Jun 30, 2014
iHitokage (All reviews)
So another GITS is here. This time we learn something new about Major's past and also about the legendary Section 9.

I think this Arise series is getting better and better with every episode. I really enjoyed this one and I think it was the best on of Arise so far. I loved the thoughts about the cyberbodies, are they real bodies or just a things?

This film contains again all the GITS stuff like hacking into other people's minds, problems with some body parts, super cool Motoko Kusanagi and of course all the other characters, logicomas etc.

We can see again cyborgs and humans side by side. The ending scene for example, Kusanagi talking to Togusa, A special trained full cyborg and a normal natural human almost like from a history, like he's not really from that age. And not only that scene. Although Motoko is a full cyborg and had a dark past, we can see her also falling in love in this episode, not in a normal way like we probably know from all the romantic films but still...

Also one interesting scene about old people with a new lives with a new cyborg bodies, living again, getting married etc. Kinda interesting.