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May 14, 2012
Liar Game is the story of the ultimate battle of wits, a game of deception and cunning which a naive young girl and a con man find themselves roped into. Sounds pretty good, right? For the most part, it is.

Despite it's cerebral subject matter, Liar Game feels like a typical battle manga at times, primarily with its tendency to spread one battle out over a ridiculous number of chapters. Sometimes 10, sometimes 20. Most manga would stretch out a battle by adding in huge panels, flashy two-page spreads and so on. But since Liar Game's wars are fought with words, the method Shinobu Kaitani read more
Nov 28, 2010
I've finished reading this manga up to volume 21 (as of this writing, the most recent english-translated volume), and I'm ready to write a review of it.

Like most people, my first exposure to the world of Excel Saga came with the wacky 26-episode anime from 1999. You should know before you begin the manga that the anime and the manga are completely different monsters. While the anime revels in over-the-top insanity, the manga is a lot more down-to-earth. Characters and situations are presented in a much more realistic fashion. Rather than parody of anime tropes, the primary comedic focus here is social and political satire. read more
Apr 30, 2009
Okay, I'm going to repeat what many others have said and state that Texhnolyze is NOT a series for everyone. The pace is slow and punishing, and if your main squeeze is the straightforward action side of anime you will probably hate this.

However rather than bore me, I personally found the pace to be a breath of fresh air. This slow and steady treatment of the story is more realistic and true-to-life for me, and while it might not be as instantly gratifying as some other series it's truly enveloping and convincing. The plot itself is highly complex, and as with Lain, Texhnolyze's spiritual predecessor, read more
Apr 14, 2009
Outlaw Star was the show that got me into anime. Sure, I liked Pokemon, but it wasn't until I caught Outlaw Star on Toonami one day that I thought 'Wow, there could be something TO this anime stuff!' It had everything... a ninja, and alien catgirl, guns that shot magic, a spaceship controlled by a naked woman... my teenage mind exploded. Where had these things been my entire life?! XD I bought the DVD immediately.

Both the plot and setting are complex and interesting, with lots of neat ideas, such as the casters, grappler ships, etc. The cast of heroes is diverse and likeable, a bizarro read more