Mar 25, 2020
kaigen (All reviews)
I don’t know where the mangaka is going to take this very classic “let’s go kill the demon lord” story, but so far it has been a real joy to follow.

Story/characters - Fantasy time travel is actually pretty cool
The story follows a veteran demon-lord slayer that has had his memories and soul transported 4 years back in time to a point before demons nearly completed total genocide of all other humanoid races. He takes this opportunity and quickly looks to find a way to fight the demons more effectively. The primary issue being how divided the people were and a lot of internal strife. A good amount of the tale focuses on gathering support and around the main character for the war effort he thinks is on the horizon. I think the story is pretty well executed, however I feel that the fast paced, clever story comes at the consistent cost of character development.
I like the characters, and I like the situations they’ve been thrust into to make interesting dynamics. However the author spends little time to curate and give proper attention to some really good ideas. This may change in the upcoming chapters but as it stands my biggest complaint with the manga is not capitalizing on good character interactions and instead glossing over them most times.

Art - it's not bad but it’s not really my style
I don’t want to spend too much time talking about the art as it looks good and is pretty consistent throughout. I just don’t really prefer the style so much, it works well enough that I have no problem getting through it. Most times the art looks more like a sketch and has a bit of an “old school” manga vibe to it. There isn’t a good sense of “lighting” and the lines on characters feel odd to me. It took awhile for the main character's design to really grow on me but the rest of the designs are pretty good. All in all definitely not even close to a “deal breaker”, it’s just not one of the selling points for this one.

Overall/ Enjoyment - need to see a few more chapters
I really liked this work when I first picked up reading it and quickly blitzed through what was out, but after I stopped and thought about it I really couldn’t decide if it really was as good as I was thinking during reading. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy reading it, but overall because of the lack of time spent on little character moments I find myself a little disappointed rather than satisfied. I have to wait and see if the author knows is doing it purposely for really good pay offs later in the story, or if it just keeps going the way it has. If it doesn't, I’ll probably read it all anyway but my opinion of it will gradually fall as well.