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Blue Drop: Tenshi-tachi no Gikyoku
Blue Drop: Tenshi-tachi no Gikyoku
Nov 30, 2014 8:51 PM
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Nov 30, 2014 8:49 PM
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Nov 30, 2014 8:48 PM
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Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou
Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou
Nov 12, 2013 4:05 PM
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Oct 20, 2013 11:49 PM
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Shinshi Doumei Cross
Shinshi Doumei Cross
Sep 22, 2013 9:48 AM
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Kapodaco Nov 16, 2013 3:31 PM

Okay. I'm not sure where to start with this comment, so I'll start with the obvious:

I am terribly sorry. Goodness gracious. Reading your comment was like a hundred stabs through my conscience. I didn't think I was that harsh with my comment, but maybe I should tone down, er, everything, from now on.

I'll respond to each and every part of your comment from here:

"Wow. I didn't think anyone would pay attention to my review, or at least not in such depth. In my defense, I wrote this when I was on bit of a sugar high (I was eliminating left over cake from the fridge. Leftover cake should not exist.), so I wasn't in the best state to be writing a review to your (evidently) high standards."

- Why wouldn't anyone pay attention to your review? It's a review, isn't it? Sugar high, okay, I find cake disgusting, but that's a personal preference. My standards aren't high. Well, that's actually hard to put my finger on. I can tell you this with all honesty: your review wasn't anywhere near the worst I've ever seen on this site. I just thought it had some problems to it. Seeing as it had problems, I wanted to make them evident, and apparently I did that in the most showboative way possible. Did I mention that I'm sorry?

"You literally said “why would anyone want to read that?” at my comment about why I liked Hinako."

- This I will defend until I die. Yes, it was mean, but what I intended to say was "why would anyone care to read this in a review?" I should've made that more clear. I'm sorry. I thought your description of Hinako was more of a fangirlish ratta-tatta than a well-informed character profile, which is what caused me to say that. I'll take your word and blame it on the cake.

"You’re right, why WOULD anyone care about the opinions of a delusional 15 year old girl who can’t even write a coherent paragraph? And now I’m bashing myself. Great. What I’m trying to say is, there’s a fine line between giving someone constructive criticism and flat out insulting them."

- Guilt level: 120%

"Since you felt the obligation to impose your knowledge upon me, I’m going to do the same to you. Try to think about how what you say is going to impact others before you say it. I’m sure you’ve had a parent, grandparent, teacher, etc. yell at you for using a “tone” with them. I know I have. Sometimes I get yelled at for using a disrespectful tone even when I didn’t mean it at all."

- Welcome to my life.

"But when it comes down to it, your motives are what really matter. If I thought you had written this response for the specific purpose of putting me down, well...that would’ve been different. (I probably wouldn’t have responded, to be honest.)"

- Not my intention. Never my intention. Ever. With anyone.

"(are you the only one who does this, or do other people on this site do it, too?)"

- Yes and no. I've known other people to give constructive criticism to people's reviews (whether I started this trend or not, I don't know), but I'm the only one I know to break a review down to it's core. I don't normally break down reviews to the extent I did with yours, but I did it with yours because there was a lot I wanted to say about it while quoting specific examples. I suppose it's extra fuel to flame the fire, if you'd prefer to see it that way.

"I know you’re better at writing reviews than I am"

- Okay, okay. No. You can say that all you want, but I will never admit to that. I'm no better at reviews than anyone else trying to establish content. I just try to follow the standards I was taught by other respected reviewers and what I was taught in college, and I suppose I impose them on others. I'm sorry.

". . .and I know that you were just trying to help. So, congratulations. You gave me some solid advice and I intend to use it in the future. The way that you presented it to me could have been friendlier, but you’ve completed your mission nonetheless."

- Guilt level: 45%

"Let’s face it: you didn’t like my review."

- True.

"That’s okay. I didn’t write my review in hopes of pleasing you."

- Also true.

"And there will be other reviews that you will read in the future that will make you want to cringe even more than mine did."

- And in the past. Quick note: Your review didn't make me cringe, I just said (I think) that some of your content was cringeworthy.

"I think that if you find a balance between being brutally honest and being too nice, people will be more inclined to listen to and respect you. No one likes feeling stupid. While some people don’t take things to heart as much as others, no one likes being pointed out to how stupid they are. No matter how stupid we actually are, we all like to believe that we have some amount of intelligence."

