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Aug 5, 2017
This story happens after Sotsugyosei and talks about Hara sen, ou favorite gloomy music teacher.

Now we see how Hara sen deals with his heartbreak from the end of the last installment and are introduced to Sorano, a happy-go-lucky first year he happens to meet before the start of the school term in a very "interesting" way.

Ok, this is totally cute. Sorano is such a cute baby and is like heavens justice being paid to Hara sen, poor boy. He's destined to a school-teacher relationship, looks like he can't run away of this fact.

There's some good situations on this manga:

1. The way Hara sen and Sorano read more
Aug 4, 2017
This is the sequel of Dokyuusei.

This manga has two parts:
The first part, just like it's predecessor, Sotsugyousei is all about school, but this time they are third years. They have to decide about their future and about themselves.
Except they already decided about themselves on the first part of this series, so nothing new about that. You could say they develop their feelings further instead.

The conflicts are all about that same old "another girl", "not really gay", "third wheel with honest interest". But this time it's better and less childish than Dokyuusei is.

This story does NOT have smut. Although Saijou is indeed REALLY sexy (like all read more
Aug 4, 2017
This one is a continuation of the special booklet extra that came with the movie for Dokyuusei (you can read it at

Ok, if you find my review for Dokyuusei you will notice that I don't really find that story all that good.

BUT, we all LOVE a good BL marrying story, right? This special is a banquet.

In this extra we will find the couple from Dokyuusei, years latter, in diferent places in Japan, looking for a ring for each other. They both want something meaningful for the other party, both looking forward to take the next step in their relationship as it gets closer to read more
Aug 4, 2017
It's that classic story about a love that comes naturally. They started to talk by chance and started to develop mutual feelings for each other.
Kusakabe is a band boy, who knows music, and Saijou is a model student, who don't know how to sing.
For a music class and a upcoming performance at school, Kusakabe noticed that Saijou wasn't singing, then, latter, he caught Saijou practicing alone and decided to help. By the moment of the performance they got even more interested in each other and kissed.

Super sweet, super non original, although Nakamura-sensei have a very unique art style, making the story super interesting.

I credit this read more