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Oct 20, 2014
When looking at the different genres Ghost Hunt takes on I could only think it was doomed on arrival, taking on the supernatural horror mystery genre as well as the Shoujo Romance genre? How can it possibly present both of those properly and simultaneously? The answer is it couldn't.

Story (3): The premise revolves around a group of paranormal investigators who investigate reports of spiritual activity and as such the series is divided into 7 cases as opposed to having one overarching story. Sounds like it could be interesting however what lets the plot-lines down for pretty much all of these cases are the poorly written read more
Jul 25, 2013
Have you ever seen a show called Berserk? Did you think it was awesome? However did you think the ending sucked shit through a straw? Have you wanted to watch a series that probably isn't as great but is still good in its own right and hopefully has a better ending? If the answer to all those questions is yes then Gungrave is the series for you! If the answer is no then Gungrave is still the series for you because you'll think it's extremely original and kicks so much ass. So basically the series can be for anyone so all I've done here is read more
May 7, 2013
Considering this anime is only 5 episodes long I can't really complain too much about wasting my time with this appalling series when there's much bigger and longer fish to fry. However there aren't many anime titles that I can say I actually hate as typically I'm indifferent to anime shows that I don't like. However in this case just about everything in this series is just a mess and I'm surprised it did well enough to get a movie adaptation of itself and a movie sequel (which is equally shit but I'm not here to talk about that). Anyway we're here to constructively criticise, read more
Jan 16, 2012
Gantz (Anime) add (All reviews)
It’s a wonderful thing when a scene doesn’t have to rely on constant dialogue and allows other elements such as music or maybe even silence to combine with what’s happening on screen be it atmospheric or action based to deliver more powerful story telling than what words alone can do. If you have no idea what I was just talking about then you will probably like Gantz First Stage because all it is, is characters talking, shouting, talking or shouting across each other, screaming, crying, complaining, whining, you get the picture. To sum up the experience of watching this anime in one word it would read more