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Nov 13, 2010
At first glance, I wouldn't say that this manga has a very interesting or attention-grabbing plot, but I still liked this manga to the very end.

The story itself I have to compare with shoujo manga. It has the same type of almost hurried romance between the main characters and of course, the male lead is the type of perfect person that doesn't express his feelings for the other.
On the other hand, the protagonist is the type to be somewhat weak (?) and easy to bully to some extent.
However, I still find that the light-heartedness of the story made it very sweet.

There is ...
Oct 18, 2010
Renai Junky (Manga) add
Having come across this lesser-known manga quite unexpectedly, it turned out not to be a bad read at all.

Pretty simple and rushed in at first on how a scary-looking gang boss confesses his love for this ordinary girl in his school. That is basically all there is to the plot in the end in which the story shows the comedic and exaggerated trials of their love and how they overcome obstacles of their romance which is beside the point of my review here. The ending is pretty exaggerated and unbelievable though..

This is the aspect that I particularly want to talk about. ...
Oct 18, 2010
Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen begins with a rather heard-of story of 2 people from feuding countries coming together with fake love to end the war which slowly turns into true love.

(Skip to the bottom at "Overall:" for a basic summary...)

Even with the somewhat used base story, the plot is entertaining in how it is able to maintain a good balance of romance, comedy as well as dramatic events.
Personally, there is also a good dose of added realism from the political aspects of the story that I thought would probably be ignored in light of the romantic comedy.

The comedy of this manga ...
Sep 11, 2010
I chanced upon this rather randomly and decided to read it for a lack of a better choice at the time. And I didn't regret any minute of it.

The story is rather loose. Almost loose enough to have no real plot to a certain degree I would feel. It was more or less random to put it nicely.
Characters came and went. Sometimes I didn't know when I would next see them.

I never quite knew what was happening at the time at the start of each chapter.
However, this chapter-by-chapter randomness still managed to keep my attention and interest nonetheless, something I ...
Sep 11, 2010
Upon reading the synopsis, I expected a somewhat typical shoujo manga yet with an original and unexpected twist in plot. And I was right. But don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed this manga. And even though it's been a while since I've read it, much of the details remains fresh in my mind.

The story is starts off as the synopsis suggests. The atmosphere feels a tad deeper than I first expected. And even more twists and turns ensue in the suddenly unpredictable plot. However, the manga skilfully includes a good amount of comedy to lighten up the mood.

The comedic aspect in ...
Sep 12, 2009
Toraware no Minoue is basically a romance between the main characters who have a master-servant relationship, however the servant has a curse that makes him have an extreme impulse to do whatever his master tells him to, so that complicates the relationship.

Story: I must admit that the master-servant relationship is seen quite often, so I can't say it's completely original, however it does have a good amount of comedy inside. Sometimes, there are also some serious romance and tragedy parts, but the mangaka has done it quite well, in my opinion, to not make it all too overwhelming.

Art: I like the mangaka's style ...
Aug 6, 2009
La Corda D’Oro ~ primo passo ~ was a quite enjoyable anime to watch. It combines a bit of comedy, fantasy, romance, and drama all in one. Not to mention, this anime is a reverse harem.

What I liked:
What impressed me the most in the anime was the theme songs it had which was (personally) very enjoyable to listen to. Also, while watching this anime, I was exposed to a wider range of music and more general musical knowledge in the little segment at the end of the show and during the show itself. The show itself had quite a bit of drama and ...
Aug 6, 2009
La Corda D'Oro ~ secondo passo ~ is the sequel of La Corda D'Oro ~ primo passo~ but I would not say it gave me a very good impression or the same impression as the prequel.

What I found surprising was that the second "season" or sequel was only 2 episodes which is a bit pathetic, I must say...

What I don't Like:
There are only 3 new characters, but only 1 appears as a new main character, so there's not much difference in the storyline.
The storyline is following the end of the school wide competition as shown in the prequel. Only in this ...