Feb 27, 2016
kirs4215 (All reviews)
I didn't have the highest expectations when I started reading this manga, but I was already completely hooked after the first chapter. The characters are not some flat boring stereotypes, I found all of them interesting, even the ones I disliked. For the first 50 chapters or so, I thought this was one of them best mangas I ever read..

Unfortunately after that there was a few things that made me seriously pissed off. First I was slightly annoyed at how Maria's personality changes, without spoiling too much, I think she gets too caught up in her feelings and become less independent, which I found a bit annoying.

But what really ruined it for me was something that happened around chapter 70, it made me so angry I went from reading the manga constantly, to ignoring it for weeks.. I did consider giving it a lower score, but up until that point I would have given this manga a 10..
I would still recommed it, because it was so great up until this point.

The art is beautiful and most importantly, the characters were easy to tell apart :P. I think in a lot of mangas the characters look exactly the same, this wasn't the case here.

I would say, try reading the first chapter, if this manga is for you, you will know after reading that one chapter. :)