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May 12, 2019
If you are checking reviews on this ongoing to decide, if you should check this anime - I'd advice you to wait until it gets better, if it ever does. Right now I got the impression, that authors didn't really decide, what exactly they want to do with their original project. So, lets go point by point.
World/story - a mess. You have something that looks like WW1, only to see a sword fight minutes after. Add to this mix golem soldiers with sword+cannon+shield combo - and you get some kind of incoherent mess. To make it even worse - add some human-fairy hybrid, that is read more
Apr 30, 2019
First of all, let me state the obvious: this is not an independent anime, this is a crossover project with 4 different sources. So, to fully enjoy this title, you should watch at least some (preferably all) of the sources. And when it's done - you will appreciate this title fully, cause all the characters included behave exactly the way they did in original. Or, if you don't - you will miss 90% of humor, cause it is based on originals. Art style may put some people off, but it is the same exact style that was used in short comedy spinoffs, so no problems read more
Dec 25, 2018
OK, after 10 tomes worth of wasted time I came here to leave a warning. So lets start.
1. Story. A completely OP MC in a fantasy world, that came to life after being a MMO game, with all NPC's gaining will and mind of their own. Not a new thing to see, so the main question is what does MC do in this whole new world, where he is basically a god? The answer is "pretty much nothing". For the most part he just ran around trying to gather his party of support NPCs that he used to have when he was in MMO read more
Sep 21, 2018
I haven't seen such a bad manga in a while. There are several reasons for this, but lets start from the most obvious:
1. Title is a lie. MC is called a healer and all his powers have "healing" in name, but they neither use healing effect, nor are linked in any way to healing. If in RPG you could imagine someone killing enemy with some kind of overheal or overgrowth, but here you should try to imagine something similar to "healing fireball". Sounds bad, doesn't it?
2. Story. It should be a usual "bad guys did bad things to me, so now I will have my read more