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Jun 24, 2020
I was glad to see that the manga I enjoyed was getting an anime adaptation. I was kinda worried it would be mediocre, or maybe it would be just a small 12 episode "prologue" arc or something, but I didn't expect it to be THAT terrible. It really takes some skill to turn a pretty solid manga into this abomination. So here is the list of problems:
1. Visuals. Here it feels exactly as it did with the latest season of Seven Deadly Sins: face animation and emotions are almost non-existant, all cool fights with great moves are a static image + some blinking "special effects" read more
Jun 18, 2020
Obvios spoiles ahead but they are so predictable you are not missing anything.
Every season seems to have a mandatory bad isekai, and that season was not an exception. If you wanted something original - look elsewhere, if you wanted something good - same. But let me dive into this pile of trash to show you how bad it is.
First things first - visuals and sound. Generic and cheap looking 2d plus horrible and clunky CGI is a good indication of a badly made cash grab, add some generic soulless BGM and you have a full picture.
Story and characters. It is your generic isekai in all read more
Apr 15, 2020
Do you like trash? Not funny kind of trash, but a hot steamy pile of irredeemable garbage? I think not, cause noone does, and yet here it is. I remember someone said "Dude this novel is pretty good, you might want to check it out." I didn't and after this adaptation I surely will not. Now, a bit more details.
Sound and art - basic and bland, nothing worth of mentioning.
World and story - oh boy, here is the first part of what makes this anime terrible. Ok, I get it, it is a MMO RPG that is so realistic that it is "alive". Or maybe read more
Mar 30, 2020
Spoilers ahead.
To be honest, this one is a pretty tough anime to review for one simple reason: I can't really point out what went wrong. At first, I liked it, there really was something capturing, some possible plot that was intriguing - and that something got lost somewhere along the way. Maybe it was silly of me to expect something from a game I have never heared about, but whatever, lets me go a bit into detailes.
First things first, the sound - while in action itself it is "not great not terrible", I found both openings and endings heavily lacking in quality, none of them read more
Mar 20, 2020
You know, I learned one thing about adaptation of video games: they are almost never good. Azur Lane had it even worse being a gacha game for phones, so it could not rely on having a good story that can be comfortably put into 12 episodes. So instead of a plot we are overflowed with fanservice (and I think people watching this anime came for it), wich is not bad on its own, the problem lies more in budget and amount of work invested into the title. And let me tell you - neither is really impressive. Yes, fanservice part is okayish, but it is read more
Jan 18, 2020
When it comes to a slice of life show with cute girls doing cute things you can't really mess up. Or so I thought up to this point. This anime though managed to shatter this illusion. First let's hit the obvious stuff:
1. Story - in slice of life with a club there are not really many options to pick as a plot. Shooting is a sport, so competition it is. Pretty generic, pretty dull, being a slice of life you can't really expect much drama or sudden turns of events as in sports anime, so nothing more to say about it.
2. "Cute girls doing cute read more
Dec 29, 2019
I liked the first episode of this show, it had a promise. I expected some kind of serious stuff, maybe like Psycho Pass (especially when I saw OP) or Cop Craft - something realistic (even though a setting is mix of fantasy and modern day), pragmatic and a bit grim. Instead I got a tale for kids that reminds me heavily of bungou stray dogs - in all the wrong ways.
Story and world - lacking. Not much background, not much events, once again some evil dudes doing some evil stuff. I can't really say much here, cause nothing is said, nor do we got read more
Dec 22, 2019
Welp, a finale is here and here I am, once again writing a review on this anime that was for no particular reasons split in two. But whatever, lets begin.

Story. Did it improve? Not really, but at least we got some movement and a somewhat OK antagonist. But it still looked like they had most of names, organisations and groups just as white noise to create a "look it is a believable world!", so no need in them.
Art&Sound. Well, it is the same. It is kinda ok, looks cheap when not a close view, opening is nice but the rest is really mediocre.
Characters. Any development? read more
Dec 19, 2019
Oh boy, what a hot pile of garbage this one is. Let me just explain how awful of an experience it was.
First the easy and not really importaint part: it looks and sounds average, nothing stands out as particulary ugly or beautiful, it is just there.
And here comes the rock bottom, the root of problems and the bloom of despair: the actual writing of world and story.
First with premise: typical isekai, but we have 7 high-school prodigies that are great in their own field. Cause when we had just one Mary Sue it was not enough, grab a whole set of them. Ok, maybe read more
Oct 13, 2019
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A bit spoilerish, but only a bit.

First things first: this is not original work, but I have never seen the source, so I will judge this one on its own merit. And oh boy I do have much to judge. Lets start with the easy part:
-Art. Pretty mediocre, with some parts looking pretty bad to be honest. At least it is not CGI, but it isn't much.
-Sound. Good opening, forgetable everything else.
-Story/world. And here the real problems begin. World is awfully inconsistent, while main trio of monsters look like each other and are of one style, their enemies are something that looks like from read more