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Mar 26, 2020
Softcore harem Hentai that tries to have a story, and really doesn’t

Story/characters - What is a story and how do you character?
In general I don’t review almost hentai with the same scrutiny as I would a non h anime. So I intend to throw this one a soft ball as well, however, it really should have gone all in on the H it lacks the quality and narrative fluidity to be anything else. The story is the standard ieskai model, however the main character didn’t wind up in the new world alone, the prettiest girl in school trope followed him. In this new world they read more
Mar 25, 2020
I don’t know where the mangaka is going to take this very classic “let’s go kill the demon lord” story, but so far it has been a real joy to follow.

Story/characters - Fantasy time travel is actually pretty cool
The story follows a veteran demon-lord slayer that has had his memories and soul transported 4 years back in time to a point before demons nearly completed total genocide of all other humanoid races. He takes this opportunity and quickly looks to find a way to fight the demons more effectively. The primary issue being how divided the people were and a lot of internal strife. A read more
Mar 21, 2020
Slice of life meets Ieskai

When I started reading I admit that it seemed a bit dull, however halfway though I changed how I approached the story. I started thinking of it as a Slice of life that just so happens to use Isekai as its backdrop. There are a few anime/manga that have used this idea before, while I have not consumed any of them I can say that this is its own experience.

Story/characters - I don’t know why but I really like them
The main character is not the spineless, hapless lout we’ve all but gotten used to at this point. For once I read more
Mar 20, 2020
Magic just before my time

If you’ve seen the other card battle manga/anime out there and thought “wouldn’t be cool if there was one that used Magic the Gathering (MTG)” then you’ve come to the right place. However this story has one BIG leg up on the others, and that is that it's a competent romance comedy as well. If I’m being honest it’s not really very unique in any way as far as the characters progress, still it takes what works about others that have come before and leaves what doesn’t. So on the romcom side of things it works well enough to keep read more
Mar 16, 2020
The last review here was over a year ago and the last positive review over 4.

Before anything else:
First thing you’ll need to know is that the main character truly isn’t in any way a good person, however the story knows that and the character himself knows that. He wants to be an infamous dark wizard/sorcerer. Second this is basically softcore hentai there are scenes of sex in most chapters, the main character is not afraid to black mail or drug(magic drugs) girls into bed with him. If either of those bother you, I’d skip this one, and this review to save yourself some time.

Story/characters read more
May 11, 2009
*=After completion

Anyone who can appreciate a good romance story will enjoy Girl Friends, even if they do not specifically love shoujo-ai/yuri.

*This is the pinnacle of the genre, in yuri romance for slice of life manga. This is the masterpiece of its era and is likely not going to be dethroned from most highly rated and best critically received yuri for a long time.
Most of my thoughts are unchanged. I am mostly just following up with the review to assure people that this is well worth it all the way to the end.


When it comes to school & slice of life manga, it often feels as read more
Mar 27, 2009
outlaw star, is an excellent watching experience, I'm know for deeply analyzing story's, I try to pull out as much out of scope information as i can, from what I'm watching "meta-story" if you will. outlaw star has always been an anomaly as far as my rubric is concerned, analyzing it just doesn't get me any where. It is just a fun watching experience, not to say it is with out is certain complexity's.

An out right 10 by my standers they are unique while remaining very easy to relate to, the young boy Jim is useful with out being annoying and Gene is read more