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kiriikiri Sep 12, 4:06 PM
yo looks like you got to Mo Dao Zu Shi just in time to watch s2 as it airs, yay! how are you liking it so far?
kiriikiri Sep 3, 7:24 PM
It's definitely not great, and it might be a little more bloody than you want, though that's justified by the violent nature of the goblins making it kinda necessary to eradicate them vs being slaughtered by them, but uh...yeah...human females being captured and enslaved as super mistreated/neglected breeding slaves is a thing in that series. They're nothing like the nice goblins in Slime anime (Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken).

I think Veronin made a really good analysis review of the series and the surrounding controversy of it (apparently only in the west because we've got some entitled idiots here yes we do) but if you look at that and want a TL;DR breakdown, here you go:

"While most anime increase the stakes as the opponents get stronger, Goblin Slayer is able to portray weak little creatures as menacing, something few anime do, slimes and goblins brushed aside as if it is a necessity. The issue is that Goblin Slayer, despite it having a clear, singular focus with goblins as the villain, never really does or say a whole lot with them. They are almost entirely identical to one another, existing to rape, kill or be killed and little else. When the antagonist of a story lacks a motive and a personality, it's kinda hard to care much about where things go in the end.
So, feel free to watch Goblin Slayer if you enjoy dark-fantasy and have a tolerance for uncomfortable content. Or skip it, because truth told, Goblin Slayer was never really worth caring that much about in the first place."

Or, even shorter:
"Goblin Slayer is neither horrible nor is it great. And sometimes it is both."

Personally I enjoyed it mostly because of the bolded part above which was refreshing for an adventurers guild anime and for Goblin Slayer's (yes, that is the only moniker we ever get for the main protagonist) oblivious-to-everything-not-goblins personality. That's what made it fun. A lot of it was cringe though, and not even just the goblin rape and other nastiness. There's a moment at the end of an ep after a boss fight where the camera focuses on the image of a bird's eye or the bird being reflected in a goblin eye, idk it was fucking weird, and it lasted for over a full minute.
kiriikiri Sep 2, 7:27 PM
yooooooooo Goblin Slayer! Be prepared to be disturbed by them goblins
kiriikiri Aug 27, 9:27 PM
Look look! I'm finally watching Shingeki no Kyojin s3.2! I'm getting there
kiriikiri Aug 18, 1:29 PM
Congrats on completing 300 anime!
kiriikiri Aug 14, 2:00 PM
Lol don't apologize for that. My message was very long. I hope you like them both if you do try them!

I'm really glad there hasn't been much, probably mostly on Twitter yeah. Hopefully it dies down soon. In the meantime I'm glad to see you enjoying anime and manga again!
kiriikiri Aug 13, 7:54 PM
[just checked your profile and I'm cracking up at Togainu no Chi on your to watch list XD apparently I haven't actually gotten around to watching it yet either, but man do I remember that silly gay manga.

Also totally didn't see you'd replied already, oops.]

Huh. You're right, Wit Studio has done some really good stuff. Well now that I know they also animated Shingeki, Owari no Seraph, Koutetsujou no Kabaneri, and Mahoutsukai no Yome (which was alright in the end but very pretty), I'm more intrigued by Vinland Saga. Still not sure when I'll get around to seeing that, likely after the season is complete. But thank you for putting it more solidly on my radar.

Omg the Given BS. I've thankfully only been exposed to this post on tumblr about it and I'm so grateful not to be a bigger part of fandom, just safely on the peripherals cuz goddamn that shit would be laughable if it wasn't so damn sad.

Back to happy!!!

Ahah yeah. Yeah I get that, that's indeed a thing. Asta yells a shitton in the first eps of Black Clover, and quite a bit past that, but I promise it does mellow out after the initial outbursty yelling (you just gotta get several eps in before that happens). That was part of why I wasn't into it at first, and it's why my bf refuses to watch the anime, can't deal with the voice actor's yelling. So if that's def a hard-no thing for you I do suggest passing on the anime and reading the manga instead. ReadingFrog recommended the series to me initially and has given most of the volumes a good rating (a few 1s and 2s still but still more 4s than I typically see her give out for manga).

