Dec 2, 2008
iamjoe (All reviews)
This is seriously one of the largest wastes of my time I have ever seen. I think I've established that my time is very fabulous, so I am rather upset about this.

We have what is one of the stupidest stories ever told. A love triangle between a boy and two girls who think they are his twin and fight over him. Other than the twincest vibe you have going, it's just plain unrealistic. Which two families/guardians allow their teenage daughters to go trekking across Japan to go looking for a boy? It just is unbelievable. I think there's something against the law about that sort of thing. What do I know? Of course it's fine to let your kids roam around the countryside looking for a man. Also, why is it so pertinent that they act all lovey-dovey around their "brother"? I suspect the blood bond means nothing to them since they've been separated for so long.

The art is nothing special. The style is pretty dated, and the colouring was a little messy. Nothing exceptional or memorable. I had to struggle to remember what these people looked like after watching this anime.

Nothing good to say about the sound either--it was average.

As for the characters, I couldn't find more cliched ones. Everyone was utterly generic and acted like mindless sacks of meat who act in the most predictable of ways. Why?! That isn't a good character!

I don't know who would think this trash is romantic or funny. Oh, ha ha ha, he saw her naked!! WOW. SO FUNNY. Oh, they're fighting over him, they love him so much, sob sob. OOH, SO HEART-RENCHING. More like vomit-inducing.

Don't watch this. Total waste of energy.