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Tokyo Ghoul:re
Apr 2, 2018 5:11 AM
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Deadman Wonderland
Deadman Wonderland
Feb 24, 2018 5:46 AM
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Houseki no Kuni
Feb 22, 2018 11:07 AM
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Owari no Seraph
Owari no Seraph
Apr 20, 2017 7:07 AM
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Sep 27, 2016 12:45 PM
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Sep 23, 2016 1:51 PM
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ittou_shura Aug 23, 4:45 PM
Holy shit 2016?! Well... Better late than never. Actually just looking for an old comment on my wall and now I found posts I haven't replied to 😳

VNs are nice cause they really draw the story out and they use the music perfectly. There is interaction with the choices you make so you can play different routes in different orders and unlock special extra scenes etc. It's just an interesting medium to enjoy anime. You can play at your own pace too. No need to wait for the episode to end. But then again flip side is you can easily lose track of time!

Lol my friend walked in on me watching on scene in HxH where Killua and Gon are talking and he commented something like, are they gay *rolls eyes*. I'm like, nooo it's just good bromance. Then kick him out xD

So in the past 3 years have you graduated yet? How's life? Still watching anime?

Sorry this must be so random getting replies after 3 years hahaha
Xeleton Jul 23, 2018 9:07 AM
instead of vacation, i have some free days here and there, im not complaining because i want to finish my masters ASAP... I got so damn old already x.x
Wish I could simply annoy people on YT, sadly I dont have the mood for it, cant even play games because i feel like i coulda studied instead XD

And forums are still not back, they simply added more things like notification,anime/manga,msg, pictures in profles. I tried to move to anilist but I still like MAL's design.

Actually I do like the idea of smart late marriages. That means people think more than once before marrying, its better to choose perfect partner and go with it. Divorce is probably one of the worst things to experience in life(seen it alot lately) STOP it! its not like you were there! but ... yeah, I guess you know me that much. But I didnt cry much yknow, it was brief.
Xeleton Jul 5, 2018 12:52 PM
sounds troublesome indeed. Been fine since then? thats all that matters :D So, no summer for you as well? Oh how glad I am to have accomp---- im sad to hear that :/

I would eventually stalk your yt vids and comment anyway haha. Sadly MAL does not feel consistent to me anymore because of theese events. They lost lotsa subscribers. Forums is not back up yet! Where can I read meaninglessly funny posts!! neiinnnnnnn

I also attended my best friends wedding last month, i got quite emotional in a wedding for the first time .-.
Xeleton Jun 27, 2018 10:28 AM
reclaim? ouch thats troublesome. I didnt have any troubles about my account but I heard lotsa people couldnt login. I've been quite same so far, with every struggle im getting stronger hahahaha. I'm still gonna work at uni this summer. How about you? you got silent 2 months before MAL shutdown. I feared that something happened to you until i saw your video updates.
There has been lotsa secuity thingies going on after Mark Zuckenberg got captured blablabla, so every company is changing their privacy policy. The owner of Myanimelist, DeNA, found a crack in the security of the site so they shutdown the site until they reviewed everything on MAL. They did it before saying anything or announcing and little communication from admins, because admins were oblivious about the situation as well, DeNA is acting alone.
link9us Jul 15, 2017 11:06 AM
It is honestly a shame a show like naruto has such unadulterated hate following it. Its really not that bad of a series as people make it out to be. I mean if you have seen series like bleach or hitman reborn or fairy tail. Its a much more cleverly written narrative then those are. I think honestly why naruto gets so much flack is because the studio kind of ruined it with its relentless and incoherent filler that just breaks the tension of the main story, especially in the shippuuden saga. But its still very much a beloved and cherished anime series. I mean how many shonen's do you know where you can witness the main's character evolution and development from childhood adolescence to adulthood and to also fulfill his dreams in the end. I kind of followed naruto for like the past 15+ years and watching his journey play out is something attune to like watching your child grow up before you. It is quite an endearing experience.

