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May 5, 2016
Mixed Feelings
Story, this is where I found the most issue with this anime. The story lacks direction, conflict and resolution. The real conflict is introduced toward the end of the anime and isn't given the attention or foreshadowing needed to make it feel natural or conclusive.

There are underdeveloped parts in the story, and random skills( or sealed beasts) included that don't pertain to the story but work off previous anime. Story lacks originality and depth.

Art: old school but expectable. Nice animation , just a bit dated ( but that may have been what they were going for )

Sound: Good, appropriate. Wouldn't win any awards, ...
Aug 30, 2012
This anime's story line is a bit airy. U never find out his direct connection to the aliens and why he of all people was chosen to fight but, the story has a broader focus.

Dealing with the issues of abandonment and the overwhelming feeling of loneliness in a world that isn't always kind. It's touching and leaves u teary eyed.

The art is also quite different then your typical anime and the setting and characters are drawn in an unusual, but fresh way. The art it's self ...
Jul 14, 2012
This is a very cute story about a girl with a phobia of humans and the floweroid ( a humanoid doll with the capabilities to learn and grow) who decides to make her his master. It's light and sweet with some hints at a mysterious past. This is the story of how a this repair man girl learns to love and a blue rose floweroid that finds a home.
Jul 8, 2012
Oouso Swing (Manga) add
Preliminary (2/5 chp)
This story in one word is Refreshing
the boys blunt and direct personalty is shocking and amusing but it creates an atmosphere of believability that many manga lack. He shoots down ridiculous ideas and this manga seems to make fun of common cliche but unfortunately/fortunately some are still left. Fun refreshing and comedic
Jul 8, 2012
Preliminary (11/15 chp)
This story is a mixture of romance, suspense, and drama taking place between the average world of a high school girl and the mysteries of an underground club. I won't get into to much detail because u should read it for your self. Defiantly worth while :) . She wonders into this place where "no girl ever leaves" but manages to escape and with two young men investigates a disappearance case. Although it may seem heavy, the story also has comedic and light moments as well as innocent romance in the midst of a dark adult world.
Jul 25, 2011
I love the original Higurashi and find this to be just a composite of fan service scenes that really don't have the same plot or impact. The art is good and theres noting really wrong with fan service but it's a major disappointment if you liked the original series and lacks any real conflict or plot.

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