PM
Reading 3/? · Scored -
Dec 3, 2016 2:09 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -


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AkatsukiUlquiora Mar 5, 2020 5:19 AM
How Sw&Sh?
AkatsukiUlquiora Apr 14, 2016 6:10 AM
yeah that true I've seen a lot of fake leak starters they look nice but i wonder how will the original look like
AkatsukiUlquiora Apr 12, 2016 12:44 PM
how about the starter pokemon
AkatsukiUlquiora Apr 11, 2016 12:16 AM
lol well hope sun and moon will change that
AkatsukiUlquiora Jan 15, 2016 10:05 PM
lol it all good and good how about you how u been?
AkatsukiUlquiora Oct 2, 2015 1:42 PM
Hey not sure if ur gonna be online soon just stopping by to say hi
Aezile May 11, 2015 5:11 PM
Ya it has been, and look it took me 2 yrs to reply! haha
Retro8bit Dec 20, 2014 1:21 PM

Sorry for the late reply. I am finally done with work (for a week), got some time to watch anime and play video games like I want.

How have you been buddy? Enjoying your Wii U?
Retro8bit Oct 3, 2014 8:28 PM
Exactly right! I will admit I am excited for the 4k TVs coming soon, but I hear tell that the human eye can't even register the FULL extend of the resolution. Kinda oronic when you think about it. XD

I really hope so. A lot of fans aren't liking the changes in Sonic Boom, but if those changes end up being for the better, then I am all for it. Sonic, in my opinion, is in pretty desperate need of an overhaul to the 3D games, and this just might be it.

Hey don't let it get you down bro, after all you just started there, and seem to have risen up a lot in your short time, so you can bet good things are coming man. Those are great signs in it of themselves. :)

Ouch! Yeah I feel ya there. Thank goodness for cloud gaming and flash drives. They aren't fool proof (a hacker could hack the system at any time), but at least we have better chances of keeping our progress. Unlike the one battery, one cartridge era. *shutters*

My NNID is tad different: "Retr08bit." Speaking of which, I sent you a friend request when I first got mine, but it expires after 30 days, so it's gone now. :(

Since you're such a huge fan of the Crash games, nostalgia aside, do you feel the gameplay still holds up well today? Lack of analog aside.
Retro8bit Sep 26, 2014 8:25 PM
Cool, ya got a deal there friend! :D

I dunno, I have like two Gamecube controllers sitting around my house somewhere, so I may use that as an alternative. Although they show big signs of wear, especially my first one, which is rightfully so I guess. That console did come out in the 128 bit era. (Wonder why we don't count bits anymore? XD)

Okay, just thought I'd ask. :) I know you're not a big fan of his, and have been let down (like many of us), by his newer games. *sigh* If only 3D Sonic games could hold up like Mario's.

Heck, as they say: "no news is good news" right? XD

Awwww a corrupted save file. OUCH! I know the painful sting that can bring. I once 100% EVERYTHING on Sonic 3 & Knuckles. All the chaos emeralds, hyper stones, secret bosses and got all the ends. Then one day after a few years of not playing it, I felt in the mood to do so and what did I find? No data. ._.

What did you like best about Crash 2 to put it above the rest...ish? Since you said you weren't 100% about your all-time game I mean.
Retro8bit Sep 26, 2014 7:38 PM
Hey I can totally respect that, believe me I use my man cave everyday after work. A guys gotta have some place for getting away from the stress of the day right? Well I wish you luck bro, and make sure to take plenty of pics when the time comes to start working on it. :D

Yeah I will try and be careful with that. I pre-ordered Hyrule Warriors on Ebay, and saved around $8.00 or $9.00 from buying it in stores. Not sure if this will come with any DLC or not, but I guess a savings is a savings. And yeah man if you pre-ordered it through Amazon you get the Twilight Princess costume pack:

Oh by the way, are you planning on buying Sonic Boom? Can't remember if I asked you that or not. Think I might have.

Exactly! Games like those deserve to be remade, as the HD would make a huge difference. One of the reasons why I am so delighted that they plan to do an HD remake of the Gamebube Resident Evil One...uhhh...remake. XD Can't wait to see how that looks. Also the new Resident Evil: Revelations 2 looks promising.

Have you heard that the new Smash game for Wii U will be bundled with a Gamecube controller? Go to my Facebook page if you wanna see it. I am really hoping that it's wireless...even though I have a strong feeling it won't be.

Well keep it up man, based on what you're telling me they really seem to appreciate all you do for them. I wish my boss was like that. :'(

Ah good choice good choice! You may find this odd, but I never actually "owned" a Crash game back in the day. Only played it briefly once at a Toys R' Us back when it first came out. I did buy Crash 2 on the PSN store, and loved it! Only wish they would have added analog controls for the PSN port, but oh well... I heard 100%ing that game could be a pain in the you-know-what!
Retro8bit Sep 21, 2014 1:05 PM
Converting your garage into a bedroom? Nice! That is so 90's dude. I remember I actually had friends that did (or tried) that stuff. Depending on the shape of the garage that seems like a pretty cool idea, except for maybe adding carpeting in there. Cool, Sega old school is the best!

Exactly, I don't want to get me something that is going to crack again in another year or so. My co-worker (oddly enough) had it done at the same place, and said it was just fine for them. So that's a plus.

