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Jul 3, 2021
Finally, with a delay cause of "production ussues", this anime ends. And to be honest, I am happy it did. I admit, I actually enjoyed the web novel, as well as the manga adaptation but this... Lets say, it is a mixed bag.
First things first, about the structure/story: there are basically two separate plot lines, one for our beloved Kumo, one for the rest of her class. In web novel Kumo part took about 80% (if not more) of all chapters, while the rest was given through small interludes. In anime, however, they decided to increase the part with her class and throw out stuff read more
Apr 25, 2021
10 years, 125 chapters - and the time has come to finish the title with this review. Spoilers below.
First of all, art was pretty good. I really enjoyed the style, everything was clean, cute and overall nicely done. It lacked details to give it 9 or 10, but it was good.
Now where the bad part begins: the story. Ok, so we have a romance + slice of life manga, so you expect to see a healthy mix of relationship progression with some ordinary every day interactions. And here comes the problem: instead of blending those two ingridients to get a tasty meal, we are fed read more
Apr 3, 2021
Finally the hypetrain arrived to the final destination and I can write this: I don't get this anime. First of all I will say, I am a manga reader and I had a huge problem with the source material. And like in the source material, I just can't understand what this anime wants to be.
First of all, it wants to be a slice of life AND a romcom. And here we get a problem of different pacings for those two things. For romcom you need progression, for slice you need a lot of fillers. So imagine my surprise when anime decided to speed through read more
Mar 21, 2021
Welcome to another season of burning trash review, and let me explain why this show is trash and why you should not watch it. Some spoilers ahead.
So, let me first start with something good: the visuals are simply great. Nice artistic style, nice animations, everything drawn in a nice way and the amount of small details is nothing short of stunning. I will definitely check what this studio does next.
Sound is fine but it is not close to visuals in terms of quality, so I’d call it average.
But after the good stuff we have to go into the darkest pit of this anime: actual world, read more
Feb 25, 2021
TLDR: if you liked the first season - you will most likely like this one. If you did not - don't waste time.

Story: basically it is more of the same stuff, out cells doing their work and overcoming different situations. It is really nothing much to speak about, considering this season is only 2/3 of a normal season in length.
Art, sound: the same as S1, solid but nothing stellar.
Characters: once again, more of the same. Most of the characters were already established in the first season (or at least had episodical role), so you know what to expect. No real character progression if by read more
Dec 30, 2020
I was really glad to know that Noblesse got an adaptation, cause you see, I actually enjoyed the source a lot. It had style, it had development, it was a really good read. So imagine my disappointment when I got THIS instead of a good adaptation. And here I am, telling you why you should just go and read the original and not waste your time here.
Story. The source story can hardly be called sophisticated or deep, but it was descent. But in adaptation there are a few problems, and the first one starts even before the anime itself: the first arc of web manga read more
Dec 22, 2020
Tell me, what did you expect after reading synopsis? I expected a criminal drama, where our mc tries his best to find out the truth while being caught between two fighting gangs. What I did not expect was to see a bunch of boy scouts instead of a gang who do such horrible gang crimes as dance performing, helping single mothers and immigrants and guarding peace in the neighborhood. If it does not sound even remotely close to crime drama - you are not the only one confused. 10 episodes out of 12 are wasted on showing how mc is a good "fixer" guy. I read more
Dec 21, 2020
Welp, one more isekai with OP MC, I am getting used to writing reviews for those, as they come out every season. A twist tho: this one is a slice of life, not a power fantasy. Well sort of. Let me get into the details:
Art and sound - average in every regard. No horrible CGI, everything is drawn in a consistent way, so I don't have anything bad to say about it. Sadly, nothing good can be said either, it is just ok - nothing more and nothing less.
Story - like most other modern isekais - non-existant. At least this time MC does not read more
Jun 24, 2020
I was glad to see that the manga I enjoyed was getting an anime adaptation. I was kinda worried it would be mediocre, or maybe it would be just a small 12 episode "prologue" arc or something, but I didn't expect it to be THAT terrible. It really takes some skill to turn a pretty solid manga into this abomination. So here is the list of problems:
1. Visuals. Here it feels exactly as it did with the latest season of Seven Deadly Sins: face animation and emotions are almost non-existant, all cool fights with great moves are a static image + some blinking "special effects" read more
Jun 18, 2020
Obvios spoiles ahead but they are so predictable you are not missing anything.
Every season seems to have a mandatory bad isekai, and that season was not an exception. If you wanted something original - look elsewhere, if you wanted something good - same. But let me dive into this pile of trash to show you how bad it is.
First things first - visuals and sound. Generic and cheap looking 2d plus horrible and clunky CGI is a good indication of a badly made cash grab, add some generic soulless BGM and you have a full picture.
Story and characters. It is your generic isekai in all read more