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Apr 15, 2015
Mixed Feelings
I have a very uneasy relationship with studio Poro. On one hand their animation is excellent, and they have a cast of capable and erotic voice actresses, but at the same time their choreography tends to be very formulaic and cookie-cutter, and sometimes the VAs sound uninvested or simply disinterested. Anyways, enough about my anti-Poro crusade, you came here to read a review.

The story goes something like this, both the demons and angels have their sights set on some random nobody four-eyes loser, and for some reason they each want him and want to keep the other side from getting him. Naturally the only ...
Apr 14, 2015
Please Rape Me! is yet another Collaboration Works production that continues to impress me long after the initial boner has subsided.

Despite the name, Please Rape Me! is actually a surprisingly mild piece since all the girls MC fucks have a rape fetish, which is why this is named what it is. Now that's not a spoiler because you literally get told the same thing 5 minutes into the first episode before MC has sex with the first girl. I'm giving it to you now because you might be one of those people who get turned off at "real" fake rape, and I'm here to ...
Apr 7, 2015
Mejoku (Anime) add
Let me take this chance to say that the original Japanese voice would've been a 4/10, 5/10 tops, and the English dub makes this real comedy gold. As it stands you should try to find the dubbed version if possible, dual audio preferred since if you're trying to use it as a masturbatory aid then it's nearly impossible to due to your constant laughter.

The art style of Sextra Credit is usual fare of your early 2000's animation, and is nothing out of the ordinary. The plus side is that it's coming to your uncensored, but genitalia didn't have much detail back then so it ...
Apr 5, 2015
Shoujo Sect (Anime) add
This being the first hentai I've ever watched I though it be appropriate to actually review it. A theme present in this title is "you never forget your first" and I find it kind of fitting that this was actually my first.

Despite being a hentai title, Shoujo Sect has a special place in my heart for being both heart-meltingly adorable as well as fappable. The premise was also eerily similar of a time in elementary school where I fought off some bullies who were picking on my best friend. We didn't bathe together or have gay sex afterwards but in retrospect I probably should've ...
Apr 5, 2015
For those familiar with Suzuki Mirano this is going to be the tame end of things, for other people, especially those who are just vanilla users the contents of Yume Kui are going to come as a shock.

The story's nothing special, although I've given it points for creativity in sex placements, like having the scenario writer type the script while taking it from behind, or having the seiyuu record particularly realistic moaning lines--because she's being fucked at that moment. However points off for not really clearing up how he ends up enslaving all of the heroines at the end, I guess it's just another ...
Apr 4, 2015
Triangle Blue (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
This title here is the genre-defining piece for NTR. NTR for those of you who don't know stands for netorare which means cuckhold, and it's supposed to get a rise out of people (in more ways than one). Stay away from this if you're a vanilla watcher but definitely check this out if you're a fan of the genre or aren't turned off by it.

The best way to describe Triangle Blue or any NTR is like a trainwreck, you know it's awful but at the same time it's so shocking you can't look away. That's the way it is with this title. Enter Sawamura, ...
Apr 4, 2015
Surprising in many ways.

Watching Koe de Oshigoto! was an unforgettable experience, not to be missed. No slow start here, this short OVA series starts off with a bang and shows no signs of slowing down as it delivers a complete story over two episodes and keeps you wanting more.

Even though KoeGoto isn't a hentai series, I'm going to review it as one since it's better than most hentai I've seen over the past decade.

This is what really ties the show together, there's no other way to really justify a non-H series that features schoolgirls reading hentai dialogue, having vivid sexual fantasies, or on-screen orgasms. ...

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