It just really sucks that people that generally want to get into this show are even chastised or judged differently for being a naruto fan. Like really??
Xeleton Apr 25, 2017 10:14 AM
In my opinion, peoples taste change, hobbies change, wishes change... but their character.... never changes. People always show their true colours sooner or later, the fake mask they use will fall no matter what. age of 7 or 70, people are same(character wise) until they die, dont you think so?
hahaha, thats interesting question. I think I would still be in S side, because I like to be on 'controlling' side, when im in control and confident, I become more creative if you know what I mean. might be leaning towars M for a new experiences haha. what about you?

...... me too. I'm currently still havent decided on important things yet and I know im becoming older and older (24 curently) and things become heavier. I lived my life with my occasiconal choices and I still enjoy them, but sometimes gotta be serious.
thats really sad, we really need a time machine lol.

thats fine. you can be random as much as you want. I didnt watch 'how I met your mother' yet but people are asking me to watch it whenever this show gets mentioned. I do not have time for shows currently but I'm kinda watching 'californication' now, at season 4 currently.

I'm fine with snakes as hiss* , I believe you will protect me from bullies. gimme things I want!

you dont have to be triggered :D I respect every kind of person as long as theyr not crazy, like really crazy maniacs. I dont have any problem with perverts, pedophiles, racists... or anything that comes to mind. we gotta experienced so much, yet there are lotsa expectations coming from other people because we're old already.... hah, fak society. Is there any kind of person type you hate?

theyr mostly from greek mythology :o one of my favs. when you have time, you should really check out hindu mythology, is more fucked up than greek one. haha draw for me please!! like a similiar to my MAL profile photo?

Its actually great that we're opposites, that means we will not get bored of each other and fight each other until one-side gives up! like this maybe?

what did you mean by 'fortune favors you by being S' how does it connect with my life experiences? theres something you know and I'm not again, please explain it to me.
haha, I have a strong body I guess, and I rarely get sick as well, maybe 2 times a year... but when I get sick, I cant leave bed and it hits hard. and you?

thats really great. sadly I have no anime friends atm and I had no oppurtunity IRL, because I started watching anime when I was 19... so... yeah lol. attended some cosplays but never had friends to talk to. sure, send me those vids, maybe itll turn out something I like.

im telling you classical is AWESOME! I will definetly change your hobbies! leave it to me!

you should also try this link

oh, thats unfortuante. was there a reason for your depression? I also stayed up until 2am and had to wake up at 7. I was really sleepy today while driving and Im glad I didnt crash or anything lol. maybe, its part of life, maybe not. every person is diffrent. I once met a person who didnt had any kind of regrets of his choices, living the moment with no regrets.
thats tricky, I want to see your awesome version of drawing but depressed mood.... meh, I guess goodbye drawings :D

its BBCode, when you go to your profile to edit your about me theere is 'BBCode enabled. BBCode Help. Your About Me is viewable by all users and guests through your profile.' below it, click on BBCode to learn it, its kinda complicated at first but then it becomes easy after you learn it.
Japaneese bad things? PLEASE TEACH MEEE! IM TRIGGERED!
im sure you can do it! Ganbatte-ne! Ready to support *salute*

Like I said! come at me bro! pow pow!

I like to argue with people to some extent because I learn their true colurs instead of trying to understand them normally, its easier this way. Show me!

its a site where you can watch something together with a group. max 25 ppl. its '' check it when you hate time, the site creates you page, where everyone in the room can see it, so you can watch animes together with the people in the room at the same time.
totally true. protecting your ass's health is important, I treasure them as well, take a good care of it. We need people with great asses in this world.
hey, I finally found something we both like(ass), isnt that something great?

its fine, I can take longer messages! BRING IT ON! HAHAHAHAHAHAH
Xeleton Apr 24, 2017 2:00 PM
If you asked me this one year ago, I would say no, but right now I feel like I can adapt to anything, so why not?

my family usually talks about music music music, even though their job is not connected to music at all, they had this tendecy to listen classical music every morning before they go to work. that made me want to become a pianist, though it was too late to go for it. I was around 20 years old XD

your name means Orphanage? interesting. itss probably my first time hearing a name means like that. accept me to your orphanage then! I need support!

never thought you would be a lazy person. I guess that shows me how failure I am at understanding people. when responsiblities pressure me in life, I always listen to music then continue with them, you should try it.

