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Jan 13, 2018
Hetakoi (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
If you are hopelessly romantic like me who loves pure love with a little bit of lust, you will not like this manga. Well also if you don't like manga there is some douchebag who gets in between the relationship of our Hero and Heroine, this is not the manga for you.

I apologize if this review might come up as a rant or very opinionated but if you wish to read this you will see my point.

In the first half I enjoyed the the manga even though if there are some ups and downs but when the main event entered it will ...
Dec 15, 2017
Mixed Feelings
This is more of venting my frustration on this anime rather than a review.....

I find the anime to be great in fact could be a masterpiece until episodes 10-12, wherein enter the fat kid Gasou who pretended to be Masamune to get close to Aki. So what irritates me that cause this great anime to crash is that until episode 9 is very climatic and enjoyable then the next episodes are crap wherein the identity of this impostor is not revealed and the story goes on. Well I just found out Gasou's true identity in MAL. I am used to watching anime's that has no ...
Nov 18, 2017
This review of mine might be the first review rate this anime with a rating of 8. Unlike others I love this anime. Sure it somehow lack more depth in the story and action because the Hero is so GODLIKE POWERFUL, still I really liked it.

First is the Story, I rated it 8. The story is kind of cliche wherein the Hero is transported into another dimension and meet some new friends (girlfriends) along the way as he embark on a journey of an adventurer. What I like in this anime despite of the cliche story is the concept of magic and how the Hero ...
Nov 16, 2017
Gamers! (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Well this is my first time writing a review for anime so here it goes...

This anime has a potential but as I watch it until the end I got disappointed. So the Overall Score I gave is 6. The main reason is that the whole story revolves around the 5 characters misunderstanding the feelings of each other. There are some gags that are hilarious due to these misunderstanding but still it is very exhausting watching them misunderstand each other.

And what is very annoying in this anime is that these misunderstanding were not cleared and the story keeps on progressing until the last episode ...
Oct 8, 2017
HajiOtsu. (Manga) add
Honestly this manga is one of the best romantic-comedy manga I have ever read. It doesn't contain any "fan service ecchi effect" and love triangle or NTR. It is about two couples dating while Himari, the main heroine, sort out her feelings because she just ask Satoru, the main hero, out to fix her fear of men and as a test of courage. What I love in this manga is not only the interaction between them but also their interaction between their friends especially when their friends are giving them some advice. Also the best thing in this manga is again that there is ...
Sep 24, 2017
Bitter Virgin (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
Bitter Virgin is a heavy dramatic and romantic manga wherein a boy fallen in love with a girl who was pregnant for two times due to abuse by her step-father. If you like heavy drama this is for you but if you like a satisfying ending this is not for you.

I like this manga, all the drama an romance but the ending very unsatisfying the mangaka should have ended it in a more happy ending so I just rated it 6 but still it is a good read manga. It would have been a masterpiece if they ended marrying each other and such because the ...
Sep 24, 2017
Well it is as the summary suggest. Satsuki (main Hero) picks up a Riene (main Heroine) in dumpster and fed her, Riene is actually looking for someone she knew before and it turns out to be Satsuki. Riene is an exorcist and somehow an evil spirit is possessing Satsuki.

There is nothing new for me in this manga except the Character of Riene. The story is mediocre and the art is good. Riene is so cute and has a very unique character for a girl. She will become chibi if she is thinking some perverted stuff about Satsuki. I just hope it focused on more ...
Sep 24, 2017
Frogman (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
Frogman is about a boy joining swimming club because of a girl he likes, well it resembles Suzuka but I tell you this that is only where it resembles it. I would rate it lower if it weren't for the art and character of Haruka, the main heroine of this manga. Haruka is passionate in swimming, kind and so cute.

What I don't like in this manga is that the story is not even about Swimming as a sports and also Michiru (main male protagonist) is such a loser, damn. Unlike in other sports manga you will see the development and how far did the protagonist ...
Sep 19, 2017
The first chapters of this manga may seemed to be another typical shounen-action manga where a group of friends fight "evil" with their own "justice" but it is more than that. Honestly I began to feel bored when suddenly it's story became really interesting. So let's get started and WARNING MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!

First is the Story, the story is more of a mystery-supernatural wherein the mangaka did a really great job in putting all the pieces together especially how everyone of them is linked to each other. Another thing that made the story good is that Tasuku (male protagonist) ended up in good terms with ...
Sep 18, 2017
Dousei Recipe (Manga) add
Reading the first 3 chapters I thought this would be a good Manga (for me). It is about two couple, Takeshi (College Student) and Suzune (High School Student) who are living together. Warning may contain SPOILERS!

First is the Story, I am very disappointed that there are only few moments and stories about the two who were living together. Most of the time it revolves around other people trying to sway their relationship. It is full of NTR (damn it!). It would have been better if there are more moments between just Takeshi and Suzune and their romantic shenanigans.

Second is the Art, the art is good ...