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Jun 30, 2010
K-On! (Anime) add
There are far and few fabulous things in this world.

But in the midst of all the moe puke and unfabulous whatever-dere, otaku pandering nonsense comes a series that manages to both please the fanbase and stand on its own two feet. No, I'm not talking about my reality TV show--I mean K-On.

Yui, the resident retard-moe, has herself an unfabulous predicament: she needs to join a club. What a coincidence that Moe, the tsundere (i.e. mood swinging bitchy stick in the mud) bassist and her best friend Ritalin the genki drummer have a club that needs members. The light music club. By "light music", think ...
Sep 27, 2009
Aoi Hana (Anime) add
I said it before and I'll say it again: there are just few things on this planet that can be as fabulous tier as I am. Aoi Hana is one kind of anime that comes dangerously close. (NB: close. Nothing is my tier as yet).

This anime has the distinction of NOT being a disgusting fanservice yuri anime. It is pretty good drama and isn't about hot chicks snogging one another or worse, not snogging and just drinking tea all the time. Don't get me wrong, this is no "snore, huh?, wtf, I can't even spell 'soeur'-fest" like Maria-sama ga Miteru nor are the girls candy ...
May 4, 2009
Blood+ (Anime) add
Blood+ is a cool vampire series that's not so cool because it went on far longer than it should.

The anime this was based off of was so much more interesting, but to appeal for fans, they made Saya younger, hotter, more man-hungry than her previous incarnation. Ah, accessibility...

Art was average. Sound was cool. I like the ED theme song where it sounds like an old lady is being strangled.

Characters were balls. The brother was freaking annoying. I hated him, ruined the damn series. However, most other people were fine.

I didn't enjoy this series so much as I enjoy getting an enema.

You ...
May 4, 2009
White Album (Anime) add
Cheaters never win. They just end up banging a lot of chicks.

White Album is a true life story about what it means to be a guy in the real world. In fact, a lot of people will say that this anime is fake and that there is no way that, how many were there, three, no, SIX girls would want to jump the bones of Joe Average, but you know what?? It's real, kids! In fact, it helps a lot when said loser in question is a big tool. Girls like that stuff. What success that the main character of this anime is a ...
Mar 24, 2009
Black Lagoon (Anime) add
If there was an anime that would make you look like a pink pair of panties with a little bow on it, it's Black Lagoon.

This is seriously one of the toughest, bloodliest, sexiest, kick tushiest anime ever created and it is better than you can ever be. It's not better than me, because it does have some flaws, but then again, nothing is really better than I am.

The story follows some pirates (not the "Argh, mateys!" kind) who do all sorts of crazy shady jobs for MONEY. Yeah, it's original that these people are motivated by cash and not by personal beefs. Makes it ...
Mar 24, 2009
My God, as if they couldn't do worse than the first season of this tripe.

I can't see how anyone in their right mind would think that this is a good anime. Firstly, the story is so ridiculously melodramatic, convenient and just plain old unbelievable.

In fact, so much of it is redundant. Ooh, to spice things up a bit, rather than just having all the passive gay guys get victimised, let them get victimised by relatives of and friends of and co-workers of their lovers! Everyone loves infidelity!

Just it makes no sense, since we all know they won't cheat since they're SUCH GOOD GUYS. ...
Jan 31, 2009
Other than the magnificent turd-like mass that was the first Vampire Hunter D movie, this one managed to take the first one, pulverise it, and make a nice hat for itself to strut about it. Because it deserves to strut around, really.

D is a half-vampire, half-Mexican--er, wait. Anyway, D is not human but he's not exactly a vampire. His powers allow him to hunt most other evil vampires and he takes up a mission to save some stupid human girl who wants to get it on with the undead, and so runs away with her vampire lover. While D tries to get the hussy back, ...
Jan 29, 2009
Oh, an anime that certainly puts the fab back in fabulous and the gay back in yaoi.

Junjou Romantica is a yaoi anime, as anyone with eyes would know. What it is, is a well loved yaoi anime and a pretty crappy normal anime.

The storyline is plain old unbelievable. You expect me to believe that there are so many gay guys who are all inter-related, yet most don't know the rest are gay unless they had boinked them in the past or something?? Where are the women in this anime? Fine, I can chalk up with the no women thing since gay men can't see ...
Dec 2, 2008
This is seriously one of the largest wastes of my time I have ever seen. I think I've established that my time is very fabulous, so I am rather upset about this.

We have what is one of the stupidest stories ever told. A love triangle between a boy and two girls who think they are his twin and fight over him. Other than the twincest vibe you have going, it's just plain unrealistic. Which two families/guardians allow their teenage daughters to go trekking across Japan to go looking for a boy? It just is unbelievable. I think there's something against the law about that sort ...
Oct 26, 2008
Mixed Feelings
I will be firm in saying that nobody, NOT ONE OF YOU would have given this anime the time of day if it hadn't recycled characters from better anime.

CLAMP, in a move of sweeping lack of creativity, decided to make another franchise by reusing their old characters. I gotta say, smart move, CLAMP--your cash cow is ready to be chopped up and sold.

And this is what Tsubasa Chronicle is: a sell-out.

The story is bland and boring. Dimension-travellers bound together for whatever reasons, but you know, viewers won't care because they get to see Sakura and Shaoran or whatever his name is go ...

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