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Feb 27, 2016
I didn't have the highest expectations when I started reading this manga, but I was already completely hooked after the first chapter. The characters are not some flat boring stereotypes, I found all of them interesting, even the ones I disliked. For the first 50 chapters or so, I thought this was one of them best mangas I ever read..

Unfortunately after that there was a few things that made me seriously pissed off. First I was slightly annoyed at how Maria's personality changes, without spoiling too much, I think she gets too caught up in her feelings and become less independent, which I found read more
Dec 26, 2014
-Spoiler free review
So I just finished Akuma na Eros and I have to say I really liked it! :D
Though there was some predictable parts, it kept me entertainted and I found the story heart warming and funny.

In my opinion the characters are likeable and seems true to themselves throughout the story.

It is quite a short read, which I think is refreshing. Alot of mangas goes on long after the original plot is over and drops in quality. At no point does the pacing feel rushed or dragged out and though I find myself wishing it was longer(because it's so good :P), I know read more
Dec 25, 2014
- Spoiler free review
I started reading Desire Climax a few years ago.. and dumped it after a few chapters. I really disliked the clique shojo characters. An abusive guy and a weak-willed girl, who falls for the guy even though all he does is treat her crappy.
Then a few days ago I ran into it again and decided to give it another chance. I ended up reading the whole thing in one setting. Desire Climax is like a soup opera, you find yourself thinking how stupid and unrealistic the storyline and characters are.. But at the same time: "What happens next??!!"
If I look read more