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Oct 10, 2020
This is not a review, since most of the points I could talk about concerning this manga has already been said by others. The score I'm giving it does represent my opinion, but this "review" is more about the background information surrounding it.

Right of the bat, this kind of situation did happen in history. In fact, there are so many similarities that I'm convinced that Samura, the mangaka, was directly influenced by it(more on this later). The event I am referring to is the second Sino-Japanese war. Specifically the comfort women in the war. I am not going to go over any details about read more
Aug 7, 2020
TLDR: Although it has an interesting concept and a strong start, the plot starts slipping around the middle point and ends in an unsatisfying manner.

The first 80 chapters are probably as good as the manga gets. With the world slowly unravelling itself, new characters are being introduced while still struggling to survive. It felt it could've been a very special manga within the survival game genre. You are filled with questions and excitements towards the future of the series.

Unfortunately, you will soon realize all the characters are one-dimensional and severely lacking in character developments. None of them will grow in any substantial ways in read more
Mar 27, 2020
Creating a manga about music is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks for any artist. After all, mangas are seen, not heard. Which is why the music itself is often downplayed, while the appeal of these types of mangas is to see how music can affect people and their life.

With all that said, blue giant still does a terrific job at depicting jazz music, it often spends pages or even an entire chapter depicting a performance. With thick line works emphasizing the intensity. And a great focus on both the performer and the audience's face and body parts to show us the power read more
Jan 24, 2019
I often see people making the comparison of this anime to Clannad. But in my opinion, that is a little misleading. Unlike the focus on family with a general tone of warmth. ef is more like finding that dwindling bit of fire in the cold world and live on with an iron will.

Otowa, the place where the story takes place in, is spelled as 音羽 in kanji. "音" means "sound", referring to the Suuichi's violin, and how the music will stop when the bow stop. "羽" refers to the eternal feather of Yukko and the continuation of hope.

In fact, the theme that carries throughout read more
Feb 23, 2018
This anime is a complete piece of trash, in fact, I don't even know why TF am I writing a review for this piece of garbage. No matter how you try to look at at this anime, it's a trash. It is nothing more but a much of editing created by a bunch of idiots.
Just like the people who gave this a 1, Kamikaze Douga never wanted to create a masterpiece, they wanted to create a piece of sh*t. And the anime tells us loud and clear:"We poured our heart in to make a piece of trash."
Thus, read more