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Sep 28, 2023
To be honest at this point I don't even want this series to get another season. I liked S1 a lot, S2 was disappointing, but there was at least SOME hope things would go better at S3. Well, it didn’t. So here is a quick list for you if you are considering if this anime is worth your time.

-Visuals. Yes, I know I am late to the party, I just thought that I could get used to it. I couldn’t. Everything looks like it is some of those “cute girls doing cute things” slice of life anime on an extreme budget, but we have a ...
Sep 23, 2023
Wow, a few years too late but we got the continuation of Horimiya. Well, calling it a continuation may be a bit of a stretch. We have more of the character and the same title name, but I have no clue why this is called Horimya. Well, let me make a bit of a list to make it easier for everyone.
-Romance. It is dead. I think nobody forgot that the culmination of romance was in the main story and the episodes after that were just some kind of fillers that missed their train and came after the show had ended. And now we have an ...
Sep 20, 2023
And so, another season has ended. Is it good, did it fix the mistakes of the previous one? Of course not, “if it’s not broken - don’t fix it” as they say, eh? As I did for the previous season, let me tell you where this one falls flat.
First things first I’ll mention that flashbacks take much less time in this season and they are mostly fine. However I still don’t get why giving us flashbacks of the events that happened 5 minutes ago is considered a good idea. Thank you, but I don’t have issues with memory.
But if you thought that there would ...
Jun 24, 2023
Mixed Feelings
While I enjoyed this anime, I can't really recommend it. Why? Well, it is just like a bland soup that will fill you, but will not give you any lasting taste.
So what do we have here? A girl after a break up meets a gamer and we follow their interactions for 13 episodes. Don’t be fooled tho if you thought “wow, a gamer, he is just like me!” - the man is a typical hot dude that has no rest from girls. And this is, basically, everything I can tell without going through every episode spoilering you events, because the flow of events is neither ...
Jun 22, 2023
Ah, finally we got a breath of fresh air after being tortured by poorly made self-insert fantasy stories. And unlike those shows, Shinda clearly knows what it is and doesn't try to make a straight face while being stupid.
I'll be honest, if you are looking for stellar visuals - you came to the wrong place. Stellar sound design is not really here either, but it is good enough in delivering character lines. And what characters, oh boy. We were fed for so long with empty, blank and bland heroes for self-insert, that looking at our protagonist is so refreshing. And the fact that ...
Apr 19, 2023
While S1 gave us more of a "cute girls chilling/exploring in a game world" experience, S2 tries to do the same but leans way too heavy into "another world" experience with all of the bad stuff included. And what do we have in result?
First, as usual for all of the isekai (the bad ones) - MC and her party are OP. In isekai it is bad, however this one is an MMO, so it is even worse as OP builds should be nerfed. But instead of balancing or nerfing our MC devs introduce more and more abilities and features that are easily abused by MC ...
Mar 29, 2023
With every season I watch this series I can't help but notice that the same formula works worse and worse, to the point of completely falling flat. Let me explain what feels wrong with Stray dogs.
First, following the already existing pattern, we have flashbacks. Way too lengthy flashbacks that add nothing to the story for two simple reasons: they are too ordinary and they add nothing to the character in question. By being ordinary I mean that there would be no difference if the story of the flashback was set in the present, as the plot of said events doesn't differ in any meaningful way ...
Mar 26, 2023
"You don't get it, it is a healing isekai, it is not like other isekai" people told me when I didn't like the first season. So I checked the second one and to be honest - everything is now even worse and makes even less sense.

First I will mention that production quality, that already wasnt stellar, now is just awful. While blured drawing as a background can be considered a style choice, terrible CGI in places noone ever asked for are neither a style nor a choice. Even if not CGI, there was a "combat scene" that was a set of 3 attacks that were ...
Sep 24, 2022
And another one OP MC isekai. To be honest you don't even need a review for this one, you know everything already, but here we go:
-Sound. Nothing interesting.
-Visuals. Average drawing, below average CGI. I will give it credit, it is much better than most isekais use nowadays, but it still runs at half the framerate of animation, also the transitions between CGI and drawing are not really well thought.
- Plot. What plot? It is a power fantasy isekai, get transported to another world and just get yourself a harem. Cause you know, even though you behave like a log in social situations and like a ...
Jun 29, 2022
I'll be honest: after the first season I didn't expect much, yet I was not prepared for futher downfall of the series.
Story. If you are, like me, LN reader, you are well aware how the series gradually goes down in terms of writing quality. However anime decides it can't wait too long so decides to take a nose dive into the dirt. The plot of the season may not be the worst I have seen in isekai, but good god it is rushed like they were late for a train: even the first season missed a few important for character development detailes, and yet they ...

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