What's really been bothering me lately is how DLC is becoming exclusive with different companies. For example, I want to buy Hyrule Warriors for Wii U as you know. However Amazon, Gamestop and Best Buy each have different exclusive DLC costume packs. I want all of them of course, but unless Nintendo adds them to the eShop later, this isn't possible. Maybe I can find a seller on Ebay who has the codes for sale later on.

Yeah, looking back at it all, I really hope they stop making HD remakes of last gen consoles, and do it with the gen before that. (ie PS2, XBOX, Dreamcast, Gamecube) These are the ones that would benefit most from it. Would love to play an HD port of Haunting Ground or the Fatal Frame games.

Dude I can't wait for the MK8 DLC. Nintendo really seems to be stepping up their A game with quality DLC...finally!

Cool, hope you get your computer all beefed up bro! :)

Congrats man! I know it might be a bit early to say that. But see? I told you if you stayed dedicated to your job good things would happen for you.

Oh random question: what would you say is your all-time favorite game ever? I have been thinking about this for a while, and mine would go to DKC2 on the SNES.
Retro8bit Sep 19, 2014 7:52 PM
That's right, if I remember correctly you said you planned to start a retro collection once you had an established job. What kind of consoles and games will you buy first? Also, I highly recommend some old school posters for you room. I have a bunch in mine. :)

Me too, someplaces were well over $200. I just hope this doesn't turn out to be a "you get what you pay for" kinda deal. X_x I also worry about having my windshield like this, because the cops could give me a ticket for it if they see it.

DLC is a great thing, but lately it just seems like companies are taking WAY too much advantage of it. Also I wanted to see how you felt about "definitive editions" of games. Or HD remakes for that matter. Do you, like me, feel there is way too much of that going around as well? It's funny because personally I think last gen would have benefited much better (and more) from it than this gen. Having HD remakes of PS2 and XBOX games would have been the way to go, heck maybe even PS1 and N64. Oh sure we have such things like the Sly Collection and DMC HD. However, I find it funny how it seems to be happening more often now, which in my opinion, isn't as much as a noticeable difference. Especially with the PS2. I loved that little console, but playing them on a flat screen these days, is a blurry mess. Graphics aren't (and have never been) a big deal to me don't get me wrong, I am just saying in context with HD remakes is all.

True, but I am sure Nintendo already had plans to make the N3DS even before it was announced. But yeah, business is business.

I got my Wii U for my birthday in July, and sadly there weren't many MK8 bundles in stock here at the time, least not at any my family checked at. Oh and speaking of which, do you use Club Nintendo? I just reached Platinum last week.

Hmmm depending on how much of a beast your current laptop is, it may just be more worth to buy a new one bro, if there isn't a large gap in the prices that is. I am still running off my 2006 putter as you know, but I just use it for basic internet, so it's all I need at the moment. I keep getting an error message telling me that one of my hard drives might fail soon. It's been like over years since it happened, and still they are fine. Wonder if it just scrambled some circuits or something, that's why I am getting that message everytime. Weird...
Retro8bit Sep 18, 2014 2:44 PM
If you ever get a chance to play it, please do man. It's just as good as TMNT in Time, if not for just a slightly odder concept. I will admit I was more of a Genesis guy back in the 16 bit era, though I did own an SNES too of course. Just didn't have as many games for it. Also I would recommend emulating it, as it's a bit pricey online these days.

So far I have been calling around, and found a place that would replace my windshield for only a little over $100. Includes labor and installation. Not too bad considering.

You make a good point there bud. Once a company goes 3rd party, they lose most of the freedom and creativity since they are working for others now. The Dreamcast comes to mind with this. The games they had on there were just oozing creativity and fresh ideas. Now that Sega went 3rd party, the quality of their games has decreased a lot. They still make solid titles, they just lack that certain charm from Sega being console hardware only.

One thing I don't understand is why Nintendo is releasing a Smash themed 3DS of the original, when that one will soon be inferior. Sometimes Nintendo really confuses me. I guess it's because Smash comes out before the N3DS, but still... @_@

Hehehe, look at you buddy. Mr. Money Bags over here with his list of stuff to buy! :3 Speaking of which, how much will it cost to fix your PC? On a releated note, I spilled Root Beer on my laptop back a while ago. It still runs, but hasn't been the same since. XD
Retro8bit Sep 16, 2014 1:11 PM
Have you ever had a chance to play TMNT: Hyper Stone Heist on the original Genesis? I find that game is often times over looked when it comes to TMNT games, in particular Turtles in Time. It makes me sad how this game has become forgotten. Here is the video if you're interested my bro!

Yes which can be a bad thing because I take the free-way to work, and I worry about that happening to my windshield. Ugh...better make sure to wear shades at least. XD So I can look cool then I get impaled by shards of glass.

Yup, I agree with pretty much everything you said there about Nintendo. I think the handheld idea would be the smarter choice, and maybe going 3rd party for the consoles. Kind of confusing, but I feel it would be the best way for them to make a profit.

Really? Hadn't thought about it like that. Since I probably will end up getting a N3DS (unless they do upgrade the 2DS), at least I will have that additional feature to enjoy.

And speaking of which, how goes your computer dilemma?