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Mar 29, 2019
Sirius (Anime) add (All reviews)
Oh Lord, where do I begin with this anime.

First things first, I have a bit of a weak spot for trashy vampire animes. I'd had my eye on this one for a while and finally decided to boot it up on Netflix to play in the background while I worked. I was a bit concerned at first that I might miss parts of the plot, but...yeah...I'll get to that.

So Sirius the Jaeger is basically another Vampire vs Werewolves show with a magical macguffin that one side wants to use to have ultimate power, blah, blah. It's far from groundbreaking, but that's part of the fun. read more
May 18, 2018
It happens to all of us; one day we find a book or a movie that seems incredibly interesting, but for one reason or another, don't feel comfortable recommending it to people we know. Magus Bride is that for me-the visuals and soundtrack and, hell, even the WORLD of the show are spectacular. I remember watching the OVAs before the actual show and being reminded of everything I loved about Studio Ghibli movies.

So what is so bad and discomforting about Magus Bride? Well, the core of the story revolves around human trafficking and that concept is never challenged. The love story revolves around the heroine read more
Feb 19, 2018
In my review of S1, I said that the thing that was very disappointing to me about BNHA was the lack of focus on the secondary characters or making use of its own extended universe. When I think of the very first shounen shows I ever got into, it was the Chuunin and Soul Society arcs that got me really invested, because both were great examples of world building and bringing something fresh to the storyline, as opposed to only focusing on the struggle of maybe three central characters.

To leave this review as spoiler free as possible, S2 of BNHA reminded me a lot of read more
Feb 15, 2018
I really wanted to review this anime after completing the first season, mostly because initially I dropped it at around episode 10 or 11, only to decide that all of the hours I spent watching the earlier episodes would have amounted to a genuine waste of my time if I left it with 2-3 to spare.

Honestly? The fact that this universe is inspired by US comic books is one of the reasons I picked it up after hearing friends and others in my immediate circle telling me how great it was. I trusted their opinions after enjoying shows like Free!, Yuri on ice etc read more
Feb 27, 2011
I'm surprised no one has written a review for this yet, as I found it quite a pleasant surprise. Japan has given us some very interesting stories about zombies and demons in the past (the most famous probably being Resident Evil) and this movie is no exception.

Biohunter uses the age old plot device of a virus which leaves the infected with some rather nasty side effects. The show begins by illustrating a woman and her lover, both devoured by the disease. In the case of the young woman, she loses her sanity (and her good looks) while her lover is quite literally lunch. It read more