May 5, 2016
Mixed Feelings
Story, this is where I found the most issue with this anime. The story lacks direction, conflict and resolution. The real conflict is introduced toward the end of the anime and isn't given the attention or foreshadowing needed to make it feel natural or conclusive.

There are underdeveloped parts in the story, and random skills( or sealed beasts) included that don't pertain to the story but work off previous anime. Story lacks originality and depth.

Art: old school but expectable. Nice animation , just a bit dated ( but that may have been what they were going for )

Sound: Good, appropriate. Wouldn't win any awards, but set the mood nicely .

Character: Oriku can come of bratty, braggy, and arrogant at times. Your waiting for him to redeem himself with some touching scene later, but often times he's just being an arrogant kid. Hard to love initially (but super smart and witty).

Obu's attitude towards Oriku is seeded in something, that is never really truly explained. Characters need further development, one dimensional , flat.

Enjoyment: Honestly , I came in loving this anime, and left waiting for it to finally be over. As the show went on I liked it less and less. Wholes in character and plot that you are waiting to be explained, are never addressed . Conflict is quickly and sloppy resolved. I wish I could have loved this anime, but i didn't .

Overall: Mediocre, was not "bad" but I would not recommend it to a friend
Reviewer’s Rating: 5
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