o.o nice, im jealous, wish I could draw as well. can you show em to me? my favorite mythological creatures would be angels-archangels, fallen angels, bringers of justice.

ouch. it was the opposite for me, I never got injured myself, but I injured other people. like I broke a friends bone in a basketball match, injured a friend for 6 months in a football match, or like.... a really fast motorcycle hit me, but I was okay, driver's rib bones were broken XD (he was at fault so he kinda deserved it) and funny life experiences so far?

k-pop dance class? what do they teach? its totally diffrent from dance we know so far? I would prefer romantic and slow dance over anything. its like, our diffrences are so much with music :/
there is actually one korean song I like I dont know if it counts as a K-pop, the clip is so funny

I will never rewatch wolf's rain, everytime I listen to that ending song(gravity), it makes me cry inside.

'what is my life' is question I asked myself lotsa times. my answer would be 'your choices'... when I thought of this answer, I hated myself more, where is that time machine when you need it!
science, staph!
then I will try to be more create so that you wont get bored of our talk. like this? best dance?

thats really great. I love Japanese mythology and its past. Especially Sengoku Period. Uesugi Kenshin is the person I admire from that period. you should teach me everything :( now im jealous, youre lucky.
I can understand Japanesee without subs, can write Hiragana-Katakana... then Kanji came and I was like.... okay... im fine loving Japan from far away, this much is enough :D
Maybe I can help you get back into anime world instead of K-pop world?

I know, its better than your dance lessons. we can also watch together on if you have time :D
but, also busy time for me is coming at uni... ugh... but I will create free time no matter what.

Xeleton Apr 22, 2017 1:35 PM
'not much at least' haha that means you do it sometimes :D (that gif is still overkill tho) so, no punishment for me? :o also thanks for accepting.

how do you know theese things? its my first time hearing it. nontheless, if that was true, Im doomed! so thats why those.... and that.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tell me some kind of thing that will give me 'luck and money' back *sob*
hahaha, fucking mosquitos with their annoying voice. do you also like those large caterpillars(i forgot their actual name) when I first saw them IRL, I fainted lol. your name means you? huh? I dont understand XD

scary animals... and cute... umm how does those two connect with each other? I think... after like 10 years, youll get every kind of animal to your house to take care of them, then youll become famous, youll be even on TV! people will interview you.
I like lizards, but not snakes, im always fascinated with mythological creatures so thats why I liked lizards. When I first saw Orochi(japanese snake-god) I literally hated it from the first time I saw it.
adrenaline lover huh, that makes sense. i hope you didnt had any accident so far in your life?

I never understood why people liked k-pop, and I will never understand XD but I can leave a classical for you :3

:D I love rewatching too. recently I dont want to waste my precious time trying out new animes that turn into 5-6 score animes. lately animes are becoming too repetitive for me, maybe I have watched too many alredy, I dont know. I definetly want to rewatch tokyo ghoul now. currently rewatching 'Nana' its been 5 years, but I still have the same feelings/thoughts about the anime. maybe things will change after I finish it.

its great if your only depression is your school work. for me, school stress is only the 1/3 of the stress in my life :/
hmm ookay. lets see, im currently working on my project, connected to my thesis, wasting 8am-8pm of my weekdays working in a lab, with one the worst supervisors you can imagine.(thats where stress comes from lol) except from that, I enjoy my free time listening to music(mostly jazz),MAL, outside(If I have energy left), and sometimes gaming. since I'm living a repetitive life recently, nothing interesting is happening :/ you can also read my 'about me' for some info :D your turn next, what do you do at school? also, how frequently can you watch anime?
Xeleton Apr 22, 2017 4:42 AM
oh damn, I'm sorry for really late reply. do not punish me please!

spiders are good luck? I've never heard of that before :o well, when I see spiders on evening, i just try to sho shoo them away, I also try to not to kill them when removing them from my room. I dont feel like its natural thing to feel for me lol. Even though I like nature, and my name even means nature, im not much 'one with the nature' lol. where is your anime/snake/scary animal love coming from?

how about jazz music? do you enjoy them for their 'soothy music' too? or enjoy classicals more, either way, I have lotsa links you might enjoy.

