Apr 14, 2015
Please Rape Me! is yet another Collaboration Works production that continues to impress me long after the initial boner has subsided.

Despite the name, Please Rape Me! is actually a surprisingly mild piece since all the girls MC fucks have a rape fetish, which is why this is named what it is. Now that's not a spoiler because you literally get told the same thing 5 minutes into the first episode before MC has sex with the first girl. I'm giving it to you now because you might be one of those people who get turned off at "real" fake rape, and I'm here to tell you it's not. With that out of the way, we can start on the actual review.

To start off, this story is about a guy who has a rape fetish, that is, one of him raping defenseless girls. However, he's never actually come close to doing any actual rape because of an annoying thing called the cops, and the fact he's a pussy. The story comes together pretty well and would even be kind of funny if it wasn't about rape.

The voice acting is on-point, as expected of Collab Works, their actresses are quite invested and the moans are realistic, which does improve the immersion and enjoyment of this title. Though sometimes the added immersion could prove to be a negative when you're trying to use it for a masturbatory aid. When the MC pulled out of the girl and she cried, I almost felt bad, stuff like that would normally be a plus for normal anime work as literal boner-killers here, but that won't impact the score negatively because I do feel that the extra polish by the actresses did improve the quality of the work as a whole.

The animation is some of the best in the current generation of H-animations, with crisp images and an excellent variety of shots and camera angles, and mouth movements that actually try to match up with their speech, unlike other low-budget studios which recycle animations and have out-of-sync dialogue. It's censored but that's the way it's been for a long time in the hentai world, and for what it's worth it tries to be conservative and show as much as humanly possible.

Don't let the title fool you, Please Rape Me! is probably one of the more lighthearted titles I've seen, and considering the fact the girls all have rape fetishes the content is practically vanilla. I wouldn't call this an entry-level hentai but you definitely don't need a very high bullshit tolerance to sit through and enjoy Please Rape Me!
Reviewer’s Rating: 8
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