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Dec 14, 2011
Preliminary (10/12 eps)
What is worse? An anime that sucks from the beginning or an anime with promise that bombs? In my opinion, it's always the latter, because one never invests times in the former.

Maji de Watshi is about a high school dude with no power surrounded by chicks with a lot of it. A plot we've seen a million times. This one is hardly refreshing. The only difference is that this anime tries to make some political statement, but fails in every way imaginable. In the meantime, there's cheap ecchi that's terrible and rehashed episodes within the arc itself so that one's viewing displeasure isn't focused on ...
Feb 7, 2011
Gamble Fish (Manga) add
Preliminary (168/168 chp)
Take an artist who decided not to care about realism for a change (AT ALL) and have him draw the most outlandish hero set against the backdrop of a school whose students learn absolutely nothing in an environment of gambling with constant life-and-death stakes. Throw in the most laughably demented villain who would have to be gay is he wasn't so evil, lots of fanservice that doesn't apologize to anyone, and snappy writing that makes you think twice at every turn and what do you get?

Gamble Fish. This manga is so incredibly bad, it's awesome. And when I say awesome, I mean I can't WAIT ...
Jan 24, 2011
Ugh, the lovefest for this terrible show is sickening. Let me tell you all why this show is awful:

You know the plot. Little kid is benefactor to billions, has an army of maids that will do anything for him, etc. We know the storyline. And that's fine. The genre exists because shows that do it right can be fun. (See Hayate no Gotoku, Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de, even Ah! My Goddess) A fantasy escape of sorts.

But this is none of those things. In fact, this show is worse, because it had potential and bombed. First, it starts off as a complete ...
Oct 1, 2010
Short and sweet: there's only one reason to watch this: ecchi. The manga is one of the ecchiest around. A legitimately fun story, too. But the anime has to take out all of the naked that makes it great, so for anyone who wants to enjoy the manga's huge draw in anime form, the specials are for you. And the special for the second season is faaaaaantastic. If you're a girl... well.... sucks to be you, but guys can't not like this. That's it. Enjoy!
Aug 30, 2010
Wa! (Manga) add
Preliminary (7/25 chp)
I got really confused when I started reading this. It was recommended to me by way of another manga I enjoy so I gave it a try. Wa! is essentially many short strips with punchline gags. About 7 or 8 characters in school make pop culture references and spin them into jokes. Think Zetsubou Sensei, Seitokai Yukuidomo, or Lucky Star. A real problem with Wa! is that it starts off poorly. The concepts and writing style aren’t defined… like, at all. So the reader has trouble deciding what it’s supposed to be.

May 4, 2009
Kimikiss Pure Rouge was one of the first anime I ever watched. Knowing it was from the same director as Honey and Clover and Nodame Cantabile – two brilliant anime in their own right – I had to watch it. But after I finished, I refrained from doing a review for it, simply because I didn’t want readers to think I just gave perfect scores to everything. Needless to say, Kasai is simply a mastermind that makes the cogs spin to perfect time, but I didn’t know what I had stumbled upon at the time.

However, recently I have been watching an anime strikingly similar to ...
Apr 11, 2009
Suzuka (Manga) add
I wasn’t going to bother writing a review with six other reviews for this manga written; however, after seeing that all the other reviews are a total lovefest without actually attempting to get to the heart of it, I had to do something about it.

Essentially, this entire series is a slice-of-life “love story” about one guy and one girl revolving around track and field in high school. Yamato lives in a womens’ bathhouse with his aunt, who owns it. Suzuka, a star high-jumper, also lives there, right next door. She’s a perfectionist, he’s clumsy, but hard-working. Yada, yada, you see how it goes.

It’s actually a ...
Feb 16, 2009
MOD EDIT: Review contains spoilers

I am so thankful for this OVA. While the last episode of Origination was utterly fantastic and had me on the brink of tears, this truly helped give me closure from the depression I felt immediately after finishing this incredible series – an extreme feeling of loss. I think one of the only problems I had with Aria as a series (and trust me when I say, it’s a very small problem) it’s that Alicia seemed TOO perfect, to the point where she was almost detached from everyone else.

In every episode, she never showed fear or anxiety, anger or pain. And ...
Feb 15, 2009
This is the first time I've written a review right after finishing an anime, simply because it was so wonderful, so magnificent, that it overwhelmed me with emotion. Called Aria, I'd been taking my time enjoying it, rather than burning through the episodes, which I could have done. Trust me when I say this is the first time I've given perfect tens and Aria is worth every point.

At the final minute of a perfect end to the series, I was overcome with both glee and sadness. Even now, as I think about how this series is actually over and I won't have anymore episodes to ...
Jan 5, 2009
Mixed Feelings
I think Japanese television is superior to American television. I do. I think that Japanese anime is truly great and because they limit most of their shows to one or two seasons, they allow for great stories with conclusions and romance and moral lessons that you could never get in America, where all that matters is extending the life of every show until people stop watching it.
However, there is also something negative that, unfortunately, inherently comes with anime as well: incredibly bad endings. It’s almost unfathomable how every now and then, you can watch a perfectly normal show and then be greeted with an ending ...

It’s time to ditch the text file.
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