And yeah, I do understand not being into the animation for MP100 because it is so atypical, and even vastly different from what we've seen from studio Bones before. But if you can't get into the anime version then you definitely won't want to try the manga, since the manga is, unlike One Punch-Man, drawn by mangaka ONE.

Wait really? Even How Not to Summon a Demon Lord? I thought for sure you'd say no to that one lol. Uh. Alright then. Let me know how you end up feeling about it, yeah? And if you drop it don't feel bad, ok? I won't be upset at all if you don't end up liking it, or if you get uncomfortable with it further in.

Oh god, ok Devilman: Crybaby. I've been debating so much on how to answer your question.

My answer is no, it isn't as it's done in a way specifically meant to show how awful violence is, whether it comes from outside powerful sources like demons or from our own human selves as the show turns from monstrous demon fights to an apocalyptic setting brought about by human mass hysteria and discrimination, showcasing some of the darkest parts of humanity as people turn against each other out of fear. The violence is meant to be awful and make you uncomfortable, but I like how the show handles its themes of brutality to further highlight/showcase our depth of compassion and how that can (or alternatively cannot) influence/change/help others. Even the sex stuff, while sometimes really crass, is often used in a way that's not meant to be sexy.

So I would personally say it's not gratuitous, especially if I compare the violence in Devilman: Crybaby to anime like Kakegurui, which DOES have gratuitous violence and gore. You could almost call it not gratuitous in Kakegurui because it heightens the stakes of the gambling and the odds the characters face, but there are also scenes or sections that have violence just for the sake of violence. Like literally everything involving Midari Ikishima's character is gratuitous violence that serves no real purpose apart from 'here's another (insane, disgusting) opponent in the elitist system for MC Yumeko Jabami to take down' and I think everything involving her could have been taken out and the story would not have changed. Whereas in Devilman: Crybaby you really can't take out any of the violence or depravity or the story changes drastically and I do think it serves a purpose.

For instance in episode 1 the violence is borderline gratuitous in the last scene, but also not because the main characters go to a club that's basically an orgy with everyone hyped on drugs, and the gory violence occurs when Ryo begins stabbing people in order to specifically cause a sabbath and bring out demons with the intention of having one of the strongest demons, Amon, merge with his friend Akria. For a few episodes past that the bloody scenes are also used when demons are killing people or when Akira, now housing the most powerful demon, kills them. But the blood always serves the purpose of being awful/horrifying, usually coming out during scenes of demonic possession. But it's also not completely over the top like it could be; in episode 4 there's a scene of demonic possession where the newly housed demon kills a lot of people in a small, enclosed space, and there's blood spray as it rips them apart, but the person that is the target doesn't get much blood fanfare, with the bloody focus being the other side people, and the focus target getting a scene where they're impaled and that has minor blood, and then we get silhouettes as the main focus, because it's not about the blood, just the matter-of-factness of the death itself. So I know I called the anime a gore fest, but that's just for scenes like at the end of episode 1 and later on in the anime in the apocalyptic setting as everything falls into chaos. In moments where the deaths matter, we don't get a bloody gore fest, we get artistic scenes and a lot of silhouettes that highlight the gravity of the horror of the situation and of these tragedies happening to good people. Like when a character near the end of the show is about to be killed and and we do get blood spray then from the initial wound but you don't see anything else, making it more horrifying when you see what's been done to them, and even when you do it's not blood you see, just silhouettes because that's...that's all you need to see to know. Or when one demon displays its fallen victims' heads on its body, we don't get blood surrounding them, just a small dribble of a bloody likeness from its main head, and all the others are shrouded in darkness at first while we only get their voices calling out the thoughts/wishes/longings of their last moments. Those are both scenes that absolutely could have been super bloody, and instead most of the confrontation between that demon and Akira is similarly shrouded in darkness because the focus is on the horror of this being Akira's reality of new loss, on the characters themselves, and as Akira is forced to kill the remaining likeness of someone he cherishes who is already beyond saving. And the other one is just. Really fucking tragic.

