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Oct 23, 2011
Going into watching this anime, I wasn't really expecting much. I didn't expect to be so entralled by this show, thats for sure. It's made its way into my favorites.


The story starts off a little slow, and as the episodes go on you learn more and more about the main characters. I gave the story a 9 only because it was simple to follow and very enjoyable.


The drawing for this anime... was spectacular. I mean it. There's not much to explain as to why I gave it a 10. It was amazing.


I gave the sound for this anime a 7 only because it would read more
Jun 26, 2009
K-On! (Anime) add (All reviews)
If you ever thought an all girl anime would be displeasing, you were wrong.

K-ON is totally, and most clearly, a thriller for all people.

Story~ Rated: 8
The story to K-ON is always random, but always fun and eccentric. The story may not please everyone.

Art~ Rated: 10
The art is definitely a major part in the anime, considering it is so great. All the characters were drawn perfectly and wonderfully.

Sound~ Rated: 9
This being a music anime, you'd think the sound would be good. The music the characters produce may be good, but their voice actors have really outdone themselves. The voices are what won me out in read more
Apr 18, 2009
This anime is a very funny, eccentric, fun show that will please everyone.

Every episode begins with the opening "Mottekei Sailor Fuku" which will get you dancing in your seat. Not once did I skip this opening. Everyone will love this opening and will not soon forget it.

The show goes on with many random things such as discussing how to eat a chocolate cornet, visiting each others house, or dozing off at school.

The four main characters will surely please you.
Konata Izumi "The leader of the characters" is an otaku that does not have very good grades and often pulls all night cram-sessions. She read more
Feb 15, 2009

Katekyo Hitman Reborn is basically a show about how a Mafia boss came to be. Sawada Tsunayoshi, who is being trained by the Hitman home tutor, Reborn, undergoes many difficult things. Varia trying to take over, Rokudo Mukuro, and many more. Its not very interesting in the first few episodes, but after about the 30th episode, it gets interesting. Some other main characters are:Gokudera Hayato, Storm ring. Yamamoto Takeshi, Rain ring. Hibari Kyouya, Cloud Ring Chrome Dokuro (Rokudo Mukuro), Mist ring. Sasagawa Ryohei, Sun ring. And Lambo (Stupid Cow), Thunder ring.