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Sep 19, 2011
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (2/13 eps)
Just a quick review because there isn't one here yet,

I had high hopes for this series yet it fails on the same issues as the second movie...
The Cell shaded stuff/ci/visuals work well with all the technology but not with the human side of the story,
Their weapons and suits all look great, the action is well paced BUT
(be aware that I have only seen the first 2 episodes)
the characters and plot are kiddy grade
The cgi falls apart in the 'normal scenes' (even childish at times) and the plot is forcefully inserted (for example in the first episode we see how Briareos and Deunan had their ...
Jun 3, 2011
we meet again Hidamari Sketch ☆☆☆
2 specials or extra episodes:

1."June 11: Yay, Family Restaurant!"
"Roku-gatsu Jū-ichi-nichi: Famiresu Wasshoi!"
"April 7-17: Natsume..."
"Shi-gatsu Nanoka ~ Jū-shichi-nichi: Natsume..."

2."June 23-25: Back Home"
May 26, 2011
The softness that is Hidamari sketch x 365 continues with 3 specials
or 3 extra episodes of the second season,
which to me is a good thing.
All your favourite characters return for an encore

The last special contains a short dream of Yuno (remember the 5th ep. of the first season where Yuno has a fever and a really nicely drawn dream)

A must for everyone who took the time to look at this page...
May 5, 2011
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (2/5 eps)
Well,(this is about OVA number1) an OVA filled with fan service, and Fairy Tail comedy
a story/quest slapped around it,
but to be honest not very exciting just fun to watch.

I noticed the OP theme song was sung by Natsu's voice actor (not sure)
and the ED theme song by Lucy's voice actress (also not sure)

but am I the only one missing something,
I personally think an OVA is the perfect chance to take a series
to another setting or
Apr 18, 2011
Preliminary (Unknown/8 eps)
Well if you enjoyed the previous 13 episodes of Seitokai Yakuindomo you're bound to enjoy this one:)
This series hasn't got a deep plot/deep thought/visuals or any of that stuff
it just works magic with a few ingredients:
sexual references and visual puns
in well known surroundings, aka an Academy, a student council filled with three girls and one guy.

You should watch this series because the humour is great, a smile stayed on my face the entire OVA, never a dull moment,never taking itself seriously.
Also haven't noticed this in other reviews but the sound is very well used for comedy purposes throughout the series and in this OVA.

Oh yes ...
Feb 1, 2011
Halo Legends (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
With such a huge universe to create stories from I was very dissapointed. The duel is awesome, htis episode is worth the watch,great visuals,atmosphere, but little story (just enough to comprehend),with creative supervision by Mamoru Oshii. and it shows:)
The first Origins was also nice because it had a good connection to the halo universe (the plot) and visually very nice.
I do say but
the rest of the episodes are so 'empty' both visually (with the exception of the spaceship falling apart) and plot wise. The babysitter is so predictable you can write it yourself, and the rest of the episodes don't really matter.
So bit dissapointed because ...
Jan 8, 2011
Loups=Garous (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Saw this on Production I.G.'s work list for 2010 and got curious.
The story revolves around 3 young girls and a teenager caught in a world where monitor's have replaced real contact (not entirely). Hazuki (One of the young girls) has a Communication dissorder. Another young girls calls herself loups=garous,another is a pretty good hacker and the teenager is a fighting machine.
And this is where the anime movie goes wrong
You can't just put ideas together without a coherent story.
The emotions are there,the action too, the characters (undeveloped), the setting , but it just doesn't add up to a whole.
Very dissapointing. The loups=garous itself is an easy ...