In the end, I truly say if you watch it let it be for the soundtrack and the characters, who are honestly the best part of the show. If you don't feel up to it, that's fine, like I adore it and all but you can live without seeing it. After all this anime is really well done, and it's a poignant portrayal of humanity that I think constantly asks 'what makes one human' and how much of one's humanity & sense of self can be/is retained after demonic merging. And while it's a hopeful anime that cautions against mass hysteria and urges people to just be good people to others, it's also a dark, depressing, bleak anime that shows what can happen when people give in to groupthink instead of using their own rationality to see the truth, or when they give up love & compassion due to fear and misunderstanding. So as much as I love it maybe you should skip it after all? Besides, those aren't lessons you need; though that's a big part of why I love the anime since so many people do need to be taught that. Plus if you don't like MP100's animation you might not like the animation in Devilman: Crybaby either, also very atypical and stylized. But hey thank you for getting me to rewatch the anime again.


But on that note I'll instead add Netflix's adaptation of Castlevania (which sadly doesn't count as an anime here) but is insanely good. It's like a tamer version of Devilman: Crybaby, where it also deals with religious themes and with demonic violence and darkness within humanity (specifically religious corruption), and definitely isn't gratuitous at all. It has great writing too, especially the dialogue, as well as the characters. I think that's one you would like.

Ahhhhh but I'm so happy Kimetsu no Yaiba is on your list!!! I just saw episode 19 and it's sooooo good!!
kiriikiri Aug 7, 12:55 PM
Omg I want Given so much! (despite all the bs going on around it) But I also want the manga and idk which I should start with.
Is Dororo not that engaging then? I've been looking forward to starting it.

Well obvs I have to say I recommend Yakusoku no Neverland and Kimetsu no Yaiba, which are both on your watching list YAAAAY!!!!
I've been told Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari is really good, and that Dr. Stone is turning out well so far which I'm really looking forward to since it's by the same mangaka as Eyeshield 21 which turned out to be amazing. (and yes Ik they're both on your watching list too.)

