Apr 18, 2011
laketica (All reviews)
There has never been an anime series as painful as Smash Hit! and Love Love? for me to get through - but for the sake of Miyano Mamoru, I did it. I DID IT.

All I can say that as the ratings reflect, ever so slightly, the Love Love? specials were definitely on the better side in this terrible series. At least I wasn't being blinded by 10 year old girls' panties, or scantily clad child bodies every minute. At LEAST there wasn't an episode where all the characters were completely nude for 90% of the 12 minutes...... at least there was some personality to these girls besides the fact that they just want to sleep around to get further in their careers because that's the right way to do things. I felt so grateful that there was some peace and tranquility and I didn't feel that I needed to rinse my eyes out after each episode.

I am happy for Ooizumi and Yagami though. I will give the anime props for at least not causing major drama as usual romances go... but I guess there just simply wasn't time for an actual story in between all those breasts and panties.