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Jun 11, 2016
Preliminary (10/100 eps)
Aggressive Retsuko is about a red panda office lady that relieves stress by singing death metal. That's all you need to know.

All the characters are anthropomorphic animals, and I think that's quite charming. Retsuko is basically the cutest thing ever when she's not screaming death metal.

The humour is alright, managing to make me smirk a few times throughout the ten episodes I've seen. One could say this is a family-friendly version of Detroit Metal City - though a family-friendly version of DMC is not DMC at all.

The episodes are only a minute long, so you may as well give it a shot.
Feb 14, 2016
Tamako Love Story would be KyoAni's best movie if The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya didn't exist. Yes, it's that good.

When watching Tamako Market, you may have noticed Mochizou's crush on our protagonist. Well, Love Story builds on this, and turns it into the plot of an entire ~80-minute movie. And it's amazing.

The art and sound remain excellent, perhaps being even better because of the movie budget and the fact that it uses Koi no Uta as its OP (and a female version as its ED).

The story is a bit of a standard romance storyline, with a guy trying to tell a girl he loves her ...
Feb 14, 2016
Tamako Market (Anime) add
The slice-of-life genre has always been simple. Now, Tamako Market is simple, but also effective. It's about the daily lives of the residents of a shopping district, focusing on Tamako, the daughter of a mochi shop owner.

There's not much of an over-arcing storyline in the first half, but the latter part tells a good story with a few episodes. The more episodic episodes aren't bad, though, setting up for the end part where the story gets good.
There's more emotion in Tamako Market than other anime in its genre, and this becomes more apparent in the aforementioned latter part of the story.

The art is KyoAni, so ...
Sep 23, 2015
Katanagatari (Anime) add
Katanagatari, as the name implies, is a story about swords. It isn't just a story featuring swords: It's literally a story about swords. It's a story about twelve 'Deviant Blades' made by the legendary Shikizaki Kiki, the sword-collecting journey of Shichika and Togame, and the side-characters who wield the Deviant Blades. It's also a story about the 'Maniwa Ningun', but I won't spoil anything about them.

The story starts when the main character, Shichika (master of Kyotouryuu), meets Togame (a strategist). Togame ropes Shichika into going on a sword-collecting journey, and that's basically it. But the things that happen on this journey (and the revelations in ...
Aug 13, 2015
There are no reviews for this at the time of writing, so I feel like it's my duty to write one.

Okay, so these specials are basically bonus chibi shorts for Amagi Brilliant Park. They don't offer much, but they are quite enjoyable and should be watched after the main series.

These specials are quite funny, with moments such as everyone's favourite perverted flower fairy screaming 'F*CK REALITY!' and a humorous little jab at furries.

If you liked AmaBuri, you'll probably enjoy these.
Jun 16, 2015
One Punch-Man (Manga) add
Preliminary (69/? chp)
At first glance, Onepunch-Man looks like a typical action manga. But look into it just a little more, and you’ll discover just how different it is.

For one, the main character is the ‘caped baldy’ known as Saitama. His appearance is somewhat bland, but there’s a reason: He’s so strong that all his hair fell out. How strong? Well, he ends all his fights with one punch (hence the manga’s name). He’s presumably a parody of all those overpowered protagonists you see in anime and manga, but his uninterested personality is quite unique for an action hero.

Early on in the series, a cyborg who becomes Saitama’s ...