Jun 10, 2009
lishuss (All reviews)
One bit of advice when watching this movie: Don't Blink.

Seriously, the plot turns on you like a bad crowd at Yannifest and if you don't pay absolute attention to it it passes you by, causing you to scratch your head and ask 'wtf'. It did have its good parts but they were sparse at best. They spent way too long trying to convey what everyone was doing post-series but then decided to just flat-out stop at a certain point and try to get the plot up and running... to no avail.

the final battle follows closely with what the plot was doing and you honestly have no idea how or why everything is happening. The dude who[SPOILER] shot Tsukumo in the series just shows up and tells everyone to stop fighting and they do, without hesitation or explanation as to why. They're just captivated by his hair, i guess.

And they also succeeded in turning Akito into a mopey little bitch. Hooray for Shinji's Disease and its ability to grasp the heart of ANY mech protag.

i was really hoping this would turn out as awesome as the show was, but i just felt sorry for it.