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May 17, 2018
I actually have mixed feelings about this manga but decided to write one anyway since this manga has been on my mind for years and I guess I just really need to say what I feel about this manga so I can let go. I might say some spoilers but this is really important.

Story: 8/10

The story is actually unique even though it's gender bender. From the summary, you can see it's about 5 boys who turns into girls when it rains. The flow of the story, the characters, the friendship... they're really good, it was very exciying to read, until the last few chapters anyway... ...
Feb 6, 2017
Preliminary (19/63 chp)
I really enjoyed this manga a lot (more than I expected). I stumbled upon this when I was looking for a manga like Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko! and I'm really glad I discovered this one.

If you read Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko! then you can say the story is kinda like that. Well, not really the same but more like the girl is in love with a dense guy. But this one, the girl is the "in denial" type. It was enjoyable cause it was funny to see the girl's struggles and being in denial that he's in love with the guy but keeps looking/chasing for him anyway ...
Feb 4, 2017
Preliminary (14/54 chp)
I've only read up to chapter 14 and I can say I really like it so far. The story is really funny, light and cute. I didn't read the summary when I read it so I had no idea what it was about. From the cover, I thought it's about a shy boy and an aggressive girl love story but I read the inner cover pages first and from there, I was able to tell that, "Ah, the one who looks like a guy is probably the girl and the one who looks like a girl is probably the guy" and I was right!

While ...
Nov 6, 2015
Preliminary (39/67 chp)
It's good to see a shoujo manga with a different theme and not the usual cliche setting like unpopular girl meets popular boy and they will fall in love. Though the story is not that unusual I guess. Ayakashi-themed manga.

It actually reminded me a bit of Kamisama Hajimemashita at first (probably cause of the cat/fox ears) though both have different plots anyway.

But as I read, it gets really interesting and intriguing. Really! Though I've only read 12 chapters so far but enough to piqued my interest anyway. It's cute, funny and a bit of mysterious. And since this is also supernatural/fantasy, I'm ...
Jul 13, 2014
Tokyo Ghoul (Manga) add
Preliminary (77/144 chp)
Story: 9/10

"Is it like Shingeki no Kyojin?" At first that was the first impression it gave me since I have this idea that Ghouls eat humans just like how Titans eat humans and I thought it would be just the same setting.

Well I guess they do both have the same theme of "eating humans" and "main protagonist turning into ghoul/titan" but Tokyo Ghoul is abit unique because it always makes me think "Do I side with the ghouls or with the humans?" and that's what I love about it.

You'll get what I mean when you start reading it.

Art: 8/10

I'm actually kind of torn between ...
Jun 23, 2014
Ten Count (Manga) add
Preliminary (13/51 chp)
Takarai Rihito-sensei is known for her beautiful art in various series especially Seven Days and eventually made her own manga, Hana Series (Hana no Mizo Shiru + Hana no Miyako de) and not only she make beautiful art but her story is absolutely lovely too.

Now she brought another unique and lovely piece, Ten Count.

Story: 9/10

The story is really interesting the first time I read it. A guy who has Mysophobia (fear of contamination and germs) met this other guy who coincidentally works at a psychiatry clinic and is now trying to cure his phobia.

Just thinking about their situation really makes me (super) curious on what ...
May 17, 2014
Preliminary (16/36 chp)
One word that could sum up Kyou no Kira-kun for me is... bittersweet.

Story: 8/10

I don't think the story is very common but it's not original either. I mean when you say very common shoujo, for me it's:

"Unpopular girl will fall in love with the most popular guy in school. Many things will happen like girl confessing to boy but will get rejected but in the end they will end up together... but another guy will appear."

Something like that. Well Kyou no Kira-kun still has the same theme of "unpopular girl" and "popular boy" but there's a catch. The boy is sick and has only a ...
Apr 11, 2014
Preliminary (11/55 chp)
What a hidden gem. Seriously. And it's kind of disappointing that AkaAka is not getting much attention. (I'm also upset with myself because I only recently got to know about this)

I stumbled upon this manga when I was looking for some BL Games (since this was actually based on the visual novel game and was in the BL category) but NO. It's NOT BL or Yaoi.

I love Ayakashi stories myself so when I found out about AkaAka, I started playing it right away! And then I discovered that it has a manga adaptation too! And one word.. WOW.

Story: 9/10

The story is about Yue, a boy ...
Mar 30, 2014
At first Samurai Flamenco reminds me of Tiger & Bunny and decided to watch it but it was very different from what I expected. It's nothing compared to T&B because they don't really resemble each other, just the "Hero" part but nevertheless, it was still a good watch (at least for me).

Story: 7/10

Actually the first time I watched it.. I've only seen 2 episodes in a row and it was kind of interesting but I decided to put it on-hold NOT because I didn't like it, but because I wanted to wait for all episodes to be completed and probably because I'm the type of ...
Mar 15, 2014
Horimiya (Manga) add
Preliminary (30/139 chp)
Honestly I'm not sure why this was categorized as shounen because for me I am considering this as shoujo manga.

One of the reasons why I was hesitating to read it at first because I thought it was a harem manga or something since I was focusing too much on the "shounen" part and I don't really read summary or synopsis so I really have no idea what's this manga all about.

Don't get me wrong, I love shounen manga myself but I love it more if the protagonist is male (I read anything btw. Be it shounen, shoujo, yaoi/BL, josei, seinen. As long as the story ...

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