im still humming it sometimes. its so beautiful song that makes me so sad, but I cant stop loving it coz its beautiful. it seems like youre re-watching tokyo ghoul :D maybe I should rewatch it as well. how you been since we last talked?
Xeleton Mar 15, 2017 1:42 PM
oh come on, those 8-or-more legs, those... hairy things... tarantulas... SCARY! and that feeling you get when they crawl on you...ewww
the scariest part is, you see them as like, chilling out at their net, and instantly BAM! it jumps to your face! PLZ NO PLZ NO!!! thats why im scared of them. why do you like them?

hahaha that felt good, maybe I want more, this is one of my favorites as well and im sure youll enjoy listening to it.

ooh you scored tokyo ghoul 10? I guess its time for another gift
Xeleton Mar 13, 2017 11:34 PM
hey jinxie! stumbled upon your profile from club page. Its really great to see another Wolf's rain lover! As a gift;

also, your profile is not boring lol
ittou_shura Aug 6, 2016 7:54 AM
Have you read any visual novels? I just finished my very first one, Rewrite. It was pretty long, I think it took in total almost 100 hours lol. But I did spend at least 2 months on it. I would say it was well worth it though. I was getting a bit bored of anime tbh, since I already watched most of the ones that personally interest me.

Magi was good but the first season was too much about Alibaba and not enough Alladin. I heard the 2nd season is better though.

Btw I don't recommend the Rewrite anime cause it's a very poor adaptation of the visual novel. Basically you won't enjoy it or even understand anything unless you have read the VN.

I get the feeling you don't like fan service / ecchi shows based on your list. But you've watched a few popular shounen anime so I think you HAVE TO WATCH HUNTER X HUNTER 2011. You'll actually love it. I'm about 90% certain. It's one of those shows that it won't even feel like it's 148 episodes cause every episode is interesting. It's also pretty female-friendly even though there aren't many female characters. Btw do not look for amvs or reaction videos of HxH cause it will be massive spoilers.

So what do you study?

Wait omg I just noticed you haven't watched Clannad yet!! Or Angel Beats! Or AnoHana. These are anime you need to watch if you want some serious feels.

Sorry all I've done is give you suggestions that you probably already knew about lol.
ittou_shura Aug 1, 2016 4:48 PM
Hey I read your comment in Magi episode 17 discussion forum and checked out your profile. Anyway, I see you didn't update since April? Guess you were busy or something. But anyway, if that's true then we're at the same episode lol. I think it's good that you only see the good things in anime. That's the best way to enjoy it imo ;)

So I assume you must be busy with stuff so you can't watch anime.
Nozdref Mar 8, 2016 12:51 PM
Sure. I will PM you then.
Nozdref Mar 5, 2016 9:51 AM
Hey, sorry for the late response.

Hmm, well I don't know what these cards contain but maybe you can try to get information from those who entered this exam and about their cards. Of course you should focus more on the national exams if they're more important though yeah. But I'm still missing the main point, eeeh sorry I'm kinda lost on this subject and I should've asked those first. XD What's this speciality subject and what does succeeding it grant? What's the difference between national and specialty exams? What were you studying until now, and what did you decide to study?

Ohh, that sounds cool. :d What colour is it?

Yeah, I also have a number of people I'd like to meet IRL that I'd got to know through games. Though it's currently not possible for me too, because I study maritime transportation there's actually a good chance I'd have the chance to meet people I met in future. And yes, I do enjoy this conversation too, eventhough I kinda initiated it out of nowhere lol. To be honest with you, I feel we quite connected already in a way.

Yeah, it's kind of wierd. Of course it's not as bad as being bipolar, but I still feel it's still not something rational.
So, in other words, it is due to for sake of honesty in your personality. You have a opinion but can't help and think "What if mine is wrong and the other is correct?" which therefore leaves you in ambiugity. I actually wish everyone was the same as you sometimes. Because whenever I'm in a discussion or and argument, I always try to understand my opponent's points and then assert my own points by responding to theirs, but if my opponent lacks the same empathy it's like talking to a brick wall and therefore pointless and annoying as hell. You just want to punch them in the face. No productive or concensus can be reached due to that. If they can also have empathy you both can at least reach to some consensus, you do not even have to neccesarily completely agree with each other.