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January 1st, 2008
Anime Relations: Blue Seed, Blue Seed Omake

Well that didn't work yet me tell you about me

I am Mitama King, a big Blue Seed fan. I am the founder of the Blue Seed club and the person who added the Blue Seed Omake as a option on the list(I misspelled Extra in the alternant titles, oops). The anime is good and it is my #1 suggestion as an anime everyone must see, so if anyone actually reads this blog, please post replys, I like to know people read this.

Posted by mitamaking | Jan 1, 2008 8:38 PM | 1 comments
December 11th, 2007
How about this, if I get five comments I will start a blog about my opinion of anime and how it goes.
Posted by mitamaking | Dec 11, 2007 7:30 PM | 3 comments