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Apr 25, 2010
Yes, I just gave this movie tens across the board. And this is not because of a temporary high after watching the movie. I am not going to wake up tomorrow and say "wow, that really wasn't that great. Why did I get so excited?" because I watched this movie many years ago. In fact, this was my first, and to this day remains my favorite anime, movie, and story of all time.

There are movies that you really have to think about. Movies that you won't understand unless you think about them until your brains come out your ears, and most people, unless totally read more
Sep 13, 2009
Alrighty, let's cheer up Haruhi Fans.

The second season of Haruhi has been seen as a failure by a lot of anime fans.

But frankly I don't understand it.

The art work is very good. VERY VERY GOOD guys, the animation is fluid and the characters are nicely designed. While it is not the same as the first season and there are certain things I dislike compared to it, there are also quite a few things with the artwork in season two that I think have lived up to season one's creativity, and in some ways surpassed it. I noticed a more detailed animation as far as hair read more
Jun 18, 2009
Okay, so this is my first review, and my second favorite anime. I'm a Miyazaki fanatic, so take that into account if you must.

BACKGROUND: The most important thing to know when watching this is that this anime is from 1984 (ironic, right?) and that this is Miyazaki Hayao's second time directing (the first being Lupin III The Castle of Cagliostro, arguably the best Lupin film ever created.) Miyazaki and his producer Suzuki Toshio first met up because Suzuki, the editor of the magazine Animage, wanted some comments from Miyazaki about Lupin and Miyazaki basically told him to stop bothering him. After a while, however, read more