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Apr 5, 2021
This one is entirely skippable.

For the most part it just compiles together the first 6 episodes of the original series while adding some differences that barely change the trajectory of the story.

I guess back in 2007 there was some appeal to see Evangelion with "improved" visuals, but it's 2021 and well,... maybe it's my opinion, but 2007 Evangelion's art and animation has not aged that well. The cut corners and blemishes are very easily noticeable when compared to newer anime of our times. I'd even argue the 90's original fares better in comparison.

Maybe you'd think, that they would at least re-do the battles with more ...
Jan 25, 2020
Junji Ito has done it again. When Ito is not working on his own material, he seems to pick up my favourite literary works and adapts them into the manga medium. Following Frankenstein he has now also tackled Osamu Dazai's No Longer Human. An odd choice, actually. No Longer Human might be schocking, depressing and even terrifying to some, but it has never been intended as a work of horror.

It's worth noting, that this is also not the first time a manga artist has tackled this source material within the medium, as Usamaru Furuya had already drawn his version of the story between the years ...
Jul 24, 2019
So here's an anime to make you remember just how shitty you were as a kid.

Were you the kid who teased weaker classmates back in the days? The guy who laughed along at episodes of torment or were you just too afraid to do anything about tortures you saw others endure? Well, buckle up, because this anime just might be about you.

But please, do not misunderstand, I am not here to shame you over your dark past or accuse you of anything, as I myself have been occupying those roles - as well as the one of the victim - at some point of my ...
Apr 6, 2019
Mixed Feelings
Frankenstein has always been one of my favourite stories of any medium - I know, kind of ironic considering, I still haven't finished the original book by Mary Shelley.

Then again, just like the titular character, who wouldn't have things some other person's or force's way, I saw the films, read and researched on things and somehow patched together a plot summary of my own over the years. The general idea of the story was always really compelling to me: a man wanting to surpass god, as well as the sympathetic attempts of the monster, who was shunned out of society for being different always ...
Feb 3, 2019
Akira (Manga) add
I don't think I have ever written a review on something I quite liked as much as this, so this right now seems kind of unusual for me, but yeah, Akira the manga is excellent.

I had already watched the movie previously and loved it. It was an aesthetic masterpiece, however as far as story goes, it just felt too rushed and like it's skipping larger chunks of important information. Even if it ultimately raised interesting questions about society and technological development, it still felt like something was missing.

Now that I have finally gotten around reading the manga, I have to say, that even that problem ...
Jan 28, 2019
Mixed Feelings
Okay, I'll take it.

I'm sure this doesn't say much to most people, but back, when Dragon Ball Super was about two thirds out I wrote a negative review on it. Didn't like it, bland characters, tacked on plot and the aesthetics of it were only slowly picking up steam. At the endpoint of it's run, the series only improved in one area, which was art & animation and there I was with another review in my hand, that was hardly any more positive than the previous one (didn't publish it, cause MAL only supports one review per series and I was too drained to update ...
Jan 15, 2019
Finding out there's an english dub of the new Legend of the Galactic Heroes anime has finally got me to watch the series in it's entirety. I know, unpopular opinion, but I tend to prefer english dubs over the Japanese originals, cause why not.

So about the series. Everything is technically there, it covers the first book in the novel series, which mostly serves as a set-up to the rest of the story. We get to know Yang Wen-li and Reinhard von Lohengram, who are both enticing characters and serve as a good contrast of major actors in the war between the Free Planets Alliance and ...
Jan 7, 2019
Mixed Feelings
So I finished the Anime of the Year 2018 and I don't really get it. Well, I kind of do, I just don't relate to the hype. For what it's worth it's not a bad anime.

The story is about Violet Evergarden - a total badass with robotic hands, who is trying to leave her past behind by learning to know the one thing she's otherwise bad at - loving. The premise is basically Rurouni Kenshin, but whereas Kenshin Himura was forced to deal with his past by embracing it in samurai battles, Violet Evergarden is for the most part about the main character doing her ...
Jan 1, 2019
Mixed Feelings
Turns out this is actually kind of good.

Well, it's not completely surprising given, that I also enjoyed the previous film, but whereas Movie 20 recycled some of the better parts of the original Pokemon season, this one actually attempts to do so on it's own terms and succeeds quite decently.

Don't get me wrong, it's not a brilliant story. It's a kid film alright, it promotes a set of what most of us would perceive as good values like togetherness, solidarity, keeping the environment clean or non-conflicting relationships with Pokemon - who in the franchise, often serve as a stand-in for animals. The film also isn't ...
Jul 8, 2018
Mixed Feelings
So since I already reviewed the manga counterpart and have been rewatching this for the past couple of months, I might as well put down my thoughts on it.

With the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime ending, but the card game and hype still going strong, it was no surprise, that the franchise would go into it's next round. This resulted in a series, that further expands on the crazy world of competitive card games by creating Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, where an entire academy, where kids learn how to play the game and educate themselves to be pros, got build. If you are reading this and think it sounds stupid, ...