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Jun 23, 2021
Preliminary (58/? chp)
Great echi , by the way this manga is not hentai but its have sex scenes and maybe dificult to read as a normal echie manga cause is really intense.
Plot is this manga is just decent enough. i THINK this manga is just like reading a doujinshi with censored scenes and really long story ( more than 100 chapters).So just get used to read a lot of dialogues and just a paiges of sex scenes , similar to a hentai manga but with a actual nice plot and background.
Every female character has a nice art design and development so you are not going to ...
May 31, 2021
Bible Black (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings

Well I going to be honest its a garbage adaptation, just play the damn visual novel that at least make more sense and has a decent plot / explanation.
This adaptation dont explain nothing, its just is a bunch of sex scenes and dialgues with no context.
I known nowadays it's difficult to play a visual novel from early 2000 BUT I think the original story is decent enough to try.
I do not recomend you to wacth this anime unlest you played the original game because you are not going to understand anything. So if you play the visual novel be careful and use ...
Apr 28, 2019
The best mamoru hosoda movie in my opinion, its animation is impressive and the script fascinating. Once again, hosoda brings us a family dynamic to a film but now from the children perspective . In order to achieve this, he uses resources taken from the head and imagination of the youngest childrens in order to make us feel empathy towards the children and the family conflicts of the day by day.

My conclusion is that you should watch it after its previous work, wolf children. I recommend to watch it first to get all the concept of family relationship from Hosuda Mamaru.
Feb 13, 2019
This work reminded me to the Shindo L style. Its cruelty towards the protagonists is similar to main characters conflicts in his work "Henshin Emergence".
I dont recommend anyone to read this unless they like the netorare although I have to admit that its story is good compared to the average H.
His drawing is another strong point that stands out, most mangakas of this genre should master this section but it is always welcome to have a nice drawing.

Finally I just want to say that this manga is no bad, If you read this kind of manga you will enjoy it.
Dec 30, 2018
Ijousha no Ai (Manga) add
Preliminary (12/74 chp)
It really was very difficult to read, their characters suffered a lot in each scene to the point of thinking that more people could die in the next chapter.
The careful and cute drawing makes us assume that we are reading a beautiful story, but the dialogues and scenes are quite adult. I dont consider myself sensitive but this work gave me the nervousness that you expect from a psychological thiller with a good story.
My recommendation is that you read it knowing that there is a lot of crazy and shocking scenes that will make you nervous, although you will have good character development complementing the ...
Sep 18, 2018
Preliminary (35/? chp)
One of the best works made by Oshimi Shuuzou ,its drawing is dirty in details but clean in the facial expressions and the fact of bothering the reader is great. As for the argument I must point out that it is built on the psychological relationship between the protagonist Seiichi and his mother seiko. His mother is the center of the conflicts in the life of seichi to the point of turning him into an outcast and socially repressed person.
If I had to recommend this manga, I would have to advise you to read the previous works done by Oshimi Shuuzou in order understand the ...
Jul 27, 2018
This manga tells the story of Naotora Kusunoki, he is used by his father to marry an African king and get financial support. Throughout the plot he should avoid unmasking the deception and he will win the love of the king, while dramatic situations arise and plot twists about politics in the small African country.
Its graphical section is good and the characters are well designed, the only weak point is its lack of romantic moments for a work with a committed partner, probably due to a cancellation.
Personally I recommend this work for its gender gender relationship and entertaining comedy, unfortunately the story is incomplete so ...
Jul 27, 2018
Preliminary (2/12 eps)
In truth it is a good adaptation, although it seems to be an ecchi of the pile. Its animation is above the average of the genre, mainly the character designs.
Being a manga reader I consider it worthwhile to see this adaptation if you expect an isekai in which the protagonist is a "villain" learning about human relationships (because he has been a hikikomori in his previous life).

Due to its genre with fan service, I recommend not to wait long and read the novel or the manga first. Finally I hope you can understand that the genre isekai and echi are complicated to enjoy today, but ...
May 11, 2018
I Am a Hero (Manga) add
Preliminary (202/264 chp)

The manga seemed difficult to read at first, but I think it was due to the narrative style of the author. The work takes time to present many characters very slowly, an example of this is that I remember that the zombies dont appear until after the first 5 or 10 chapters (I dont remember) since there they take the effort to present us the daily life of hideo, the protagonist. For my part I loved it and I would like to recommend that you read it if you like a zombie story focused on human relationships (similarly
to the walking dead).
Mar 28, 2018
Mushishi (Anime) add
This series is episodic so its chapters usually ends up with sad, nostalgic or sometimes happy endings. Their episodic stories tend to present a problem arising from the influence of the "mushi" (supernatural organisms similar to spirits whose life affects nature), throughout the chapters are solved or those ends up in bigger problems. That is when events usually have an impact because the life of a town or people changes drastically.
This anime reuses many character designs so you have to get used to the repetition of archetypes in the cast.
Finally I would like to recommend this anime to those who enjoy calm, mysterious or ...