- I'm well aware of this, and believe me, I try my absolute hardest to appear as polite as possible. Sometimes, however (like with you), I tend to forget about the person I'm speaking to and just let my fingers rip. This has been a problem with me for a long time, and you aren't the first to face this side of me. And if I did truly make you feel stupid, I am very sorry. We all struggles in some areas. As you can tell, I struggle with controlling my urge to criticize frankly. That makes me feel somewhat stupid, too.

"Then again, what the hell do I know? I am, afterall, an extremely unpopular, socially awkward freak of nature whose still trying to find a balance between being too aggressive and being a complete doormat."

- Guilt level: 345%

"I tend to be more on the doormat side of the spectrum, so thank you for this opportunity to stand up for myself."

- ...You're welcome?

"Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t have written this reply. I would’ve just taken what you said and let it really tear me down, and then I would go cry in the corner at how completely useless I am."

- Guilt level: 1,925%

"While I admit that my first response to reading what you said was to do exactly what I just described, something (I don’t know what) made me think about it a little further and inspired me to write this response."

- Your desire to kill me? That would be pretty realistic.

"I hope that you got something out of it, if you even cared enough to read it."

- I read it three times. Not including now, when I'm re-reading it to respond to you.

"Even though I hope that you at least think about the things I wrote about being a little more considerate when you criticize people, I don’t have the right to tell you how to act."

- Just like I don't have the right to tell you how to write your reviews. I'll need to think of something stupid to post on people's comments before I actually criti- gasp INVITES! You made me think of something so brilliantly stupid. Thank you! But seriously, you don't have to think of me too much. I'm in the wrong. Tell me off all you want. I clearly deserve it.

"Though when I first started writing this response, my intent was to confront you on how you had hurt me, I think it turned into something more meaningful to me. Thank you for this life lesson that you never intended. Haha. I probably sound crazy right now. I’m going to go do something productive. ….Eh, screw it, Ima go watch some anime now. Bye :P"

- This made me laugh. It also made my guilt go away... mostly.

Honestly, though. I am deeply, truly, honestly, definitely, totally, completely, absolutely, positively, without the shadow of a doubt sorry for my harsh comments. If you remembered from a few paragraphs ago, I've found the perfect measure to combat those who would prefer that I don't comment on their review. And, as my picture would suggest, I'm going to do it in a similar style. Thank you for allowing me to really think about how I can get around to criticizing people's writing and make sure they wish to hear see it. I suppose we both unintentionally made each other's day with these comments. But hey, no hard feelings, okay? If you ever need anything, I'll be here. I have no ill feelings toward you, and hopefully you'll have forgiven me at this point. But just for good measure:
Kapodaco Nov 13, 2013 9:47 PM
Nice location. I vacation there every summer.

Anyway, about your review! It sucked It needs a little improvement. I'll go down some of the lines of your review and comment about them.

"Woo, first MAL review! Let's do this!!"

- While I appreciate the white flag signaling for me to destroy your review, I don't think this sentence is necessary.

"Before I go into my in-depth review, please remember that this anime is for MINDLESS COMEDY ONLY. If you want an intriguing plot, then you should not watch this, because you will be very frustrated, and we're all watching because we LIKE IT, not because it pisses us off...or at least, I hope that's why..."

- A couple things here. Why are you ending sentences with "..."? That's not proper grammar. Sentences like that are more suited for comments on a personal notepad than a review on this site (as prestigious this site is, of course!). The part about the "REFRAIN FROM WATCHING IF YOU LIKE PLOT" sentence I think would be best saved for, well, the in-depth review instead of a disclaimer. The last sentence can just be completely voided.

"Story: 7
This is where this show really lacks. There was very little driving plot throughout the show. You are introduced to each main character and given a little background about them, and each episode is a little skit about problems they face. While it was extremely funny and entertaining, it did leave you wanting to know more about the situation. A lot of scenarios were left hanging at the end of the episode, and this can get annoying. I think that if the episodes were longer, they could've added more substance to each episode, but they only had 3 minutes for each episode so they focused more on the humor than the actual plot.

- Very well written and explained. While it could have been longer, I have no problems with this portion of your review.

"I noticed that some people didn't like the artwork and thought it was too simplistic, but I loved it. The characters were extremely cute and the rage scenes were hilarious. I felt like the art did it's purpose."

- This portion can certainly be longer. I don't like the lack of detail said here. I also don't like the stab at people who claim the art is simplistic. Don't address a generalization made by a certain group of people. When you speak to a reader, you speak to all readers. Don't single anyone out. Back to detail, I would want to know why you loved the art so much. I know from reading this that the rage scenes are funny. What else about it was appealing to you? Do you think the character designs fit well with the tone of the show? Are the characters expressive and non-robotic in movement? What else can you say about it? I'm sure you can make a full paragraph out of this if you really try.

