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Jun 25, 2008
This is my favorite anime so it may be biased.

Story: I love the story, early on the show is monster of the week but about half way through it because one straight story. It is mainly about how heritage is ignored in modern society and on this note; they never go overboard and mix in enough action that it is usually moving forwards.

Art: The show's art is a little dated and the colors seemed to be faded but monster design, animation, and the actual art, such as backgrounds and character designs were done quite well.

Sound: The score of this anime is done by Kenji Kawaii, read more
Jun 25, 2008
This is an older show that has yet to be released in the US, I watched it subbed.

Story: There is not much of a story; it is just them recording a show so it all feels like a bubble. Except for a few episodes at the end, the show is also all one-shots and it is enjoyable at that.

Art: The entire show save for one episode all take place in one setting and besides the main cast there are few extra characters, so with this you figure there would be a lot of detail. You would be wrong the animation and art style are plain.

Sound: read more
Jan 22, 2008
Before I begin this review, it needs to be noted that I got into this show because of the opening which is in my opinion the best opening in an anime ever.

Story: While the plot of the show is a good one, the biggest flaw in this show is jumping around in the plot, it leaves you to guess what is going on most of the time, for example missing a key part of a fight, or a new power introduced.

Art: Being the background is just white with snow most of the time the foreground and characters look very good, while a little lazy it read more
Dec 26, 2007
What to say about a little special that has to do with Naruto having to poop. Nothing much except it is the low point of all of Naruto(including all the fillers).

To begin the story, Konoha is holding a sports festival and all the genin are competing including Naruto. Unfortunantly Naruto has the runs and tries to go poop all through the little special stopped every step of the way.

The art is below average Naruto fare with the biggest problem being that all the background characters are major characters from the show, such as Itachi is viewable as are dead characters such as Haku and Zabuza.

The read more