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Aug 7, 2020
Preliminary (6/? chp)
This spoilerless review comes from someone who in most cases prefers anime and doesn't enjoy manga in general. I have watched the short anime of Saint Oniisan and few years later decided to give the manga a chance. This is the only manga that I really love and enjoy reading!

I don't agree with opinions that this manga is not for religious people. I was raised as a Catholic and I am also interested in Buddhism and other religions. To me this manga almost belongs to spiritual literature. You can really appreciate and enjoy all the jokes in there when you are familiar with the biographies ...
Sep 16, 2016
Berserk (Anime) add
Now I feel like Guts standing in front of the army of the new Berserk hating people. Bring it on then! No seriously I believe that many people rate this anime focused way too much on one thing, not looking at it objectively.

Let's start with the main problem, the animation. It is bad! When I though I got used to it after the first episodes but another punch in the face came. Silly censorship incarnated into characters with no genitals. The animation is a mix of CG and drawn one. The CG parts are really strange. However it's not like a total fail. Some ...
May 11, 2016
At first this anime looked like an interesting historical anime with some fantasy elements. There is however one thing that made this anime a masterpiece for me. The character development.

Many anime (also films and tv shows, maybe even books) has this strange flaw. The main character, especially when being a female has some kind of super power that makes him/her a really incredibly fast student of anything. This character learns how to fight immediately while the rest must have trained hard as hell to achieve their levels and not only fight. One example is Rey from Star Wars Episode VII.

Another thing is that this character ...
Apr 29, 2015
A huge disappointment!

I have been a Naruto fan for ages and I have to say a HUGE Naruto fan. But there is one thing I cannot accept...when the author turns everything you like about the show to dust.

This movie is set somewhere after the last manga chapter (By the way, didn't like the ending either.). Naruto is like a star in Konoha. Everybody loves him, he has a lot of fans, especially among young girls. This part was beautiful, I have to admit. I really enjoyed the feels when watching Naruto and his “Will of Fire” after all the suffering he had to go through. ...
Aug 8, 2014
Bokura no (Anime) add
At first I just thought this is another Neon Genesis Evangelion cheap clone. I regret thinking this. How could I be so dumb....

This anime is definitely the most serious one I have ever seen. NGE, Cowboy Bebop, Kara no Kyoukai are my favorite anime so I am used to see some characters die etc but in this case I had my eyes wet many times.

Don't wanna spoil so I will make it quick. The plot begins with a bunch of kids (about 14 years old) who met an mysterious person named Kokopelli. They got contracted into some kind of game where they are supposed to ...
Jun 30, 2014
So another GITS is here. This time we learn something new about Major's past and also about the legendary Section 9.

I think this Arise series is getting better and better with every episode. I really enjoyed this one and I think it was the best on of Arise so far. I loved the thoughts about the cyberbodies, are they real bodies or just a things?

This film contains again all the GITS stuff like hacking into other people's minds, problems with some body parts, super cool Motoko Kusanagi and of course all the other characters, logicomas etc.

We can see again cyborgs and humans side by ...
Jun 13, 2014
I reviewed the first film and I was like, alright this will be like a review of the whole series. Well I just cannot resist but write something again after watching the fifth film.

I didn't think this would ever happen. For years my favorite anime was Neon Genesis Evangelion, mostly for the deep thoughts inside. Now I have to add Kara no Kyoukai on the first place. This is the only anime worth sharing the first place with NGE :D.

My mind is totally blown up. After each film when the credits start I am just staring with an opened mouth. Such an mindblowing and incredibly ...
Jun 10, 2014
You know nothing Jon Snow....
This is how I felt after watching this film.

What the hell was it all about? Who are the people there, what is their relationship? What is the point? The first movie lefts you confused but still it has a really strange atmosphere.

I noticed some amazing and deep thoughts in this film. "The scenery you see from a high place is magnificent. Even an ordinary landscape looks beautiful. But a vision that's too large creates a boundary between you and the world...." I spent a long time thinking about lines like this one.

Aside from that, which is the most important thing ...
Dec 21, 2013
Alright, just saw the last episode.....cannot find any words in my mind right now. Huuuh...

*Five minutes later*

So I got a recommendation for this anime form my friend and didn't expect much of it. I was told that it's something between Clannad and Angel Beats and since I enjoyed those two I decided to give it a shot. Another thing that convinced me was only 11 episodes. That's good, no so long.

Basically you watch a story of bunch of friends who lost their dear friend Menma. At first it just seems like they got over it and everything is ok. However the past is back. One ...
Dec 13, 2013
Cowboy Bebop (Anime) add
This was one of my first anime ever. (not counting Pokemon and Digimon) After years I decided to rewatch and it was totally worth it. I missed so many things before.

Almost everyone get caught by Spike Spiegel. I doubt that there is a cooler character in any other anime. When you finish this anime, you'll feel a need to just walk around with hands in your pockets and disinterested face. During the whole anime we can see some flashbacks and hints about his past but the main thought comes in the two final episodes which are truly epic. Not epic like American action films ...

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