"The openings and endings were okay, but I LOVED the voice acting, especially for Hinako-chan (who is by far the best character). All the voices were super kawaii (I had to, guys. I had to) and well played."

- By far, the worst part of your review. The opening and endings song were okay. Fine. You loved the voice acting. Why? The parenthesis in this paragraph are not needed. In fact, the information within them aren't needed either. If someone has a problem with you using the term "kawaii," fuck 'em. It's your review. What is troubling is the amount of gushing prevalent in this paragraph. Y'know what people do to people who gush? They label them as biased. Y'know who listens to people who are biased? Other people who are biased to the same topic. That's a very small portion of the population of this site. As I recommended with the art section, I would add a lot more detail to this section of your review, and stop trying to justify your words to the reader as if you were a rebel. Don't mind them. Just write.

"Since there is so little time in each episode, it's hard to really flesh the characters."

- Good, good.

"Despite this, the characters were awesome."

- Oh. How blunt.

"The main character, Chitose, is very sly and is always causing trouble and making her teacher punish her."

- Uh, huh.

"Her two other friends are Misaki and Hinako. Misaki is the more cautious one in the group, and usually tries to discourage Chitose from schemes but ends up being involved in them anyway."

- Okay.

"We also know that Misaki has a very...close relationship with her father."

- We do? When did we know that? I've never seen this show before. I don't know anything. Also, more of those pesky "..."'s.

"Hinako is most mysterious out of the group. We know nothing about her except that she's very clever and likes to cosplay."

- Okay.

"She is my favorite character because she always has a poker face on and looks really serious and almost threatening but she's actually really sweet and innocent."

- That's... nice?


- So... void.

"Would've liked more characterization, but the characters themselves are great."

- This sounds a little hypocritical coming from the person who said that the characters were "awesome" and "great." So, what I could get from this portion of the review is that you describe the characters and reveal your personal opinion about those characters, along with writing one unnecessary sentence. I saw two sentences that were good starting points for what debatably makes this series bad. The lack of characterization and screentime. You listed those as negatives, but what did you list as positives? You just said that the characters were "awesome." That's it. There was a point where you started gushing over how much you loved Hinako because of her poker face, but why would anyone want to read that? Does that answer anything that people want to know about why they would want to watch this series? I'll go out on a limb and say no. Focus on detail. Detail, detail, detail. And actual detail on the series and not your own accounts of bias. That will ultimately destroy any credibility of a review and its reviewer.

"I LOVED this anime. It was so adorable and funny and it made me feel all happy inside, and lets admit it, isn't that feeling one of the main reasons we like anime, anyway? I wish it was longer, though. I watched the whole thing in a day..."

- Wow.

"If you're looking for a lighthearted, nonsensical comedy, THIS is your anime. This anime is a major hit-or-miss; you're either going to adore it or despise it."

- I like this ending. It's far too short, but it at least gives the reader a sense of closure. I also like the honesty in saying that it's a hit-or-miss show and not everyone may find it enjoyable. Way to take your readers into account. Now, I'd just like to... oh, wait, there's more?

"Also, I don't know what people are saying about pedophilia...the 11 year old has a crush on the older guy, and he never makes advances on her or anything. It's completely innocent, for the most part (plus I kind of ship them >.> don't judge me!!). I know there are hints to Misaki's relationship with her dad, but nothing's ever SHOWN, so..yeah. Don't take this anime too seriously, guys. It's just supposed to be funny."

- ... Void. Just... void it all.


That I have your attention, I realize I may have come across as rude in this analysis of your first review. If at any point this comment hurt your feelings or made you want to run me over with a tractor, I sincerely apologize, as it was not my intention to upset you. I just want you to develop into a better reviewer on this site and sometimes my thoughts come across as far too critical for some. And in any case, if this was a one time thing, then don't mind the comment. Hell, don't mind the comment at all if you feel it necessary. You don't have to obey a single word I type. I'm just trying to advice you on how to become a better reviewer. With that said, I hope you aren't too mad at me.

The review certainly needs work, as I've stated before. Just keep the gushing to a very subtle minimum and add more detail to all accounts of an anime/manga and don't target specific groups. Reviews are not a chatroom for you to discuss generalizations about a topic to your pals. Always remain upbeat and professional. With that, I wish you good luck to your future endeavors.