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Mar 18, 2017
[I don't think I understand how you write reviews without spoilers so beware]

Let me start with thanking the creators, please. Because they deserve awards for this anime, they deserve praising and recognition. To be honest the only Shaft anime I loved before was Soremachi, and the art there wasn't really a reason. I found the art in Nisekoi and Mekakucity confusing sometimes, super creative, though, but none of those really clicked with me. This time? This time I was awed from first second to the last. If for nothing else, I would recommend Sangatsu no lion to be watched for the art and creativity read more
Mar 8, 2017
[SPOILERS - sorry]
I didn't write a review of the first season, because that was fairly fine. I had my problems with it (every cringe worthy moment with child Ren geez), but it didn't go deep enough into the story to actually get mad over it. Well, that changed with this season.

The story tries to concentrate on the problem between Haru and Ren, why they aren't going forward even though living together, mostly sleeping in the same bed, etc. And with that, the poor writing just comes to the surface, because the storyteller obviously has no idea what is the problem, so they are just hitting read more
Dec 22, 2016
Review, cause I'm mad, and not even at the show but this fandom for being so thirsty that they scream groundbreaking even for a pointless mess. That's what yoi is, a pointless mess, a terribly failed attempt at best, that is on the level of "I dont even think you tried at all".

You call it groundbreaking, I can't even call it sport anime, so I kind of wish they would erase it from the genres here, because new people might think this is what sport anime is.

But to what to put there instead? I DO NOT KNOW. Because this show is just a read more