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Jul 18, 2011
You know the top reviews of this two part OVA say... "don't watch it" -- well, if you were thinking of ignoring them and watching it anyway just because it sounds interesting... DON'T DO IT!!! Because that's what I did, because I figured it can't be that bad, I'm bored so I'll watch it anyway and geez..............

It was offensive, ridiculous, and mind-numbingly lame. The main guy is the guy who voiced Hikaru in Ouran, which I liked him for... and I liked his voice in this too, except that there is something mentally wrong with his character's personality. He seems a bit deranged, trusts no ...
May 22, 2011
Mixed Feelings
Wow... I'm not sure I've ever read such a mediocre manga before. =( I kept reading, thinking "OK any moment now, the girl is going to mature and stop being so dumb" or... "OK any moment now, the guy is going to transform and become warmer to her" but then before I knew it, I had hit volume 11 and that was it. There was NO CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT at all. AT ALL. Except for the fact that they liked each other, which seemed to be completely based off of teenage hormones and the fact that they lived together. There was never a moment of "Oh, ...
May 20, 2011
Ichigo Jikan (Manga) add
Story: 6
One can argue that by giving the readers what they want, the story should be ranked a bit higher. I'm a total sucker for happy endings and marriages and babies and all that stuff, but... I think I need a bit more than 2 volumes for me to really believe in it. I didn't feel invested in the characters at all, nor did I think there was any development - or if there was development, it happened between the characters and they left the readers behind. -_-

Art: 9
I do think the artwork is nice - the girl is super cute, and the guy is ...
Apr 23, 2011
Preliminary (57/125 chp)
This has got to be my favorite manga... granted I haven't read many, but this manga has you rooting for the main character, who has the most innocent, sweet, and sometimes painfully honest personality... she's a hard worker, a genuine friend, and an admirable person overall.

STORY: This may look like your typical romantic story, but it really isn't. The main char is quite unique, where she basically kinda scares everyone around her cuz of her similarity to the girl from The Ring, but you find yourself totally drawn to her and cheering for her as she grows as an individual... it's a really touching story, ...
Apr 21, 2011
If you're tired of the usual drama and misunderstandings that occur in romantic animes/dramas, then you can definitely watch this one. Nothing really goes that wrong - anytime you think something might go wrong, it won't, so don't worry. It's a hilarious anime with cute art, quirky supporting roles, and an amazingly hot, perfect, smart, committed main guy... and a strong-headed, hardworking, admirable main girl. Watch it for its "feel good" factor, but don't look too deep into it because the story was filled with lots of plot holes that they probably should have spent more time covering instead of delving into random side stories ...
Apr 18, 2011
Love♥Love? (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
The only good thing about this anime is that each episode is only 15 minutes of... well, really, nothing. No story, no character development, nothing really interesting. Oh, I guess if you like under-aged nudity and basically, self-prostitution of children for the sake of furthering their careers... sure. Go ahead and enjoy.

I feel like every episode was the same: every girl is required to advance upon Ooizumi at least once a day, preferably without clothes and/or by smashing some inappropriate part of their body into his face. I appreciate the fact that he does not usually give into their advances, except for Yagami, and that ...
Apr 18, 2011
There has never been an anime series as painful as Smash Hit! and Love Love? for me to get through - but for the sake of Miyano Mamoru, I did it. I DID IT.

All I can say that as the ratings reflect, ever so slightly, the Love Love? specials were definitely on the better side in this terrible series. At least I wasn't being blinded by 10 year old girls' panties, or scantily clad child bodies every minute. At LEAST there wasn't an episode where all the characters were completely nude for 90% of the 12 minutes...... at least there was some personality to these ...
Apr 3, 2011
I'm a huge fan of the voices in this anime, which was my main reason for starting it. Now that I've completed it, I can officially say... what the hell? =(

Where this anime loses points for me is all through the STORY... and that's pretty important.

A lot of the episodes were spent doing nothing, when there was a lot to be done and a lot of unknowns to explore. I appreciated the karaoke with Keito (best scene EVER!) and the overall comedy, but I think that the writers could have tried a little harder instead of leaving a million loose ends. Don't get me wrong, ...
Mar 6, 2011
Amusing little clips that parody parts of the anime... if you miss the characters after finishing Brotherhood, this is a nice way to bring em back. The best one by far was Roy Mustang's rap! And I wish there was more Ling Yao in them. =) But sure, it'd take maybe 40 min of your time, just watch em! It's stupid sometimes, funny sometimes, but overall it's just nice to see the characters again.

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