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Jun 13, 2009
[warning, early poss spoils]

So you wake up one morning to find your crankin' hand has turned into some chick who's always dug you? Straight, lets roll with this XD I wont go further into the basic story because a: there's a dozen reviews already here and b: you can look the hell up in the story synopsis for that if you still need it crowbarred in.

The show has one of the more outlandish premises i've seen in a show that isn't centered around pure chaos(a`la Abenobashi). sure the original set up is straight out of left field but the show itself is read more
Jun 10, 2009
One bit of advice when watching this movie: Don't Blink.

Seriously, the plot turns on you like a bad crowd at Yannifest and if you don't pay absolute attention to it it passes you by, causing you to scratch your head and ask 'wtf'. It did have its good parts but they were sparse at best. They spent way too long trying to convey what everyone was doing post-series but then decided to just flat-out stop at a certain point and try to get the plot up and running... to no avail.

the final battle follows closely with what the plot was doing and you read more
Jun 9, 2009
You can sum up Dual in one sentence: 'It's Evangelion but not too far up it's own ass"

I know it's a flameworthy summation, but it's true. It's a not-very-well-disguised clone of the series with some harem aspects. For christ's sake, the annoying, overbearing chick who's secretly into the protag even runs around in a red mech. You cant buy that kind of blatancy. But what does it have that NGE doesn't? Why a protag that you ACTUALLY like. Or, at the very least, you don't hate him for bitching and moaning every three seconds and masturbating to comatose girls!
(wow, read more