Things I've watched recently vs general recommendations?::
If you can get into it then I do recommend Mob Psycho 100, even though it's about psychics and is by the mangaka of One-Punch Man, a superhero series. The animation isn't a typical style for most anime now but it works so well for the movements needed in the series, and I love the characters: their dynamics, journeys and developments and motivations, all great. I think its greatest point is how serious it can be and how family-oriented it is, in both a biological sense and in a 'family is who you make it' sense.
Ajin / Ajin: Demi-Human. Also great characters and an interesting animation style that I typically don't like but that works for the series. It's definitely dark, with violence, torture, and death as main components, but while I haven't seen s2 yet it's definitely an interesting storyline, and a series I'll be reading the manga of.
Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler. Also haven't seen s2 of yet, but it excels at being exactly what it looks like: a hyper-sexualized elitest high school setting anime centered around the idea of gambling for a better spot in the ranks, and a new main character who comes in and somehow makes it even more hyper-sexualized in her arousal at gambling no matter the violent stakes. I gave it an 8 because it was fun to watch, and I'm adding it here as a 'rec' because it was fun to watch, but I'm not calling it good. There's really nothing to it besides T&A, female orgasm faces, bloody gambling, and creepy (side) characters. But I still liked it, so. *shrug*
Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul. As much as I loved s1, (and it is necessary for s2) I love Virgin Soul more. Nina is definitely one of my favorite (female) anime characters. Much like s1 it's a cool interplay in the heaven, hell, humanity theme with good action and characters, but s2 has more feeling in its character relationships than s1 did, and a better romance by far.
Black Clover. It's ongoing! It counts as recent!! This one is...I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty similar to Naruto when it comes to shounen (just magic, not ninja). But on that similarity Black Clover is a better version, and not only because the two main rival characters recognize the strengths in each other and respect each other literally the whole way through (while in Naruto the whole series is just a big fat Notice Me Sempai with a subplot of everything else). I wasn't drawn into it at first, but within 4 episodes I was hooked.
Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu. Or: How Not to Summon a Demon Lord.
Uhm. I. Maybe I shouldn't rec it because it's hardcore ecchi that sometimes borderlines on near hentai. But like. It's actually really fucking good. I expected it to be nothing but typical overplayed isekai ecchi anime, and to an extent it absolutely is, but I don't think any isekai with ecchi anime can get away from that. I was pleasantly surprised to like the guy, who suffers from overwhelming anxiety and copes through putting on his character persona, who just happens to be overpowered in this 'real world' version of the game he played in his previous life/world. But because of that it makes it even nicer that he's so incredibly powerful in the series and refuses to ever use it to coerce the girls at any point. And I love the girls, particularly Shera and Rem, his main harem girls, and Glebsklem, even though her character all rights pretty damn problematic from a societal perspective, but in canon and anime setting I say eh because while everything about her loli looks and how she comes into the story is definitely...realistically not good, they could have done much worse with her character.
Of course, because of her and many other aspects of the series (like how unnecessary it was to have Shera's brother be an impregination rapist freak towards her, tho thankfully he only grossly displays his intentions towards her) I don't know if I truly recommend it despite adding it here, since I don't know if you'll have any interest in it, or even in its genre. If you aren't then give it a pass and uh, sorry.
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri. If isekai with some ecchi isn't totally repellent to you, but HNtSaDL is too much, then Gate is a safer and better bet. I like the personalities of the girls in HNtSaDL, but Gate has good personalities for the characters too. The harem guy, Itami, is an otaku who happens to work his way up the ranks of the Japanese military and becomes their go-to guy for handling international relations with the inhabitants of the other world that gets tied to theirs through a gate, but while the girls flock to him he sees himself just as a guy wanting to look out for them and protect them if he can rather than as romantic or sexual interests. The girls are cute but not overly sexualized, even with characters like Yao Ha Ducy, who often has her tits out, and Rory, a demigoddess of war/violence/death who literally gets off on those things and tries to have sex with Itami sometimes (though there is s2 with Tyuule, an ex-queen sex slave to a prince who she's actually manipulating all along? idk I'm not done with s2 yet.), and they have some interesting character traits, like Tuka's PTSD from watching her elf tribe be incinerated by a dragon. Definitely a harem anime, without being all about the romantic harem and ecchi as it's not even listed as either genre on MAL.
Cowboy Bebop. I saw it ages ago and didn't much care for it at the time, but recently rewatched it and liked it much better. A lot of it is like short stories of mini adventures interwoven into an overarching story, but a lot of it is progressive for its time. I'm not aware of many 1990s anime (even if it is just before 2000) that are so free with having the amount of diversity that Cowboy Bebop does without trying to make it a selling point.
Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki / The Wolf Children Ame and Yuki. A really good and very sad movie. I like Kimi no Na wa better, but this is also a solid movie and way better than I imagined it would be. Definitely good for when you want to cry over family love.
Devilman: Crybaby. Fantastic. Just. Fantastic. It's absolutely a bloody supernatural gore fest of violence and sexual depravity and I just. I'm gonna leave this here because Gigguk makes a good video on some of Devilman: Crybaby's strengths as an anime of its particular genre and as a well done adaptation. I don't know if you'll think of it as too much, and if you do that's fine, but if you're even a little interested please give it a chance. It's a pretty stunning production compared to a lot of what's out there, with intricate characters, an evocative story, and one of the best anime soundtracks.
Kurau Phantom Memory. On a lighter note, there's this lovely anime that totally blew me away. I thought I knew what it would be from the first episode and I was semi right but also really wrong and so so glad I was. It's absolutely the purest anime I've ever seen that isn't intended for young children. It's beautiful.
silverwalls Dec 26, 2016 6:24 AM
not much either, i've been enjoying the holidays with family and also anime and games haha.
what have you been doing?
silverwalls Dec 23, 2016 4:21 AM
hey, thanks for the friend request c: what's up?
kiriikiri Nov 2, 2016 10:26 PM
akognifdbnadkg how did I forget to mention this one??!!


really really reeeaaally well done and so cute and kinda really sad and omg it's wonderful I need to read the manga already!!
kiriikiri Nov 2, 2016 9:28 PM
Yay! Anime!

