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May 15, 2012
A product of the early 90's cyber-punk craze, Armitage the Third, like many other cyber-punk movies of the time, focused on robot/human relations and questions about what constituted as being human.

The artwork is hand drawn in painstaking detail, as CGI was in it's infancy at the time, so the background artwork is very rich and complex. The main characters in the American dub were voiced by people who were A-list stars at the time, so you can expect great voice acting.

One last word of warning though: Like many cyber-punk movies of the time, nudity and ultra-violence is prevalent throughout the movie. Certain naughty bits appear ...
Aug 6, 2010
This story has a pretty cliche' storyline. Guy meets girl, then other girls suddenly appear in droves. Seen it before, right? Well UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie has a few twists that set it apart form other romantic comedies. First, because the main female protagonist has shared her soul with the male lead, she has regressed mentally and physically to the level of a six year old, which presents a whole new challange when it comes to romance. Secondly, the story is dramatic and serious when it needs to be, so the series has just enough drama in it to make it believeable.

The artwork is very ...
Jul 13, 2010
This Ai Yori Aoshi special is based off a chapter in the manga. In it, Kaoru and Aoi discuss their hopes for the future and they got to that point. Basically, it's just a rehash of the series as a whole and has no new plot developments. The art and sound is the same as the rest of the series, so no new developments there. But if your a fan of Ai Yori Aoshi, then you can't miss this special.
Jul 1, 2010
Hyper Police (Manga) add
Preliminary (7/97 chp)
Though I only own one volume, I've read most of the series, so I have a good feel for it. The artwork reminds me of Battle Angel Alita with the general atmosphere it exhibits. The storyline itself is pretty goofy at first, but eventually it starts to get more serious as the volumes progress. Even then, the story never loses its comic appeal and has enough fan-service to choke a horse... twice. So if you like animal-people, random violence, and boobies, then Hyper Police is the manga for you... as long as you don't mind the rough artwork
Jun 25, 2010
Just another example of animators with to much time on their hands, Rescue me Mave-chan is one of the shortest OVA's I've ever seen. The story is resolved way too quickly and character and plot development is virtually nonexistant. The only bright points is that the artwork and character designs are very well done, in fact, too well done for how short the OVA was. But if you wanna kill 20 minutes, watching this isn't such a bad way to do it. I only wish they could have made the OVA a little longer, even one or two more episodes like a lot of other ...
Jun 25, 2010
Rayearth (Anime) add
This OVA was created as a stand alone adventure, so if you're looking for a manga based movie then forget it. The only things that are the same are names of people and locations. The biggest difference in this movie is character relations. People who are friends or would become friends in the manga and TV series are enimies all the way through the movie. I personally like the movie because it gives a fresh perspective on a proven title, but don't go watching this movie expecting certain people to be the same as in the manga and TV series or you'll dissapoint yourself.
Jun 25, 2010
There isn't much to differentiate this movie from the rest of the series in terms of originallity. However, this particular movie is the only one I know of where the main female of the movie is a kid. This forces Lupin to be a gentleman around her since he can't act his usual lecherous self in front of a little girl. All in all, the art is good, the storyline decent, and the characters work well together. A worthy movie in a long line of Lupin the 3rd titles.
Jun 25, 2010
This Lupin the 3rd movie doesn't really have much that sets it apart from the rest of the series. The only odd things about the movie is that for all but ten minutes of the movie, Goemon doesn't have his sword, and Jegan's toothache keeps him from shooting straight. One good thing this particular movie does is that you get to see into Inspector Zenagata's personal life and his motivations for doing what he does. Other than that though, it's a pretty average Lupin movie.
Jun 25, 2010
These short episodes portray the cast of Gun Sword in a very wacky way. The characters appear as though they're in a cheap puppet show. So don't expect much in the way of art or storyline, but if all your looking for is a good laugh, then you could do far worse than watching Gun Sword-san. Oh, and Kameo the turtle talks.
Jun 25, 2010
The animation style of this lupin movie differs somewhat from the other movies. This movie uses realism style animation as opposed to the exaggerated styles everyone is probably used to. The story is slightly better than average since lupin's job this time isn't a simple heist and he has to deal with a lot of political stuff that gets in his way.

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