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Nov 2, 2011
Gamaran (Manga) add (All reviews)
This manga turned out be a big disappointment even before I started to notice that.
So far the manga can be divided into 3 parts:

I. Chapters 1-43 (Four main battles): The story started off fast-paced, impressive and very promising with a cool lead character, who was reckless, decisive, and reliable in any situation. There were creative twists during the battles and many types of weapons were showcased.

II. Chapters 44-66 (Only one main battle): The pacing became slower, the chatting exhaustively longer, and the fights simpler, more predictable, effectively reduced to merely slashes and thrusts. Enemies died faster and in less splendid ways.

III. Chapters 67-last (Many read more
Sep 23, 2011
This is trash. Another failed specimen of the survival-game genre.

1. The story is poor and cheap: spear-wielding girls on an island being slaughtered.

2. The art is fine but not as realistic as Battle-Royale so each character is virtually indistinguishable.

3. There are not too many characters but there's virtually zero development and they died so quickly in chain.

4. I skipped the dialogs to look for at least some decent ecchi, but there's none.

It's a total fail.
Aug 27, 2011
I swear I couldn't understand what the fuck was happening even after seeing this crapwork of a movie twice.

The stupid story is about two parallel worlds of completely different nature, in which there are two sets of female characters doing completely different things and having different looks except for hairstyles.

In one world, it's a typical slice-of-life between two schoolgirls, which led to no conclusion. In the other one, the two girls were fighting to death, and at last one of them died! There are supposed to be connections between the two worlds, but there's effectively none...

This kind of bullshit crap... I can make a ton read more
May 13, 2011
I'm never a big fan of Naruto movies or anime, especially when the manga quality was going downhill too.

However, I have to admit that this is the best installment of the series. At least it brought me some emotion at the end.

The story is still straightforward as you may expect but not as stupid as other Naruto movies/fillers. At least the final doesn't appear to be super overpowered but finally get crushed completely by Naruto (he is still crushed by Naruto but after being nerfed by a third party).

This movie doesn't rely much on dazzling visual effects like the previous Shippuden movies so some brainless read more
Dec 4, 2010
"The 12 animal rangers" is one of the best show for kids with a very unique story within an exotic world of fairy tales.

The world Nobel is made of countless mini-worlds of fairy tales created by humankind. The evil who plans to destroy this world from within sends minions into each fairy world under disguise of the world's characters. Each episode, the Mouse and a select few among the rest are chosen to be sent into a different fairy tale on the Unicorn (Kirin) Ship to blow the disguise of these minions.

Story: 9/10
As summarized, the story is very creative and attractive to kids since read more
Oct 19, 2010
First, if you read this manga, don't be an idiot and keep relating it to Death Note.

I'm a Death Note fan too. You want to compare? Let me compare for you. We all know that DN is distinctly good but as someone who has read it all over again in both English and Japanese three times over I found a good deal of loopholes in the story, which I will list them down in a future review, simply because the story is too long and complicated for the author Tsugumi Ohba to handle. On the other hand, in case of Lost+Brain, the story is very read more
Oct 13, 2010

As the other reviews suggest, there might be many types of people watching this show, but I believe the outcome can only be the same. Let's take that you have neither watched the TV series nor played the game, because there are still too many loopholes in the context of this standalone movie to enjoy, regardless of any rules set up in the TV series or game.

As for the plot, you will not understand who is who doing what with whom unless you look it up on Wikipedia. Here I'm just going to make a list of unacceptable loopholes (which doesn't require knowledge from the read more
Sep 5, 2010
This was aired before I was born and, to me, was one of the masterpieces of the 80's. I can't expect people to hold high expectation for it nowadays though... I watched it around age 6 and, just today, the name Antoinette and the memorable tune of the old days popped up in my mind. I still remember how much I enjoyed and was moved by this show when I watched it again at age 7.

Story: 7/10
I think the story was still innovative around the time it was made - a female android who develops emotion and holds the key to world destruction.

Art: 8/10
I was read more
Aug 24, 2010
About this show there are 2 things: 1. the main girl is hot (I love white one-piece) but 2. everything is RANDOM and UNIMPRESSIVE.

This show is a failed mix of supernatural, comedy, and slice of life, revolving an UN-CUTE (even though hot) girl Maya and a super-PATHETIC ex-esper time-traveling-by-force young man Bunmei (which literally means "modern") in their journey to search for the "Notradamus's key" to break the prophecy about the End Day in 2012 and solve the mystery behind the school principal's death.

The show is meant to explore occult mysteries which, in common knowledge, consist of objects, monsters, phenomena, and spells. A supporting character read more
Aug 22, 2010
Calling this show's genre psychological is an overstatement. Increasingly, shows like this don't depend on the psychological nature of the story or detail any more but just try to disrupt our thought and senses by throwing loads of scattered scenes and psychologically make us think they are doing a psychological show...

The story is simple. An pop idol bounces to become an actress but she is dissatisfied and then a murder series happen. The evidences point to a minor, then to her, then at last someone close to her jumps out and claims all the sin.

The art is old-fashioned but that's no problem. The problem is read more