Well you already know about Haikyuu!!, duh, but sadly I haven't been watching much anime lately so the only ones I can rec for recently seen that are good imo are:

--Cheer Danshi!! (not great, and there were parts I didn't like all that much, but I loved the dynamics between the main best friends Haruki and Kazuma throughout);
--Uchuu Patrol Luluco (utterly ridiculous and only more fantastic for it);
--Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (I have mixed feelings for this series. It starts off really well, has some ups and downs throughout and the ending of this season could have been much better but it makes so much more sense why they ending things this way (in a completely expected way so as to make the last episode leave you wanting so much more after how good the rest of the series is) if you know a little of what happens in the LN immediately after the end (and also if you focus on the very last image of the episode));
--Mob Psycho 100 (have you ever gotten into ONE's manga/anime series One Punch Man??? If so you'll love MP100 and if you haven't you need to get into both of them. They're both brilliant masterpieces for different reasons. And yes the art style of OPM is much better thanks to the artist of the manga but I promise you the art style in MP100 is perfect for the series, and it does have moments when the animation goes way up that is perfect too. Pleasepleaseplease read/watch these!!!!);
--Yuri!!! on Ice (currently ongoing and I have SUCH MIXED FEELINGS ABOUT THIS ANIME *SCREAMS!!!!!!!* On one hand it's perfection and sooooo beautiful and so deep in a way that most anime is not, or seems not to be, and touches on things I haven't seen any other series delve into for what the main character experiences; on the other hand I just KNOW it is going to make me cry and I am so not prepared for that.
also, wtf fandom???? I totally get that there are soooo many canon reasons to go for Victor/Yuuri, but how the fuck is there not more love for Yuri??
If you couldn't tell Yuri (one u) is my fav in the series. He's also the one I expect to cry over.
ALSO the opening and the ending theme songs/segments of the anime are SO BEAUTIFUL omfgggg. the whole animation is beautiful but those two songs, ESP the ending song. It honestly makes me nearly cry every time I get to the end of an ep and hear it.)

but uh.. yeah. those last 3 I really rec, esp the last 2.

eta: and I literally just noticed how long you've been waiting for a reply. guess that really shows I haven't been on the site for anime/manga in a while
kiriikiri Jun 26, 2016 10:13 PM
I think I feel bad putting them off because a part of me is hoping it never turns into some convos I've had with friends on tumblr/email that've been neglected for far longer (and still are).
Ty? Rn the only trouble I'm having is with keeping track of what I have/haven't said to you and ReadingFrog since those convos are very similar at times lol
Hopefully you can finish your chores and take care of your Nan so that you can get back to sleeping soon.

Earlier they weren't showing up on my friends list for some reason so I thought I'd deleted them but they're still there and are from 2010 (taco... momentarily used for hentai which I should get around to adding to this account) and 2013 (icanhaz... for my corresponding side tumblr blog).
kiriikiri Jun 26, 2016 1:07 PM
ahh that makes sense

(I get that, unless I'm too tired/exhausted to be feeling anxious)
now I feel bad for making you wait for me to reply gosh. I'm sorry. I'm putting off a lot of convos (you and 2others now, on GR anyway) because a) I'm currently trying to get more of my manga in before going to get food for (a late) lunch and b) I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with all the different convos I've been having going on (GR, one on tumblr, over text with friends who are dealing with a lot of crap and complaining and idk how to help, and one of them is an annoying friend anyway) so I keep seeing incoming replies and I'm just like 'gah!' so I'm not trying to ignore you or anything I'm just like 'I can't keep up!'

really? I'm pretty sure I deleted my side accounts and that wasn't that many years ago.
kiriikiri Jun 26, 2016 12:12 PM
srsly? 3days seems like a strange requirement.

XD I totally love you

Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!! You're not being an annoyance at all!!! Promise! I'm sorry if my message came across that way.
I have no idea how to go about compulsions, but at least this isn't a life-threatening one at all.
If it makes you feel any better I made 2 other MAL accounts at some point (that I might've deleted by now)
yaaaaaaaaaay no compulsion with GR!