Aug 4, 2017
redlittleriding (All reviews)
This one is a continuation of the special booklet extra that came with the movie for Dokyuusei (you can read it at

Ok, if you find my review for Dokyuusei you will notice that I don't really find that story all that good.

BUT, we all LOVE a good BL marrying story, right? This special is a banquet.

In this extra we will find the couple from Dokyuusei, years latter, in diferent places in Japan, looking for a ring for each other. They both want something meaningful for the other party, both looking forward to take the next step in their relationship as it gets closer to it's 20th anniversary (wah?! I guess the TL for the special booklet got it kind of wrong, but I've yet to read the other manga of this serialization).
The motives for the rings and the other party's perspective on the protagonist's relationship are very cute. I got all fuzzy and warm inside.

Enjoy, guys.