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Feb 24, 2020
So much to say... Golgo 13 tv show and the two anime films are all incredibly awesome. HOWEVER, what differentiates this SHINING GEM is THE DUB for this. They did many INCREDIBLY silly script changes and silly voices and managed to do it while somehow flying just under the radar... it is masterful, and incredible. I hope no one gets in trouble in the dubbing company for me exposing this coz it is genuinely amazing and mostly noticeable when you look for it... I bet it was THE MOST fun dubbing for this show.

Anyway, before that - the basics. This is a VERY episodic anime read more
Jan 5, 2017
Alright, I am the trash queen and the 80s animation style is one i love automatically. also, this has robots and cyberpunk stuff in it. so i really tried hard to find ways of loving this. and my god do i love this. my reviews tend to be primers for the anime so, yeh, here goes.

*go watch the 2004 appleseed film to get an idea of who and what everyone and everything is... it actually explains what 'appleseed' is and has a lot of shining moments even if it is a little patchy*

oh god the dubbing is awful (but a million times more entertaining than read more
Feb 9, 2016
This has a similar premise to Pom Poko. That's why I watched it. I watched it to the end and enjoyed it just enough to be glad I watched it. I like how it has a forest full of animals, each with their own personalities specific to their species. It's very endearing. It's like getting a sneak preview as to what a forest of animals would be like if they could talk. You even get to see what domesticated animals are like in contrast, which is really interesting. Oh, and there's a faery of the forest, which appeals to me.

If that doesn't sound pretty interesting, read more
Jan 2, 2016
If myanimelist let me, that would be the entirety of the review. Here's my old review:

This film left me annoyed, invigorated, frustrated and amazed.

This is about a boy getting love-powered psychic abilities and his journey as he discovers this, plays with this, discovers the consequences, and of course has to help the handful of other psychic warriors on Earth defeat a countless-galaxies-destroying being. I found myself really enjoying and relating, not only to his journey, but to a few other characters. Until the last third. Oh god what did I just see.

I have mixed feelings about this anime, but they're mostly a mixture of good read more
Dec 5, 2015
Trashy 80s action! Relentlessly visually innovative! Fun to laugh at!

Golgo 13 is the longest running manga ever, super well known in Japan. He's an assassin who tends to kill people in impossibly skillful and unpredictable ways, usually with just one shot, he's the ultimate sex machine even though he barely moves during the deed and keeps the same stern expression he always has... which is hilarious. Especially because of those trademark colossal stern eyebrows. He's cool. Too cool. Emotionless, meticulous, unchanging and amoral. He's the hyper masculine ideal. His codename is Golgo 13 but the name he goes by from day to day is Duke read more
Dec 1, 2015
Great 80s animation (yes it's 90s, but is very 80s)! Full on over the top cool cyberpunk action! Enjoyable swearing! Highly highly trashy! Enjoyable heavy rock soundtrack! Inventive architecture! Over the top dubbing! Stuffed full of attitude and one-liners! Excellent yet laughably bad!

If that sounds amazing, go watch now and have fun. Seriously, you can work out if this is for you from what I've just said. This is not a complicated anime. Go watch the UK dub now if it appeals.

3 cyber criminals in space prison (they literally call it that) are offered the chance to do dangerous police jobs in exchange for their read more
Nov 30, 2015
I love trashy 80s anime about hyper masculine crap such as cars. It's silly trashy fun. The dub in this is beautifully bad purely because the main character who has a very enjoyably tricked out car has zero charisma. The dubbing of Percy, his arch rival, is a riot though. Percy is the over the top police detective obsessed with catching our hero, The Road Buster!!! The Road Buster (aka - Bean Bandit) does criminal underworld driving jobs and trashes many police cars every time. This anime has a strong sense of fun to it. Percy is especially fun, but take time to enjoy the read more
Nov 30, 2015
Gunnm (Anime) add (All reviews)
I went into this expecting robots, examination of the robot condition and a predictable plot. I did not get that. I therefore did not appreciate it until I was told that what this OVA is about is the setting.

The setting is visually striking - the rich are living in a city called Zalem high above Scrap Iron City (which is basically Zalem's dumping ground). This is set in Scrap Iron City. This story is about the effect that Zalem has on the people of this policeless city. Look out for the hints people give about what they think of the people around them, because not read more
Nov 18, 2015
This movie cost a huge amount to make and it shows... if you watch the proper 42 mins longer version which is sadly only available subbed. It gets panned by anime viewers but I can only assume most of them have only seen the dub. Odin was planned as the first in a trilogy so there are questions left unanswered, but considering this the film feels very self contained apart from one strand.

(please do let me know yours feelings about this review via private message!)


The film starts off with a sequence that sets the tone for read more