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Jul 1, 2011
Gosick (Anime) add (All reviews)
You know that feeling you get when you're just happy to be alive? That's the feeling the author of this series is trying to get across and the impression that's left on me after having finished it. Throughout the entire story, I was never bored but not particularly surprised either. Each character made great impressions on me and I enjoyed them all.

That's not to say that Gosick is without faults. Let me lay this out.
Music – This is the worst area for Gosick. The lackluster opening and ending songs were ok at best and downright sappy at worst. The read more
Feb 19, 2009
This anime does a number of things really well ... and then flops in a number of other areas. The very first thing to understand about this anime is that you aren't going to understand this.

The entire anime plays out similarly to the end of Evangelion where absolutely nothing makes any sense. This is an area that could have used significantly more polish. Done properly, this could have been a mind-twister that really made you think about some important questions in life. In stead what we have is a Half-life/Evangelion hybrid that just doesn't feel right about half of read more
Jan 26, 2008
Roughly twelve years ago, I picked up this anime series. A friend had it on Laser Disc ... LASER DISC. Given that, this should help you understand how old this series actually is. If you can get over the fact that this is a relatively old anime (and the fact that it shows) then this is a very well executed series.

As stated earlier, this IS an old anime. However, for its time, it was above average and, quite possibly, great. The artistic style really adds to the story (though a couple of the fight scenes were ... awkwardly executed).

Again, read more
Jan 14, 2008
I am rather disappointed with this series. I've seen 2 episodes and I've noticed a recurring theme: FANSERVICE. This really irritates me. In my opinion it really pulls away from where the focus needs to be (which is on the characters). This series has a great deal of potential. However, with the overwhelming focus on T&A shots, There's no way for me to enjoy this. As a note, add 2-3 points to my "Overall" score if you really like fanservice.
Jan 12, 2008
Going into this series, I admit that I had braced myself for more of a tragedy than this. Having acted in the original play, I know just how depressing and plain ol' emo it can be. But this is truly something different.

Story: First off, the story is much more moving and uplifting than I was expecting. There were times when I was actually moved to tears by the responses of characters to each other. The story just barely follows Shakespeare's original story. Basically put, if you're looking for an anime rendition of his story, you're looking in the wrong read more